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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Thank you Mark Twain Health Care District and Mark Twain Medical Center Foundation!

Posted by: thepinetree on 02/23/2015 12:51 PM
San Andreas, CA...On behalf of the Volunteer Center Board of Directors, countywide volunteers and those we serve, please know how honored we are to have been selected as one of the five Nominees to be honored at the 2015 Golden Health Awards. While we ended the evening at Ironstone Vineyards by celebrating our Calaveras Youth Mentoring Program with the 2015 Golden Health Award and additional funding, we were also inspired by the work of Sierra Hope, Murphy's Senior Center and Harmony Ranch. It was wonderful to experience the unity of purpose in the room as we all gave voice to the non-profit story and celebrated the dedication of Star Hildebrand and the lifetime achievements and commitment of Bob Campana...
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Letter to the Editor~by Erick Gutierrez

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 12/26/2014 10:47 AM
One hundred years ago this last summer, all of Europe went nuts and began fighting. The plan was to get to Paris by Christmas, then business as usual. (They ALWAYS say that, and the functioning of the plan depended on it.) By this season one hundred years ago, the struggle was entrenched along the Western Front and would stay so for four more years....
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Despicable Allegations Against Tim Healy Are Unwarranted! ~By Tom Cole

Posted by: thepinetree on 10/31/2014 02:24 PM
San Andreas, CA...I’m amazed at the completely unwarranted “piling on” of false allegations against Tim Healy, because he dared to correctly point out his opponent’s weaknesses! Contrary to allegations from Hugh Swift’s ex-wife (Kristy Slocum), Tim Healy has made no false or misleading statements about his opponent! Just visit Swift’s own website. Healy is telling the truth! Healy did not “imply” his opponent has no college education he simply stated that Swift’s job description as Court Executive Officer, when he was “appointed” by Jerry Brown, did not require a four year college degree – which it doesn’t! And everyone already knows aspiring lawyers cannot even be admitted to the bar without appropriate credentials. Furthermore it was not necessary to mention what Swift is doing now, because he advertises it in all of his campaign materials...
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Facts or Fiction ~ By Guy Puccio

Posted by: thepinetree on 10/28/2014 05:36 PM
Arnold, CA...Daniel Patrick Moynihan was an author, speaker, and public servant who served with distinction in many positions for the State and Federal Governments during the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, and Ford Administrations and as United States Senator from New York from 1977 to 2001, or for 24 years. As a result, he possessed a substantial history and institutional memory about public policy contributing to his outstanding success as a public servant and was known for brilliant quotes. In response to a speaker with whom he disagreed, Senator Moynihan quipped, “Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.” He has also observed, “The single most exciting thing you encounter in government is competence, because it’s so rare.”
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Political Letters To The Editor Or Opinion Pieces In The Heart Of Campaign Season ~ By John Hamilton

Posted by: thepinetree on 10/28/2014 08:19 AM
Arnold, CA...Our standard policy for submitted letters to the editor is this. If you are submitting commentary and opinion it should be open for comment and rebuttal. In the heart of election season if you request comments not be allowed on your opinion piece then the candidate's campaign that you are aligning yourself with should have to take ownership of the commentary...
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COUNTING THE DAYS AND HOURS Daylight Saving Time in California ~ By Bob Mulvany

Posted by: thepinetree on 10/28/2014 07:30 AM
Calaveras County, CA...We will “fall back” from daylight saving time on November 2. Whew! That is only 49 days before the Winter Solstice. Then on the second Sunday of March 2015 we “spring forward” again. This happens in most states with Arizona being one of the few exceptions. Daylight Saving Time is not entirely popular and there are some drawbacks. For example, it has been found that accidents of all types increase on days following the time change in March. This probably results from sleep deprivation.
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Lette to the Editor~by Peggy Morley

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 10/27/2014 08:00 PM
Calaveras County, CA....On behalf of the Friends of Calaveras Animal Services (FOCAS), thank you for coming out and supporting our recent yard sale in Valley Springs. With your generous donations, the event raised close to $2,000 to help our animal shelter. Imagine such good could come out of simply cleaning out our attics and garages! We would especially like to thank Jeff and Jamie Davidson, for allowing the use of their lot for the sale. ....
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Over $200,000 my family paid for the Road to NO WHERE! ~ Letter To The Editor By Kris Morris

Posted by: thepinetree on 10/25/2014 02:24 PM
Arnold, CA...We have been trying to subdivide our acreage into a three way split for years. Originally we were not required to do road improvements. Over time things changed. We ended up having to build a 34 foot wide road instead of the traditional 24 foot wide road. Why? Because someone had an agenda to put bike lanes down the dead end road. We were forced to give up a portion of our land and pay for this at our expense to complete the bike connector from Pine drive to Oak Circle at Cedar Center in Arnold....

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Letter to The Editor~by Gene and Shellie Cervantes

Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 10/22/2014 11:35 AM
Murphys, CA...As local business owners in Murphys and Victim Advocates for Citizens Against Homicide, we endorse Tim Healy for Superior Court Judge in Department 2. Tim is the only candidate for Department 2, who has practiced law in the courtroom within the past 15 years. He is the only candidate for Department 2, who has EVER practiced criminal law in the courtroom. Experience is so important when considering who to vote for Superior Court Judge in this year's election. You want the candidate who ....
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I Am Voting For Michael Oliveira ~ By Lisa Muetterties

Posted by: thepinetree on 10/22/2014 08:34 PM
Arnold, CA...I have been campaigning for Michael Oliveira for Supervisor. I would like to address the recent paid advertisement Supervisor Merita Callaway’s Campaign written by Mike Borean. It is very sad that Mike Borean has chosen to make false and inaccurate comments about Michael Oliveira. Mike Borean and Merita’s campaign has taken to trying to discredit Michael Oliveira and it saddens me. I do know Michael Oliveira will be posting factual information and documentation to correct the many inaccurate statements made by Mike Borean. Michael Oliveira bought his home in Arnold in 2002. He went to work in the Sheriff Department in 2007 and also served as Bailiff. He was appointed to the Resident Deputy position in 2011. I attended the meeting held at the Moose Lodge in Arnold by Sheriff Kuntz where he introduced Michael and explained he would be our Resident Deputy. This meeting was also attended by Merita Callaway....

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