Zoe is Missing! Please Help Zoe Come Home!

Arnold, CA…Still missing!!!! Two of our dogs got out at 9:15 and only one made their way home! Zoe is a 5 year old Anatolian and still gone. Missing from Sequoia St Arnold. Please call 213-9069 or 206-8110 Update 1/10 5 pm; still missing. 😔 we think she was caught on camera at 1 pm at Better Altitude going toward dollar General….. have been all over and couldn’t find her. Update 1/10 7am she tripped our driveway camera at 8:30 last night but didn’t come into the yard.

One Response to "Zoe is Missing! Please Help Zoe Come Home!"

  1. Kim deArrillaga   January 11, 2020 5:51 pm - at 5:51 pm

    Put out some clothing that you’ve worn. Paws crossed!