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Closed Session Agenda
1. Pursuant to Govt. Code § 54957.6, conference with County-designated labor negotiators Judy Hawkins, Che Johnson, Nick Marvin regarding the following employee organizations: Service Employees’ International Union (SEIU) Local 1021; Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA); Sheriff’s Management Unit (SMU).
2. Pursuant to Govt. Code § 54956.8, conference with real property negotiator regarding price and terms of payment for the following properties affected by the State Route 4 Wagon Trail Realignment Project, Phase 1. County negotiators are Robert Pachinger and Matt Satow. Properties: Tiscornia Ranches, LP, APNs 053-001-018, 053-001-019, 053-007-011, 053-007-031, 053-007-032, and 053-008-060.
3. Pursuant to Govt. Code § 54657(b)(1): Public Employment – Title: Planning Director.
4. Pursuant to Govt. Code § 54956.9(d)(1), conference with legal counsel re: existing litigation: County of Calaveras, et al. v. AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation, et al., 1:17-MD-2804.