Thankful to Be Back Up After Server Failure Yesterday

Arnold, CA…We are very thankful to be up and running again this morning. For us yesterday was a small tech company nightmare. Our main server uses multiple, mirrored copy hard drives so that in theory is one has a problem they are hot swapable and you can slide a new one in and keep going. We also do daily full server backups designed to do a full metal restore of the main server.

Well the RAID controller had issues and all the drives on main server became corrupted. This forced us to go to the full metal restore route. Problem was the latest restore point wouldn’t boot so we had to keep going back in time to find one that would.

So going forward we will be moving to a VM or virtual machine architecture in the next few months. Which is the best practices of the last few years.

We need to reenter some stories from the last few days but we are up, archives are all in the right places.

Problem with small tech companies is that you end up supporting legacy systems what at times a clean slate approach is much easier. We take our archives seriously with Old Graduations, Parades, Events & More. The old code they reside in in some places dates back to 1999. In web terms that is old, old indeed.

3 Responses to "Thankful to Be Back Up After Server Failure Yesterday"

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  2. Anonymous   August 6, 2019 8:12 am - at 8:12 am

    thank you

  3. AMtGal   August 6, 2019 12:36 pm - at 12:36 pm

    I am glad your back!