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Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 04/04/2011 08:14 PM Updated by: Kim_Hamilton on 04/04/2011 08:24 PM
Expires: 01/01/2016 12:00 AM

Latest News and Fishing Report for New Melones~by Melanie at Glory Hole Sports

New Melones, CA....The lake level continues to rise, and will be at full capacity with the snow melt. It is only 39 feet from full, which is 1088 feet. In 1998 it reached 1085 feet- the highest it has ever been. Update on Soldiers: Sad news this week from Afghanistan. The 101st Airborne, the platoon that we were supporting, is still there, although they have been schedule to come home any day. They lost another soldier last week. Here is the e-mail I received from Sgt. Daniel Kelly's mother: "Hi Melanie, Last night Danny informed me of another loss to his unit, Ofren Arrechaga. I do believe you were sending him packages for a while too. Danny and his fiance, Brittany, are going to Dover tonight with Seana (wife) to await Ofren's arrival.....

Trout: Big trout news this week! Leo Renkel and Bob Scarbrough of Modesto landed a beautiful 8-pound, 11-ounce brown trout this week,

This is unbelieveable, he was due home in a couple of weeks."

Our hearts go out to his family.

A customer sent me this great article about job training available to returning vets:

The customers who caught the big brown trout last week were part of a program called Vets 4 Vets Fishing Program. If anyone knows the customers (Leo Renkel and Bob Scarbrough) or has any info about the program, please call me- we would love to get behind it and offer support.

Seminar News
Be sure to read the updated info, below. We have added guides to be on hand. Watch for our ad in the Fish Sniffer this week to see some of the specials we will have.

Melones Report

Water Conditions: New Melones Lake is currently holding 1,961,734 acre-feet of water. The lake is rising fast. The water level rose 5 feet this week, and is now 1049 ft. above sea level and only 39 ft. from full capacity. Water really warmed up last week, and water temperature today was 59-63 degrees. Water is fairly clear, with some staining in areas. With the rising water, there is lots of grass and vegetation underwater. Watch for floating debris, unmarked island tops, and rattlesnakes that have been flooded from their holes- we have had reports of waterlogged snakes climbing into boats. The highest ramps are now in use, and the lower parking lot at Glory Hole is underwater.

Trout: Big trout news this week! Leo Renkel and Bob Scarbrough of Modesto landed a beautiful 8-pound, 11-ounce brown trout this week, winning Glory Hole Big Fish of the Week Contest and a free deli lunch. They were fishing upriver for bass, throwing a 10" purple worm near a steep rock wall. Trollers should target creek arms and upriver, and maybe try the main lake, since it is time for trout to move out to deeper water. With warmer water temperatures, trout will be found deeper- 20-40 feet. A Wedding Ring or other small spinner with a nightcrawler behind flashers would be a great choice. Bank anglers will have best luck under the Hwy 49 Stevenot Bridge, or the south side of the lake. Using a long leader to get the bait out of the grass is very important right now. If bank-fishing or still-fishing from your boat, a sliding-sinker rig with at least a four-foot leader and bait that floats (such as Berkley Select scented Power Bait, Power Eggs, or a crawler/marshmallow combo), a slip-float bobber and a bobber stop at 15-20 deep, or a drop-shot rig with a long (8-10 ft.) drop will all work to keep your bait out of the grass. Using a worm inflator helps too. Check your bait in shallow water to be sure it is buoyant before you toss it out. Use a light (4-pound) leader- fluorocarbon is best to fool those wary fish. DFG is planting New Melones this week.

Kokanee: We are starting to see more small kokanee caughtin the main lake.

Bass: This weekend, there were largemouth on beds. Look for action near spawning areas (flats) 15-20 feet deep. California Bass Championships held a two-day bass championship tournament on Melones last Friday and Saturday. Teams from all over California came to compete. Many anglers found the bite tough on Friday, and improved on Saturday, with the weather became slightly overcast. The hot baits were small rainbow trout swimbaits such as S-Wavers and Toad Thrashers, as well as jigs, Senkos and 6" worms. This weekend, there were largemouth on beds. Remember to practice catch and release, especially now, when bass are spawning. The Department of Fish and Game does not plant bass, so it is up to us to maintain our bass fishery. If you do decide to keep bass, please keep smaller spotted bass and turn the big spots and largemouth loose.

Catfish: Fish next to creeks and run-offs, where catfish are feeding on whatever creatures are washing into the lake. Keep your bail open or use one of the new Okuma Avenger bait-runner reels - they are perfect for bank-angling for catfish. A sliding sinker rig, and a ball of crawlers or a piece of anchovy or sardine is your best bait.

Crappie and bluegill: 63 degree water should have crappie on rocky flat areas to spawn, or nearby where water and feed are running into the lake right now. Target water running into the lake, such as waterfalls and other run-off areas, especially near structure. Bear Cove and Coyote Creek are usually great spots this time of year. Use Beetle-spins, red and white crappie jigs or small or medium minnows.

Important DFG Law- please read

***Remember that it is not legal to transport live fish. This law was put in place to prevent people from taking fish from one body of water to another, which could spread disease, and to keep anglers from catching fish and releasing them into their own private ponds.

In the past, we have allowed customers to bring fish in their livewell to take a picture, and then take the fish down to release them safely back in the lake. DFG has notified us that, due to one person's complaint, this can no longer be allowed.

Which means that the only way you can have your big catch weighed and recorded is to kill it. What a shame.

If you are on the water and catch a nice fish that you want to release, take a picture and e-mail it to us right away. If you feel that you have a lake record, you may want to kill it and bring it up to be weighed, but remember- a lake record is only good for bragging rights. If you feel that you have a state or world record, the fish must be killed and weighed on a certified scale.
Guide Report from Danny Layne

Danny- thank you for taking the time to write an excellent report on otr area lakes! I know my customers really appreciate it.

What a difference a week makes, last weekend SNOW this weekend a breath of SPRING.

LAKE TULLOCH, Bass bite is wide open here, you can tell by the number of bass fishermen on the lake?

Surface temp is 62 degrees with the water clarity very stained. Rainbows seem to be holding in the top 10 feet and with this visibility the bite is fairly good. Flashers (Slim Willies) and a night crawler are a good bet, other setups that are productive include Wiggle Hoochies (Shasta Tackle) or a Mad Cow spinner (Uncle Larry's) in tandem with a sling blade or a 4/0 Vance pink butt dodger, lures are scented with either a small piece of crawler
or garlic scented Pautzkes Fire Corn. Bows are running 14" to 16" with a few Kokanee to 16".

LAKE DON PEDRO, get here early, by looking at the parking lot the bass bite here is excellent.

Water temp 56 degrees with very good water visibility. Rainbows are holding in the top 20" hitting flasher/crawler combos, Uncle Larry's spinners, Vance's Slim Fins or Shasta Cripplures. Bows are a solid 14" to 16" with some holdovers to two pounds. King salmon are scattered and on a slow bite, some schools located off Blank Peak, off Hatch Creek and in Upper Bay
near the power lines. Target depth on the Kings 70' to 140' with fish hitting on rolled shad cured in Pautzke's Nectar or on Wiggle Hoochies or silver Slim Fins. Average size kings this past week were two pounds.

Good luck,
Danny Layne
Fish'n Dan's Guide Service
Twain Harte, Ca.
209 586 2383

Seminar Weekend Information

Here is a partial list of who will be here for our seminar on April 16-17.

9 am to 4 pm both days at Glory Hole Sports

Please note that some guides will not be available on Sunday.

Format will be different this year. Guides will be stationed in the parking lot with their boats. They will have rods/reels and downriggers rigged up to demonstrate the equipment they use. You can go from guide to guide, and ask them questions.

There will be great deals on tackle!


Vance Staplin-

owner Vance's Tackle, manufacturer's rep-

Saturday and Sunday
Specializes in: Downrigger techniques for deep water trolling targeting trout and kokanee, Salmon on the Sacramento River

Joe Aksamit-
Joefish Guide Service
Saturday and Sunday

Specializes in: trout, kokanee, landlocked stripers, kings and coho salmon
Lakes: New Melones, Don Pedro, Camanche, Pardee, New Hogan, Berryessa, Oroville

Gary Burns-
Take It To The Limit Guide Service
Saturday and Sunday

Specializes in: Kokanee and trout on New Melones Lake

John Chiarpotti (Johnny C)-
Bassin' 1A Guide Service
Saturday only

Specializes in: bass on New Melones, Don Pedro, Salt Springs and Tulloch. Bass tackle manufacturer. Expert on using your electronics to find the fish.

Bruce Hamby-
Sierra Sportfishing
Saturday and Sunday

Specializes in: Stripers on New Hogan, king salmon, kokanee and trout on Don Pedro and McClure, brown and rainbow trout, kokanee on New Melones

Danny Layne-
Fish'n' Dan's Guide Service
Saturday and Sunday

Specializes in: Kokanee on New Melones and Don Pedro, King Salmon on Pedro Salmon on the Sacramento River

Dan Liechty-
Fly Fishing Guide, product rep
Saturday only

Fly fishing casting demonstration- expert on choosing the right fly for the fishing conditions

Monte Smith-
Gold Country Guide Service
Saturday only

Specializes in: New Melones kokanee and trout, Don Pedro king salmon, kokanee and trout, McClure king salmon and rainbows, and Hogan Stripers

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