Rabid Skunk Killed in Mountain Ranch

San Andreas, CA…On March 27, 2020 Animal Services investigated a dog on skunk attack in the 8000 block of Avenue A in Mountain Ranch. Two dogs killed a skunk the day prior and the owner called to report the incident. The skunk was sent to the San Joaquin Public Health Laboratory for rabies testing. The test came back positive for rabies. The dogs were both current on their rabies vaccines and have been placed on a mandatory quarantine as a precaution.
If anyone in the area believes their animal(s) may have come in contact with this skunk please contact our office at 209-754-6509.

Please remember to keep your pets’ rabies vaccinations up to date. This is vital for the health and wellbeing of your pets and family members. If your animal(s) are not currently vaccinated please contact your veterinarian right away.