993 Collisions & 11 Fatalities in Sonora CHP Service Area for 2019

Jamestown, CA…Unfortunately in 2019, 11 lives were lost in traffic collisions in Tuolumne County. Some of those were a result of drivers choosing to drive while intoxicated, while others just chose to drive recklessly. Our goal is to reduce as many fatal collisions as possible, but we are unable to be on every strip of asphalt on every roadway in this county at one time. So, with the help of other motorists, we can combat the number one reasons for fatal collisions by them calling 9-1-1 when they believe they are driving behind an intoxicated driver or a reckless driver.

2019 Sonora Area CHP Collision Stats, 993 Total Traffic Collisions, 605 non-injury collisions, 302 minor injuries collisions, 75 major injuries collisions, 11 fatal collisions (11 victims).