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Sol Sierra - Solar Energy Systems

Sol Sierra - Solar Energy Systems
Category:Home Improvement
Home & Garden
Bear Valley
Angels Camp

Sol Sierra, Inc. Solar Energy Systems is among a specialized group of NABCEP Certified Installers of solar powered electric energy systems in the United States.

Sol Sierra is a locally owned, licensed and bonded solar energy installer serving Northern California with customized energy solutions for residential and commercial sites. Installations include:

Grid-tied and Off-grid Systems
Stand –alone Battery Back-up Systems engineered for your location.
Solar Power Solutions for Agricultural Usage
RV and Portable Wilderness Solar Equipment

Sol Sierra Solar Energy Systems provides full service to each client, including all steps in eligible application processing, rebate reservations, incentives and tax credits/grants. Sol Sierra provides on the job supervision for all phases of your solar installation.

We take pride in our attention to detail, ensuring that every system is of the highest quality and performance level available. Our installers and electricians are specially trained to handle every aspect of your installation with excellent workmanship and professionalism.

You receive a ten year guarantee on every Sol Sierra Solar Energy System installation, the PV modules are guaranteed for twenty -five years and inverters are guaranteed for ten years.

Sol Sierra professionals are experienced with many types of solar energy applications. This includes but is not limited to solar electric PV modules for your residence or commercial business, solar thermal, solar well pump installations and more.

Our company is actively involved in industry certification to ensure the highest level of skill and experience are brought to each project.

Address:CA License No. 460718
P. O. Box 220
Avery, CA 95224

Work:(209) 795-3554

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