Busch Twins Hopped to Top of 2019 Frog Jump Field! Full Finals Video & Over 100 Photos

Frogtown, USA…Angels Camp…The 2019 Frog Jump Champion is Logan Busch Jockeying “The Webbed One” took the title with an 18′ 6″ jump. His twin sister Madison Busch hopped into second with 18′ 4 3/4″ jump with “Jumping Jack Splash”. The Frog Jockeying force runs strong in this family. Full Video & Over 100 Photos Below.

This year’s Frog Jump jockeys and their green steeds had to compete in conditions that the frogs may have enjoyed. However it may have suppressed their jumps just a bit. Overall jump lengths were down a few inches with the cooler temps. Rosie the Ribiter’s record of 21′ 5 3/4″ is safe for another year. Past Champion Riley Kitchell qualified with a 19′ 2″ jump with “Snafu” and was the longest officially measured jump of the weekend.

Typically there are over 1,000 qualifying jumps leading up to the Sunday finals.