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Posted by: thepinetree on 05/11/2024 03:11 AM Updated by: thepinetree on 05/11/2024 03:12 AM
Expires: 05/11/2034 12:00 AM

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival Comes to Angels Camp

Angels Camp, CA...The Wild & Scenic Film Festival comes to Angels Camp, California on Saturday, September 14, 2024 at the Bret Harte Theater, hosted by the Calaveras Film Commission, to benefit Calaveras Community Television. Featured at the tour event in Angels Camp are award winning films from the flagship festival in Nevada City. In addition, local filmmakers have the opportunity to submit and show their video productions on the big screen before a live audience. According to festival organizer, Chris Stevenson, "Here in the Gold Country, we have a great number of very talented video artists and filmmakers. We are gathering the best of these local films and will premiere them at the Bret Harte Theater. Many of the filmmakers will have a question and answer session following their film. It's going to be informative, interesting, and fun!"

Calaveras Community Television (CCTV) has an open CALL TO ARTISTS to submit films of any length to this festival. Film themes may include any, or all of the following: wild, scenic, travel, adventure, nature, local history, humanitarianism. There is no entry fee. To submit a film, please call CCTV at 209-754-4021.

Held each winter in Nevada City, California, the original "flagship" Wild & Scenic Film Festival celebrates the beauty and wonder of our natural world and inspires audiences everywhere to take action to protect it. Now, attendees in Calaveras County can support their own local advocates for the environment by attending The Calaveras Film Commission's Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour event.

Date and Time: September 14, 2024. Doors open at 11:00 am. Films start at noon and run until 8:00 pm.

The After Party (included in ticket price) begins at 8:00 pm.

Ticket Price: $22

Tickets can be purchased at the Bret Harte Theater box office on the day of show. For more information: Contact Chris Stevenson at, or call 209-822-1131.

Event occurs on 09/14/2024 from 11:00 AM to .

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No Subject
Posted on: 2024-05-11 05:16:17   By: Anonymous

[Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2024-05-11 07:12:10   By: Anonymous
Hey do you remember when trump spent $140 million on golfing trips when he said he was never gonna have the time to golf. Yeah that was funny.
Hey do you remember when he created that fake chinese tariff war and his daughter you know the feckless one.. received all of these global trademarks overnight which cost american taxpayers over $80 billion to bailout american corporate farmers? Yeah that was funny..
Hey do you remember when trump paid more taxes in china than he did in america? OMG that was hilarious.
Hey do you remember when Jared Kushner receive $2 billion from the "Crown Prince" after the washington post journalist was beheaded in the embassy? and they covered it up?
Yeah that was the best!!

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2024-05-11 07:36:54   By: Anonymous
    Chris Cuomo now taking ivermectin because of vaccine injury.
    Dr Brix admitting covid shots weren't safe.
    AstraZeneca discontinued their shot because of clotting.
    These are all conspiracy theories, you need to continue to take all the shots you can. I will even donate mine to you so you can double and triple down.

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2024-05-11 10:09:25   By: Anonymous
      Who the eff are you?^^^^Bobby Kennedy Junior??? STFU you moron, a worm must be eating your brain.

      [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2024-05-11 08:21:19   By: Anonymous
“Where activism gets inspired”, we see the results of “activism” the past few weeks, this term “activism” connotes what many of us believed as young people then realism creeps in, and “common sense ” becomes real when you live in the real world!
Personally, I’m more concerned about the destruction of prime agricultural land in Calif. which we see at an alarming rate between Manteca and the Gay Bay. Rivers are means to get the mountain runoff to the ocean in as much as possible way w/o destroying animals and human life. Some are beautiful, some look like moving swamps, but it shows mankind how this earth was created, in an orderly fashion. I will probably attend, I like natural beauty, but I also agree with using running water in a sensible way!

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2024-05-11 08:38:14   By: Anonymous
    Something tells me you activism certainly wouldn't include a real world visit to Gaza to witness it's current orderly and violent deconstruction.

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2024-05-11 08:48:40   By: Anonymous
      Hamas has it coming! Got Pork

      [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2024-05-11 09:03:54   By: Anonymous
        Hamas yes.
        15,000 children, no.
        Incredible in the USA!, USA!, how insincere we really are about children actually having a right to life.
        Clearly, a child's right to life, is purely situational.

        [Reply ]

          Posted on: 2024-05-11 09:39:06   By: Anonymous
          Their fathers and brothers shouldn't have slaughtered 1200 Jewish children in cold blood on Oct 7

          [Reply ]

            Posted on: 2024-05-11 10:13:21   By: Anonymous
            The animals in that region have been doing nothing but fighting, killing, destroying for Ala for thousands of years now. And they have the nerve to call it a Holy War!!!! I've seen so much of it over the last 70 years I am numb to the suffering. That is how they exist!!! Pain, suffer, murder. I'm over feeling sorry for any of them. And the children are just the next generation to be indoctrinated into that life style. And you know what?? They will embrace it.

            [Reply ]

              Posted on: 2024-05-11 11:41:40   By: Anonymous
              I'd love to go to heaven with 59 male virgins, Sniveler

              [Reply ]

                Posted on: 2024-05-12 11:05:11   By: Anonymous
                Just go to the Destruction Derby!!!!

                [Reply ]

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