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Posted by: thepinetree on 05/02/2024 04:40 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 05/02/2024 04:40 PM
Expires: 01/01/2029 12:00 AM

Dynamite and Other Explosives Located at a Home in Strawberry Successfully Disposed of and Removed from Home

Strawberry, CA...TCSO deputies with the assistance of CCSO Bomb Squad, the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office (SJCSO) Bomb Squad, Tuolumne County Fire Department and the United States Forest Service, successfully disposed of the unstable explosives by detonation, causing approximately 10 loud explosions in the Strawberry area.
Explosives located at the home which were determined to be stable were safely transported by the Bomb Squads for disposal.

We want to thank Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Forest Service-Stanislaus National Forest, Tuolumne County Fire and Manteca District Ambulance for their assistance in safely disposing of the explosives.

Old dynamite can be very unstable, we ask the public not to handle, cover, move or transport unwanted explosives. We are thankful this dynamite did not explode unintentionally and that no one was injured.


A deputy responded to the area of Highway 108 near Strawberry Road in Strawberry for a report of dynamite and other explosives located while cleaning up a property of a family member. Once the deputy arrived on scene, he determined the Dynamite was unstable.

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No Subject
Posted on: 2024-05-03 07:05:47   By: Anonymous
I can't wait for the Car Show Tomorrow, Back Seat Sniveler

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2024-05-03 08:17:17   By: Anonymous
    I can't wait to put hot butter on Anti's pancakes in Arnold!

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2024-05-03 10:43:39   By: Anonymous
      It will be raining staying home tomorrow but back seat sniveler will be working the parking lot.

      [Reply ]

105 crimes and walking free, thanks to liberal Democraps
Posted on: 2024-05-03 08:11:36   By: Anonymous

Liberal Dem AG and DA's do not do their Citizens any good but they're GRRRREAT for criminals

On Friday, a Nashville man who had been charged with 105 offenses since 2007 was arrested yet again, this time in connection with the kidnapping and rape of a female Amazon delivery driver.

The suspect, 34-year-old Carl Jerome Hamilton, was subsequently hit with charges of aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, and robbery.

According to WKRN, the incident took place around 4 am on the 700 block of President Ronald Reagan Way. The 25-year-old victim, whose identity has not been made public, was delivering packages in the mail room of an apartment building when Hamilton allegedly entered and shut the door behind him. He then allegedly forced her to take off her clothes and sexually assaulted her.

After that, Hamilton demanded the victim get in her delivery van and drive him to a nearby ATM on Murfreesboro Pike. Once there, she withdrew $100 via her debit card. He then drove her around for another hour or so before leaving her and her vehicle and fleeing.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department arrived at the apartment building a short time later, and began looking for evidence. Surveillance footage showed a man attacking the driver, and officers were able to create a description of the suspect.

Minutes later, however, Hamilton walked right past the office where police were viewing the footage wearing the same clothing as the suspect in the video. He was promptly apprehended and taken into custody, where he remains. The building manager recognized Hamilton because he had been arrested there twice this year already for criminal trespassing.

This is not the first time Hamilton has been charged with kidnapping and robbery. In 2020, he was taken in after allegedly attacking a 24-year-old woman, and subsequently convicted. In 2022, he was sentenced to six years in prison, but got out early.

"You would think somewhere along the way, he would have been held accountable," Police Chief John Drake said, per FOX17. "It would still have been a little harsher probation. Maybe some wraparound services if he was mentally incompetent or had some issues or spending more time incarcerated.

[Reply ]

    Re: 105 crimes and walking free, thanks to liberal Democraps
    Posted on: 2024-05-03 08:18:01   By: Anonymous
    Wachoo doin' Jerome?????

    [Reply ]

    Re: 105 crimes and walking free, thanks to liberal Democraps
    Posted on: 2024-05-03 08:18:22   By: Anonymous
    Mr. Hamilton must be a Biden Voter.

    [Reply ]

I told you they were 100% democrats
Posted on: 2024-05-03 09:01:33   By: Anonymous

According to News4, the incident took place around 9:30pm at a housing complex near Vance Jackson Road and Fredericksburg Road.

The immigrant couple were arguing inside their apartment when Oliver showed up at the door and asked them to tone it down.

Unhappy with the Oliver's demands, the male illegal immigrant grabbed a gun and proceeded to hold it to his neighbor's head, allegedly threatening to kill him in Spanish. After that, Oliver made his way back to his apartment.

He was followed by the illegal immigrant, who proceeded to kick his door. At that point, Oliver grabbed his shotgun, loaded it with bird shot ammunition, and shot the man in the hand and foot, with shrapnel striking the female bystander in the leg.

The illegal immigrant and the bystander were both reported to be in stable condition. Oliver has cooperated with police and is not expected to face any charges.

[Reply ]

    Re: I told you they were 100% democrats
    Posted on: 2024-05-04 07:53:25   By: Anonymous
    Kristi Noem blew my puppies head away.

    [Reply ]

    Re: I told you they were 100% democrats
    Posted on: 2024-05-04 08:00:16   By: Anonymous
    Rambles from a pinenut moron. And illegal immigrants are the only violent, thieving, raping, deviant killers in America. That is laughable. Pull your head out of Trumps and fox news ass, maybe you'll be able to hear and see a bit better.

    [Reply ]

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