Mornings with the One Percent™ Was 9 till Noon Today…This Morning’s Replays are Below.

Arnold, CA…This morning we played the reading of the names from ground zero in NY. There were several different feeds including a raw one with out any images. We liked the one from CBS were they had images of each one that perished 18 years ago. Mornings with the One Percent™ is live weekday mornings from 7-10am. The premise for the show is that the USDA ranked all 3,142 counties or county equivalents in the USA on a livability or desirability scale based on factors such as climate, scenic beauty, bodies of water for recreation, humidity and much more. All of our area ranked not only in the top one percent but in the top one half of one percent. So in the ups and downs of daily life remember you don’t have to be a Gates, Buffett or Bezos to live like the one percent. Just live here!