Want to Live in Murphys? Make the Move’!

Murphys, CA…Whether you’re ready to go, looking for a vacation home or just thinking about the future, I would love to help you make the move like we did. We moved to Murphys, California from San Jose and we absolutely love it! We started Live in Murphys to share what we know about this amazing hidden gem.

My fiancée and I passed through Murphys a few years ago on our way to Bear Valley. We loved the small town charm and decided to come back to spend more time last year. It was always in the back of our minds that we might want to live someplace like Murphys, but we thought that would be four or five years down the road.

A few days later, we were making an offer on a home! Since moving here from San Jose last June, every day has felt like a vacation. There is so much to do. It’s beautiful. The people are fantastic. We don’t have to deal with the traffic, stress and noise of the Bay Area anymore, yet, we’re only a couple hours away when we do visit.
We are so incredibly happy that we chose Murphys that we want to help others do the same.