The 2019 TuCARE “A Community Within Fuel Breaks” Fuel Break & Fuel Management Bus Tour

Arnold, CA…On November 14th TuCARE or the Tuolumne County Alliance for Resources & Environment held a bus tour for local government & community members to get an update on the forest fuel break and fuel management projects along the Hwy 4 corridor. The tour was titled “A Community Within Fuel Breaks” At noon was lunch Provided by TuCARE in Calaveras Big Trees State Park. The Speaker was Melinda Fleming – TuCARE Executive Director. After lunch was a hike & discussion of projects within “Big Trees State Park” The Speakers were State Park Representatives who manage prescribed burns in the park. The final stop was at the Upper Moran/Blue Lake Springs Fuel Break/Fuel Treatment project. Speakers were Adam Frese – CalFIRE, Fire Safe Council Rep, Matt Hilden – USFS

TuCARE’s Mission

Tuolumne County Alliance for Resources and Environment (TuCARE) was established in 1989 to enlighten and advise the public about conservation and the wise use of our natural resources.

TuCARE is involved in critical and controversial issues related to the productivity and conservation of public and private lands that are essential for a vital and functioning local, state, and national economy.

TuCARE believes in the multiple-use of the many natural resources on our public lands. Multiple-use policies allow for everyone to benefit. People can enjoy a wide variety of recreational opportunities. The wood products industry can provide us with needed renewable building materials. Livestock owners can use summer pasture for cattle grazing to produce food for us to eat. Miners can extract minerals necessary for the production of everyday goods that we all use. Everyone who uses water or power generated by the harnessing of the Sierra snowmelt is a beneficiary.

TuCARE is committed to insuring the long-term viability of all of our natural resources, through an ecosystem management approach toward good stewardship of our public lands. Man must play an active role to ensure our forests are not destroyed by wildfire and our resources are available for everyone to use and to enjoy. TuCARE seeks stability for natural resource industries, through the wise use of our resources, to help ensure the economic soundness of our local communities for future generations.

TuCARE advocates an increased awareness of natural resources in our schools and communities—believing that a more informed public will be able to make better decisions regarding how our natural resources are cared for and utilized.

• Helps with the week-long Tuolumne County Forestry Institute for Teachers (FIT) Organizes and facilitates the Tours for Kids Program, a field trip program for Preschool through 12th grade
• Sponsors an annual Natural Resource tour for elected officials, local business, and interested citizens
• Sponsors public forums on natural resource issues
• Meets with federal, state, and local elected representatives on issues of concern
• Contributes letters and articles to the local media
• Testifies before Assembly, Senate, and special agency hearings
• Makes presentations to civic groups and organizations
• Holds an annual membership meeting