Governor Newsom Calls for Home Isolation for Those 65 & Older

Sacramento, CA..”Those that are 65 and older or vulnerable to #COVIDー19 must practice home isolation. Bars, night clubs, wineries, and breweries should close in CA. Restaurants — focus on takeout for those isolating. Maximize social distancing.” While these may be good medical suggestions, testing civil liberties & business liberties in this manor may launch widespread pushback against these orders. Americans like to make informed decisions for themselves. This may take the focus off the virus where it belongs and move it to violations of civil liberties.

One Response to "Governor Newsom Calls for Home Isolation for Those 65 & Older"

  1. Ron Smith   March 15, 2020 6:54 pm - at 6:54 pm

    I’m over 65 and live alone. I need to get food at a food pantry near me (if it’s open) tomorrow. I don’t think they do deliveries and I need food. I don’t have the “bug” though. Does anyone have an answer to that? thanks