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Posted by: thepinetree on 05/24/2024 03:49 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 05/24/2024 03:52 PM
Expires: 05/24/2034 12:00 AM

2024 Guided Sunset Hikes to Cougar Rock

Arnold, CA...Watch the sunset from the top of Cougar Rock on this intermediate hike led by members of the Arnold Rim Trail Association. Distance is about 4 miles total, with 730 feet of elevation gain. If you haven’t done one of these hikes, you owe it to yourself to join the fun. They are scheduled on weekends near or on the day of the full moon each month, and they are special!


1) This is an intermediate level four mile hike with 730 feet of elevation gain, the equivalent of a seventy-three story building. We take plenty of time with frequent stops. That said, it is not a hike for beginners. Please assess your level of conditioning. If you would struggle with a seventy-three story building, even with stops, please take a few weeks of regular training to make yourself ready. It’ll be worth the investment!

2) If this is your first time driving to the parking area, please do not approach on Valley View Drive from Avery Sheep Ranch Road. Instead approach by starting in Arnold and turning off Highway 4 onto Lakemont Drive, followed by a quick left turn onto Valley View Drive. More travel instructions are below.

3) Bring a headlamp or flashlight, bug repellent, a snack, water, and layers.

No sign-up needed, hike proceeds even if cloudy, but rain cancels. (And if the weather has been wet, please see caution below about road condition on the half-mile dirt portion of Valley View Drive.) Again, please bring layers, snack, water, bug repellant and flashlight as return hike is in the dark.

Please arrive at the parking lot at least fifteen minutes before departure time for introductions and a brief orientation by the hike leader, as departure times are prompt:

May 25th, Saturday, arrive by 6:15pm, hike departs promptly at 6:30pm
June 21st, Friday, arrive by 6:30pm, hike departs promptly at 6:45pm
July 20th, Saturday, arrive by 6:20pm, hike departs promptly at 6:35pm
Aug 17th, Saturday, arrive by 5:50pm, hike departs promptly at 6:05pm
Sept 14th, Saturday, arrive by 5:10pm, hike departs promptly at 5:25pm
Oct 12th, Saturday, arrive by 4:25pm, hike departs promptly at 4:40pm
(Return to vehicles about two and a half hours after departing.)

The trailhead is at the intersection of Valley View Drive and Forest Rte 5N95Y.
Here’s a link to Google Maps of this intersection.

Drive 1.50 miles on Valley View Drive from the intersection of Lakemont Drive and Valley View Drive in Arnold. The first mile of Valley View Drive is paved, and the last 0.45 miles is dirt. There is no sign at the intersection of Valley View Drive with Forest Rte 5N95Y, but you will see a parking area on the right with a picnic table at that location. Here’s a link to Google Maps that shows the drive from the intersection of Lakemont Drive and Valley View Drive in Arnold to the intersection of Valley View Drive and Forest Rte 5N95Y.

Caution about wet weather driving: Please note that in wet weather, the half mile dirt portion of Valley View Drive can be very slippery. Two wheel drive vehicles have difficulty driving back up the hill after the hike. All-wheel drive vehicles highly recommended in wet-weather.

The GPS coordinates of the trailhead:
38.21938, -120.37873

Questions? Email Pictures of the sunset hikes are often posted to the ARTA Facebook page.

May 25 @ 6:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Event occurs on 05/25/2024 from 06:15 PM to 09:00 PM.

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No Subject
Posted on: 2024-05-25 05:42:59   By: Anonymous
Who are we kidding?

If it doesn't have a gas pedal 95% of the fat 'ol -uks around here can't do it.

4 miles and a 700' elevation gain?

Better bring the body bags.

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2024-05-25 06:44:56   By: Anonymous

    [Reply ]

    Re: hahaha look who's blabbering
    Posted on: 2024-05-25 07:53:19   By: Anonymous
    We? Face the facts 💩for brains, you're the one who can't get off your wrinkled old saggy A$$

    [Reply ]

      Re: hahaha look who's blabbering
      Posted on: 2024-05-25 08:08:34   By: Anonymous
      To the 1st post WE what do you have a mouse in your pocket?

      [Reply ]

        Re: hahaha look who's blabbering
        Posted on: 2024-05-25 09:10:27   By: Anonymous
        Sorry, can't make it. Going to the pancake breakfast. I'll be supplying melted warm butter for your cakes!

        [Reply ]

          Re: hahaha look who's blabbering
          Posted on: 2024-05-25 16:29:57   By: Anonymous
          And I be looking dirty diapers to eat in the trash cans, Hungry Sniveler

          [Reply ]

            Re: hahaha look who's blabbering
            Posted on: 2024-05-25 16:36:05   By: Anonymous
            Hey Sniveler need a couple squirts of melted butter?

            [Reply ]

              Re: hahaha look who's blabbering
              Posted on: 2024-05-26 07:05:55   By: Anonymous
              When I see all those little sausages on the grill I think of little boys! Sniveler

              [Reply ]

    Re: Construction crew in National Park ordered to stop displaying American flags on equipment
    Posted on: 2024-05-25 13:43:24   By: Anonymous
    May 25th 2024

    All because the liberal/Dems hatred of our Nation under Biden.

    A construction crew working on a bridge in Denali National Park, Alaska, was allegedly ordered to stop flying American flags from their trucks and equipment.

    Granite Construction, which was hired as part of a $207 million Federal Highway Administration project to build a bridge after a portion of the road was destroyed by a rockslide in 2021, received the directive to remove the flags they were flying from two trucks and a piece of heavy equipment from Denali National Park Superintendent Brooke Merrell.

    According to a contractor who spoke to Alaska Watchman, Merrell informed the crew leader that complaints had been received about the flags and that their display detracted from the "park experience."

    “The trucks are flying these American flags, about a foot atop the trucks, about three-foot by four-foot flags, and they said they don’t want this,” the contractor explained. “They’re saying it isn’t conducive and it doesn’t fit the park experience.”

    “I understand there are rules for contractors working in the national parks, but you wouldn’t think flying the American flag would be part of those rules,” he added.

    The contractor explained that two trucks and one piece of equipment had been flying the flags since work began in 2023. He also pointed out that there were no issues with the flags until tour buses began operating nearby.

    Merrell, who moved to Alaska in 2009 and has a background in transportation planning and environmental coordination, previously worked for the city of Portland and has worked with left-wing environmental and social justice groups, per the Alaska Watchman. The anonymous contractor pointed to Merrell’s past employment, blaming her liberalism for the order to remove the American flags.

    “When these liberals get in charge of these parks, that’s how it is,” the contractor stated.

    [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2024-05-25 06:47:56   By: Anonymous
730' elevation rise you dumb mother fuker.

[Reply ]

Google AI doesn't appear ready yet
Posted on: 2024-05-25 08:09:33   By: Anonymous

Google’s AI-generated search results are already being slammed as a “disaster” that “can no longer be trusted,” the New York Post reports. Google shot back Friday to say it is taking “swift action” to improve AI summaries of search results.

Absurd “AI Overview” glitches began right as Google began rolling out the feature to U.S. users last week, with plans to offer it to 1 billion users by the end of 2024.

Its bizarre recommendations include adding 1/8 of a cup of non-toxic glue to tomato sauce to help cheese stick to pizza, along with the health benefits of tobacco for kids.

The glue-on-pizza advice was later traced back to a child's Reddit post, leading many critics of AI to wonder if it believes every piece of information it consumes.

“Tobacco contains nicotine, which can cause some short-term benefits such as increased alertness, euphoria and relaxation,” AI Overview responded to a query on “health benefits for tobacco for tweens.”

It also falsely claimed that tobacco can be used for “whitening teeth.”

When Google search is asked which U.S. presidents went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, AI Overview claims that President Andrew Johnson earned 14 degrees from the school, the most recent in 2012. Johnson died in 1875.

AI Overview also falsely said Barack Obama was the first Muslim U.S. president.

“Google’s AI search results are a disaster,” says Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge high-tech blog. “I hate that it’s turning into a resource that can no longer be trusted.”

A Google spokesperson responded, “The examples we’ve seen are generally very uncommon queries, and aren’t representative of most people’s experiences. The vast majority of AI Overviews provide high-quality information, with links to dig deeper on the web.”

Reviewers, however, say AI Overview demotes links to other websites.

Google users took to social media to lampoon erroneous AI Overview responses to queries such as whether people should eat stones or stare into the sun.

Users sharing their AI Overview experiences on X cited many other bizarre results. One person asked Google AI “how to treat appendix pain at home” and was told to try boiled mint leaves and a high-fiber diet.

Another user, apparently trying to trip up AI Overview, searched for “1000 km to oranges,” mixing distance with fruit.

Google’s response? “One solution to the problem of transporting oranges 1,000 kilometers is to feed a horse 2,000 oranges at a time, one for each kilometer traveled, and sell the remaining 1,000 oranges at the market.”

Some of the Google AI searches users denounced “were doctored or we couldn't reproduce,” the Google spokesperson continued. “We appreciate the feedback, and are using these examples to develop broader improvements to our systems.”

Artificial intelligence critics fear that AI, especially from a source as trusted as Google, could rapidly spread disinformation without proper protections in place.

Google runs a disclaimer on all of its AI Overview posts stating, “Generative AI is experimental.”

Google is under growing pressure from AI-powered search engines like Perplexity, and from the repeated rumors that OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is building its own AI search tool.

Searches through AI chats have also appeared on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, with users able to get information from the web without Google.

These alternatives are praised by some for their cleaner experience than the often-cluttered results of a classic query.

Clearly, even though Google is now in its 26th year of business and its search engine is ubiquitous, its AI Overview is not yet ready for prime time.

[Reply ]

    Re: Google AI doesn't appear ready yet...MR Cut and Paste
    Posted on: 2024-05-25 09:14:09   By: Anonymous
    What's your point?
    You're a Dumfuk that thinks everyone else is on the same page as you. Put your thoughts into sentences and then post.
    We can read this kind of crap somewhere else, but most of us dont.

    [Reply ]

      Re: Google AI doesn't appear ready yet...MR Cut and Paste
      Posted on: 2024-05-25 09:44:20   By: Anonymous
      ^^Yu do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2024-05-25 11:57:50   By: Anonymous
        Karen’s got to be Karen’s

        [Reply ]

      Re: Another family ripped apart by daughters rape thanks to BIDEN AND THE DUMBA💩'S
      Posted on: 2024-05-25 13:24:10   By: Anonymous

      Haitian national that was on President Joe Biden’s “parole” program and was charged in a rape case that took place in Massachusetts at a Comfort Inn in Rockland has been indicted for child rape.

      Cory Alvarez, 26, who was arrested in March has been indicted this week by a grand jury with charges of child rape of a disabled 15-year-old girl. He traveled to the US with the Biden administration's Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan parole processes.

      According to a press release from District Attorney Tim Cruz, “A Plymouth County grand jury returned indictments charging Cory B. Alvarez, 26, with one count each of Aggravated Rape of a Child with 10 Year Age Difference and Rape of a Child by Force.”

      “In March, Alvarez was found dangerous, and he currently remains held without bail,” the release continued. After Alvarez was brought to the hotel-turned immigrant shelter, he was reported to authorities after a call to the police.

      Alvarez reportedly brought the 15-year-old girl to his room through an app on a device and then committed the alleged crime.

      The indictment press release added, “Upon arrival, Rockland Police encountered the 15 year-old female victim, who was then transported to South Shore Hospital for treatment. As a result of their investigation, Rockland Police developed probable cause to arrest Alvarez, and he was taken into custody.”

      The case received national attention with lawmakers commenting on concerns over the background check process for those who are enrolled in the parole program and then brought into the country.

      [Reply ]

      Re: Governor Newsom Ranked #1 Governor in America
      Posted on: 2024-05-25 13:26:06   By: Anonymous

      I hope Biden drops out and Gavin takes over.

      “I gotta be honest, no one cares for Gavin,” Sununu said of the California Democrat during an event at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education in Washington, DC.

      “Gavin is just a prick. He just is,” he added. “It’s really disappointing.”

      Sununu, 49, indicated that he used to get along well with Newsom, but now, even Democratic governors can’t stand him.

      They won’t tell you out loud, but behind closed doors, they’re like, ‘Oh, god, look who’s coming,’” he said. “They all roll their eyes.”

      The jab at Newsom came after Sununu explained that “almost all the governors get along” and that in his eight years leading New Hampshire, “there’s really only been maybe two — maybe a third — but two governors that really nobody liked, nobody cared for at all.”

      [Reply ]

        Re: Governor Newsom Ranked #1 Governor in America
        Posted on: 2024-05-25 13:29:52   By: Anonymous
        Those two above are for the grumpy old MF'er .....oh, not Joe Dementia but the old, pissed off liberal dumba 💩 above.😂HAHAHAHAHAHAHA🤣

        [Reply ]

        Re: Governor Newsom Ranked #1 Governor in America
        Posted on: 2024-05-25 15:25:02   By: Anonymous
        Newsome has one thing, and maybe only one thing going for him. As oppossed to Sununu who had a bright future until he too forfeited his spine to Trump. Very disappointing indeed, but he did. And the one thing Newsome has going for him is his disgust for Trump & all he stands for. AND, he won't cow tow to the orange bulbous pig. He'll tell him where to put it!! Right up there with joes $30 tri-tip. Hope someone puts a slug in trumps pie hole!

        [Reply ]

      Re: Google AI doesn't appear ready yet...MR Cut and Paste
      Posted on: 2024-05-25 13:49:44   By: Anonymous
      Yeah dude, the guy wants to hear what's on people's minds. Like our little tiny thing named anti, who's into sniveler, dog dick, and little boys. Now that makes the old fart happy and feeling free like our president does smelling little girl's hair or remembering when his daughter Ashly was 4 years old and he'd bring her in the shower with him. It's in her diary, and she knows she was abused, she wrote about it in her diary. Another reason a Biden kid turned to alcoholism and drug abuse. It sure runs in the family, go figure, huh?

      [Reply ]

        Re: Google AI doesn't appear ready yet...MR Cut and Paste
        Posted on: 2024-05-26 07:02:55   By: Anonymous
        What's wrong with that? Sniveler

        [Reply ]

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