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All Day Our Sunday Edition with Local Features, Local Specials & More Every Sunday All Day Long!
03:30 PM Bear Valley Adventure Company's Trailblazers Youth Ski Program
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Posted by: thepinetree on 12/04/2023 02:09 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 12/04/2023 02:09 PM
Expires: 01/01/2028 12:00 AM

Pizza Factory Now Open in Arnold! Seasoned Multi-Unit Owners Fuel the Brand’s Expansion

Arnold, CA...Pizza Factory’s footprint continues to grow in California, reinforcing its legacy as a West Coast icon with a new restaurant opening in Arnold on December 4. Conveniently located at 2182 Highway 4, the Arnold location is owned and operated by husband-and-wife duo, Scott and Ruby Gordon.

Scott, whose parents originally opened the Mendota Pizza Factory in 1987, has been with the legacy brand since a young age. He brings over 40 years of restaurant industry experience to this venture and is extremely familiar with the product.

Ruby boasts an extensive background in accounting and assists with day-to-day financial oversight. The experienced duo, who have since taken over the Mendota location and added a restaurant in San Andreas, plan to generate a loyal fanbase within the Arnold community and are passionate about conducting local outreach through this new location. Embodying the family-oriented feel that makes Pizza Factory special, their children will also play a large role in daily operations.

“From day one, I’ve always loved what the Pizza Factory brand stands for and the delicious product that it offers to guests,” said Scott Gordon. “We can’t wait for the Arnold community to have the perfect spot to get together with friends and family and enjoy some great food. Pizza Factory has played an important role in our lives for many years and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We’re confident that this location will experience the same success the brand has achieved for many years.”

Pizza Factory is in a league of its own within the pizza industry and has exemplified a strong growth trajectory. Most recently, the brand ranked on the 2023 Franchise Times Top 400 list of the largest brands in franchising for the fifth consecutive year and was also listed as a top franchise for veterans by Entrepreneur.

“This opening is an important moment for Pizza Factory as we continue to expand in our home state with dedicated franchises like the Gordon’s,” said MJ Riva, CEO of Pizza Factory. “Scott and Ruby bring a wealth of knowledge to their ownership, and we are thrilled that they are expanding our reach during this exciting time. As the new year approaches, we are eager to keep this momentum going and will continue to serve our loyal guests in many new communities to come.”

Including multiple fast-casual prototypes, Pizza Factory maintains its reputation for family-friendly dining and high-quality products. The brand specializes in its vast menu offerings, serving fresh, never frozen hand-tossed pizza, pasta, wings, sandwiches, salads, beer, wine and more.

As Pizza Factory continues to develop into new markets, the brand is providing multi-unit operators flexible new-build or conversion options with delivery / curbside and traditional dine-in prototypes ranging from 1,000 – 4,000 sq. ft. The largest option typically features multiple dining sections, an arcade area for the kids, banquet rooms for parties and social gatherings and big-screen TVs throughout the restaurant.

With aggressive development efforts underway, Pizza Factory is actively growing and seeking multi-unit operators to develop nationwide.

For more information about franchising with
Pizza Factory, visit

About Pizza Factory

A community staple in 100-plus hometowns, Pizza Factory has stayed true to its roots with hardworking operators, family-friendly dining and high-quality products, offering fresh, never frozen hand-tossed pizza, pasta, wings, sandwiches, salads, beer, wine and more. With multiple fast-casual restaurant designs and robust off-premise dining options including delivery and mobile ordering through a proprietary app, Pizza Factory is built for the future of the restaurant industry.

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No Subject
Posted on: 2023-12-04 14:30:02   By: Anonymous
I hope their prices are cheaper than Round Table Pizza!

[Reply ]

Posted on: 2023-12-04 14:40:48   By: Anonymous
I hope they offer delivery!

[Reply ]

    Re: Delivery???
    Posted on: 2023-12-05 08:46:36   By: Anonymous
    I deliver!!!!! Anti

    [Reply ]

Thin crust option?
Posted on: 2023-12-04 14:46:49   By: Anonymous
Hopefully there is a thin crust option, the pictures look like a lot of crust/dough for the amount of toppings.

[Reply ]

How about a POSITIVE COMMENT????
Posted on: 2023-12-04 15:08:08   By: Anonymous
Welcome to Arnold! Best of luck, and I’m sure you guys will have a loyal following in no time at all. Good time of year to open, actually-skiers LOVE pizza! My family and I will see you sometime this week.

[Reply ]

    Re: How about a POSITIVE COMMENT????
    Posted on: 2023-12-04 15:34:23   By: Anonymous
    Good luck Scott and Ruby.
    Positive comment. Pizza Factory pizza is good. Nothing wrong with Round Table prices.
    Negative comments limited to frickin owners of the buildings they are renting. Unreasonable rent and be Jenks to their renters.
    That's why there are so many vacancies.

    [Reply ]

      Re: How about a POSITIVE COMMENT????
      Posted on: 2023-12-04 19:16:39   By: Anonymous
      Jinks, Spelling Otter

      [Reply ]

History Update George Washington
Posted on: 2023-12-04 15:31:26   By: Anonymous

On this day in history, December 4, 1783, Washington bids farewell to his troops at Fraunces Tavern in NYC.

Biden once bid farewell to our troops, when 13 of them were killed by a bomb and over THREE DOZEN of those courageous men and women had lost either or, arms, legs, vision and every single one of them lost all the respect they had for their Stupid in Chief or also known as their Coward in Chief, or, Dementia in Chief, Corrupted in Chief. The insult to injury was when each and every coffin was unloaded by our Marines in their Dress Whites, our Chinese check loving corrupt president looked at his watch every time seeming upset because he was late for one of two things, an ice cream cone or his nap time.

[Reply ]

Good for Arnold
Posted on: 2023-12-04 15:41:27   By: Anonymous

Most Pizza businesses are cheaper then Round Table last time I looked, but that's been awhile. Before we found our perfect dough recipe, I'd but Papa Murphys Pizza.
With bidenomics I wouldn't count on a great price on anything. But don't worry, with Dumbacraps in the WH taxes will be going up and insult to injuries, Biden's IRS are planning on increasing audits 30% on those who make $120,000 or less next year.
As Biden says this time of year Happy Easter and Merry Halloween to All.

[Reply ]

    Re: Good for Arnold
    Posted on: 2023-12-04 16:27:58   By: Anonymous
    Bidenomics did not cause the Pandemic and the pandemic did cause inflation!

    [Reply ]

    Re: Good for Arnold
    Posted on: 2023-12-04 16:30:10   By: Anonymous
    Move to another country if you don't like the high prices in the United States. Bumbling Biden is the worst President that the United States has ever had. President Trump had great policies and giving was a lot easier 3 years ago. Old FuK Biden has managed to fuk up the United States!

    [Reply ]

      Re: Good for Arnold
      Posted on: 2023-12-04 16:47:42   By: Anonymous
      Your well reasoned post shows your astute understanding of complex economic and political issues that enter into any intelligent discussion of deficit federal spending adding to the national debt.

      [Reply ]

        Re: Good for Arnold
        Posted on: 2023-12-04 16:53:48   By: Anonymous
        Blah Blah Blah!

        [Reply ]

          No Subject
          Posted on: 2023-12-05 13:14:51   By: Anonymous
          Looking forward to trying it

          [Reply ]

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