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Posted by: thepinetree on 04/03/2024 02:43 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 04/03/2024 02:44 PM
Expires: 04/03/2034 12:00 AM

The 11th Annual Mountain Ranch Chili Cook Off!

Mountain Ranch, CA...Join Mountain Ranch 4-H for our chili cook-off! Great food, silent auction, baked goods, vendors, petting zoo and lots of Chili. Fun for the whole family. Interested in entering your chili or being a vendor? Please contact Shannon at 209-996-4910

Mountain Ranch 4H Chili Cook Off
Sunday, April 21st
11:30am to 2pm
Mountain Ranch Community Park

Event occurs on 04/21/2024 from 11:30 AM to .

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Why gun crimes are out of control...DEMOCRATS
Posted on: 2024-04-03 14:55:50   By: Anonymous

Plain and simple why gun crimes are out of control, LIBERAL DEMOCRAT STUPIDITY. That's also why 11 out of 50 most DANGEROUS cities in the world have one thing in common, all have Democrat mayors.

Here's the perfect example.

Six of the illegal immigrant squatters who were arrested last week in the Bronx have been released without bail, sparking outrage and raising concerns about public safety in the neighborhood.

The eight squatters were apprehended on charges of criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance, and acting in a manner injurious to a child. On the property, located next to a school, authorities found a seven-year-old child in the basement.

Hector Desousa-Villalta, who allegedly brandished a gun on the property, was released on supervised release by a Bronx Criminal Court judge, despite the district attorney's request for bail set at $150,000 cash or $450,000 bond. Subsequently, five more squatters were released after their arraignments, according to the New York Post.

Despite the severity of the charges, the six individuals were granted release without bail, with law enforcement failing to clarify why some men were being held and others were let go.

The lack of clarity surrounding the rationale behind some individuals' release while others remain in custody, despite facing identical charges, has added to the frustration. Neighbors, who had witnessed the troubling events unfold, expressed their frustration with the entire situation.

“The landlord wanted to evict them, but the NYPD told him no,” one neighbor explained to the Post.

“Deport them!” a Spanish-speaking immigrant neighbor said about the illegal immigrants squatting.

The controversy in New York comes as concerns regarding squatting have prompted legislative action elsewhere, notably in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a law restricting so-called Squatter's Rights.

Another news outlet reported one of the illegal immigrants had a attempted murder charge looming over him for shooting a person in the leg, was released with no bail again.

[Reply ]

    Re: Why gun crimes are out of control...DEMOCRATS
    Posted on: 2024-04-04 08:27:24   By: Anonymous
    Where do you get all of this fear porn?

    You are more easily manipulated when you are scared, remember that.

    [Reply ]

      Re: Why gun crimes are out of control...DEMOCRATS
      Posted on: 2024-04-04 09:04:21   By: Anonymous
      What the heck is fear porn?

      [Reply ]

        Re: Why gun crimes are out of control...DEMOCRATS
        Posted on: 2024-04-04 09:08:50   By: Anonymous
        Here's another batch of Biden's OPEN BORDER!!!
        We were all much safer under Trump, and so were other Nations
        Biden's weakness has started two wars
        Let's hope he doesn't get us in one too.

        Dig Deeper

        MS-13 gang members "violently" stabbed and kicked a K-9 to death while the dog was protecting his assigned officer and another inmate who was being assaulted at a prison in Virginia, officials said.

        Three inmates affiliated with MS-13 at Sussex I State Prison were "viciously" attacking another inmate on Tuesday as a fourth inmate seemingly oversaw the assault, the Virginia Department of Corrections said Wednesday. The four inmates involved in the assault are from El Salvador and Guatemala and were all illegally in the United States at the time they were arrested and convicted. At least three are verified MS-13 gang members.

        Corrections Officer Kharmishia Phillip Fields was on duty with her assigned K-9 Rivan and responded to the attack.

        "Rivan was violently and repeatedly stabbed and kicked by the inmates and later tragically died at the facility while VADOC staff attempted lifesaving measures," the corrections department also said. Phillip Fields, a 4-year department veteran trained in handling K-9s, did not sustain any serious injuries because of her training and Rivan’s protection.

        The inmate who was attacked was treated at a local hospital for injuries and then returned to the facility.

        The inmates involved in the assault had been incarcerated for multiple crimes, including murder, kidnapping, attempted rape, child pornography and more.

        "Officer Phillip Fields has the agency’s full support during this difficult time and I personally wish her well in her recovery. The heroics she displayed during this brutal assault demonstrate her courage, her commitment to public safety, and her care for the safety of the inmate population. I thank her for her service to the Commonwealth," agency Director Chad Dotson said.

        Rivan was a Belgian Malinois who was set to turn 6 years old on April 30. He came from a line of service dogs, with his father having worked for a Southwest Virginia police department and his mother having worked for the Secret Service.

        "The loss of Rivan is truly tragic, but it is important to remember he did not die in vain," he also said. "He lost his life while potentially saving the lives of two people, his assigned Officer and an inmate."

        A memorial service will be held for the K-9.

        An investigation is ongoing, but the corrections department said officials plan to pursue additional charges against the inmates to the "fullest extent of the law."

        [Reply ]

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