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Posted by: thepinetree on 03/30/2020 06:37 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 03/30/2020 06:37 PM
Expires: 01/01/2025 12:00 AM

Amador County Health Officer Issues Orders on Use of Lodging Facilities and Non-Test Based Surveillance

Amador County, CA – With increasing cases statewide of novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Amador County Health Officer Dr. Rita Kerr has issued additional orders for Amador County. These orders serve to enhance measures already being taken to slow the spread and preserve critical health care capacity. “Our top priority is the health and safety of our community and we are reminding everyone of the importance of the Stay at Home Order,” says Dr. Rita Kerr, Amador County Health Officer. “Our residents, health care providers, employers, and lodging facilities all serve an important role in our local COVID-19 mitigation and response.”

The orders clarifying the use of lodging facilities ShortTermRentalsEssentialF

Non-test based surveillance may be read in their entirety: HOOrderreFebrileRespirator

Amador community members should also continue to support one another by taking simple steps to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses including COVID-19:
 Wash hands with liquid soap and water, and rubbing for at least 20 seconds, or using alcohol-based sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
 Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing.  Stay home if you are sick.
 Regularly clean high-touch surfaces.
 When you have to go out for essential items practice social distancing, maintain 6 foot distance, minimize your time out and wash your hands as soon as possible afterward.

The most current information on COVID-19 may be found on the Amador County website

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Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
Posted on: 2020-03-30 18:52:26   By: Anonymous
Wasn’t this supposed to be in control and almost over, since.................February 7?

[Reply ]

    Re: Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
    Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:26:53   By: Anonymous
    The Trump administration has ruled that gun shops are considered “essential” businesses that should remain open as other businesses are closed to try to stop the spread of coronavirus.

    Gun control groups are balking, calling it a policy that puts profits over public health after intense lobbying by the firearms industry

    [Reply ]

      Re: Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
      Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:32:44   By: Anonymous

      Trump Vows to Send Ventilators to Europe as U.S. Governors Plead for Supplies

      “As we outpace what we need we’re going to be sending them to Italy,” Trump insisted at his coronavirus briefing Monday night. “We’re going to be sending them to France.”

      [Reply ]

        Re: Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
        Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:49:34   By: Anonymous
        And what would a Trump interview be without a one-sided pissing contest over approval ratings and a bizarre attempt to claim credit for the governor of New York’s surging popularity?

        [Reply ]

          Re: Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
          Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:49:54   By: Anonymous
          A new Siena College poll shows Cuomo’s favorability up to 71% from 44% last month. Various major surveys, meanwhile, put Trump’s favorability at roughly the 50% mark. Yet the president classified his own numbers as “great,” while categorizing Cuomo’s as “good.”

          [Reply ]

            Re: Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
            Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:50:53   By: Anonymous
            But of course, nothing—not Cuomo, not Pelosi, not even the media—gets the president riled up quite like his longtime archnemesis, which you probably mistakenly thought had literally nothing to do with the crisis at hand. And yet:

            The president [also] falsely claimed that the proposed Green New Deal would ban all airplane travel and also falsely claimed that it would limit every American family to owning just one electric-powered car. And for good measure, he went off on a strange rant about wind power. “Windmills all over the place to ruin everybody’s house and farm!” he said at one point.

            [Reply ]

              Re: Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
              Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:54:22   By: Anonymous
              President Trump at the coronavirus briefing just now reiterated that his hair is his.

              He said: My hair is blowing in the wind and it’s mine. That’s one thing you can’t get away with if you’re president.

              [Reply ]

                Re: Good Evening White Trash Communities!!
                Posted on: 2020-03-30 20:46:48   By: Anonymous
                Die Mr. President, die.

                [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2020-03-30 18:52:51   By: Anonymous
Wonder if they will be removing all those people at the Plymouth RV park that ran there to evade their city shelter in place order?

[Reply ]

    Re: white trash trailer parks
    Posted on: 2020-03-30 18:55:54   By: Anonymous
    They’re such a hot spot!

    [Reply ]

      Re: white trash trailer parks
      Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:06:42   By: Anonymous
      Normally it fills up on weekends with the Sacramento crowd, drinking at all the wineries in Shenandoah Valley then party all night in motor homes. But now it is just packed with huge motor homes.

      [Reply ]

        Re: white trash trailer parks
        Posted on: 2020-03-30 21:37:07   By: Anonymous
        And with the grocery store right across the street they can have the food as soon as delivery arrives.

        [Reply ]

🍝Good Evening White Trasholes🍩
Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:21:52   By: Anonymous
Missouri man planned to bomb hospital during pandemic to get attention for white supremacist views

A Missouri man who was killed last week was planning to set off a bomb at a hospital to further his radical white supremacist ideology, federal authorities said Monday.
Timothy Wilson, 36, died March 24 when the FBI sought to arrest him after a six-month investigation.

A summary of the case in an FBI advisory sent to law enforcement Monday said he met with an undercover FBI employee and talked about setting off a vehicle bomb at a hospital because of "the increased impact given the media attention on the health sector" due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Agents said Wilson bought several bag of fertilizer that can be used as a bomb component and kept them in a storage unit. They said Wilson and the undercover operative visited the hospital and discussed attack planning.

[Reply ]

    Re: 🍝Good Evening White Trasholes🍩
    Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:44:33   By: Anonymous

    “Every Country” Spreads Lies About the
    Coronavirus, What’s the Big Deal?”

    You want to know the real threat to America? Windmills.

    [Reply ]

      Re: 🍝Good Evening White Trasholes🍩
      Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:45:56   By: Anonymous
      Donald Trump kicked off the week with a near-hour-long interview with his pals at Fox & Friends, and if you were worried that exposure to the disease had filled his bloodstream with antibodies that bring about reason, sense, and the ability to stay lucid, worry not.

      Instead, in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, the president focused his efforts on attacking the free press, Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Cuomo, and...windmills.

      [Reply ]

        Re: 🍝Good Evening White Trasholes🍩
        Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:46:36   By: Anonymous
        Asked by cohost Brian Kilmeade about a Washington Post editorial condemning Russia and China for spreading absurd misinformation about the virus—including, in the case of Russia, that it was made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and in the case of China, that it had been let loose on Wuhan by the U.S. Army—Trump responded, “Number one, you don’t know what they’re doing.

        And when you read it in the Washington Post, you don’t believe it. I believe very little when I see it. I see stories in the Washington Post that are so fake, that are so phony.

        I have stories that are such fake stuff, and that’s number one.” Then he added, of governments spreading completely outrageous lies: “They do it and we do it...Every country does it.”

        [Reply ]

          Re: 🍝Good Evening White Trasholes🍩
          Posted on: 2020-03-30 19:48:14   By: Anonymous
          Trump later returned to the conspiracy he pushed throughout January, February, and a not-insignificant portion of March: that the press’s reporting on COVID-19 is singularly focused on taking him down.

          “They will do anything they can to hurt this presidency, and yet here we are with the best numbers we’ve ever had,” Trump moaned, apparently more concerned with his approval numbers than the number of Americans who’ve died from the virus.

          “I don’t even understand it when you can get such fake news from—New York Times is a totally dishonest paper, they’re dishonest people. Washington Post, same thing. I’m trying to figure out for three and a half years, who is more dishonest, who is more corrupt? The Washington Post or the New York Times? When I figure it out, I’ll let you know. We’ll have a special.”

          [Reply ]

            Re: 🍝Good Evening White Trasholes🍩
            Posted on: 2020-03-30 20:48:13   By: Anonymous
            We hope he dies shortly.

            [Reply ]

Goodnight White Trashole Communities 🌉
Posted on: 2020-03-30 20:21:59   By: Anonymous
What you’re seeing right now is the truth of the USA, with exceptionally bad leadership at the executive level. The government is simply not up to the task of “being there” for all of the citizens. Any president in my lifetime would have handled this better than the current one.

The USA will get through this in spite of the catastrophic shortcomings of the current administration. How? You. Your strength, compassion, smarts, cool, and tenacity will be what allows us to get control of this very real crisis. All is not lost.

Not remotely. However, I think it will be with us for quite some time, and because we have an administration that’s clearly chosen Wall Street over Main Street, there will be some pain.

Be smart. Be kind. Stay safe.

[Reply ]

    Re: Goodnight White Trashole Communities 🌉
    Posted on: 2020-03-30 20:48:59   By: Anonymous
    ^And pray he passes.

    [Reply ]

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