Make The Metropolitan Your New Lunch & Entertainment Destination

San Andreas, CA…The Metropolitan in downtown San Andreas is a great dining & entertainment destination thanks ot the efforts of the new management team. In 1994, Cyndie Hoffman (Klorer) was involved in her first theatrical production out of high school at the historic Metropolitan Theater in San Andreas. Once bitten by the theater bug, she was smitten. Not only with the art of theater, but with the beautiful facility at 59 Main Street in San Andreas. For many years to come, Cyndie would dream of running a theater of her own.

In the meantime, Benjamin Klorer, a young man in Germany was running a kiosk, which consisted of a bar, restaurant, mini golf course, small lake, and volley ball court. Who could have ever known that in 2012 the two would meet and start a partnership that would lead to Fourth Wall Entertainment Troupe conducting business at the Metropolitan in San Andreas, California?

Cyndie has over 30 years experience in theater arts and is certified in Arts Management through UC Irvine’s Paul Merage School of Business in association with the Claire Trevor School of the Arts. Benjamin majored in business in Germany and is a Merchant of Wholesale and Trade. It only made sense for the two to join forces, not only in marriage, but in business!

Together they began a journey to bring some culture to their little town in the foothills. A vision was born:

Fourth Wall Entertainment Troupe provides interactive theatrical experiences by producing quality entertainment through drama, dance, music, comedy and culture. We endeavor to support our community and enlighten audiences with whimsical live theatre.

Ben and Cyndie had a dream, and are making it come true! Part of their mission is to support local businesses by employing local artists, serving local wines, hiring local staff, encouraging local artists, and cultivating knowledge of local history. They hope to bring patronage to our community from all over California. The restaurant at The Metropolitan is open Monday through Friday, 11:30 am – 4:00 pm. Fourth Wall Entertainment Troupe events are on the weekends.

Thanks so much,
Cyndie Klorer
Managing Artistic Director
Fourth Wall Entertainment

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  1. Carol ann   March 12, 2019 4:03 pm - at 4:03 pm

    Contact He has a group that needs to have a catered lunch on the first Wednesday in June. They have a budget of $28.00 @ person with the option for separate individual alcohol purchases. Who does your catering??