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Call to Order
Roll Call
To give public comment, call one of the following phone numbers. If you get a busy signal on the first number, please try another. (669)900-9128 or (253)215-8782 or (346)248-7799.
ID: 862 2230 9720 Password: 908049
Upon joining the meeting, your audio will be muted until the appropriate time to make your comment. After your comment, you will be removed from the meeting. Please note that the telephone numbers are for making comments, not monitoring the meeting.
Pledge of Allegiance
Staff Announcements
This is a time for County staff to provide updates of upcoming County events that may be of interest to the public.
1. Receive an Update from the Division of Cannabis Control Regarding Status of Permitting and Department Objectives
document Informational Item Printout
a. 20200818-1 Division of Cannabis Control Update
2. 1) Receive a presentation regarding Chapter 15.12 - Limited Density Owner-Built Rural Dwellings; and 2) provide direction to staff.
document Informational Item Printout
a. OBLDRD ordinance matrix
b. Rural Dwelling Board 2nd draft
c. Rural Dwelling Presentation
3. Conduct a study session to provide information to, and receive information from, the Board of Supervisors on issues affecting the Assessor’s Office.
document Informational Item Printout
a. 2020 08-18 BOS Study Session on Assessment Issues
4. 1) Receive a presentation regarding CARES Act Funding Requests and the FY 2020-21 Budget Update, 2) review proposed projects and requests for CARES Act Funding (Requests), 3) approve or disapprove of Requests, 4) approve budget transfers for approved Requests by a 4/5 affirmative vote of the Board.
document Action Item Printout
a. Coronavirus Relief Fund - CARES Act 101 for Counties
b. CARES Act Requests
c. Memo to Board
5. Receive a FY 2020-21 Budget Update from the Administrative Office and provide direction regarding same.
document Action Item Printout
6. Review of Board of Supervisors priorities for the remainder of 2020.
document Informational Item Printout
In compliance with Govt. Code § 53232.3(d), Board members shall provide brief reports on any meetings attended at the expense of the local agency, and may make other announcements or report out.
Closed Session
7. CLOSED SESSION: Conference with Labor Negotiator – Pursuant to Government Code 54957.6, County designated labor negotiator Judy Hawkins regarding employee organization SEIU - Board action: