Another Round of Well Deserved Promotions at Calaveras Sheriff’s Dept!

San Andreas, CA…From the Calaveras Sheriff’s Dept…”On behalf of Sheriff DiBasilio, he is pleased to announce the following promotions; Lieutenant Rachelle Whiting Lieutenant Rachelle Whiting has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 19 years. She graduated from Calaveras High School, then went on to San Diego State University where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She holds numerous certificates from the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. Ms. Whiting started working as a Community Service Officer for a law enforcement agency in San Diego. She returned to Calaveras County and started her employment for the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office in the jail as a Correctional Officer where she excelled. Ms. Whiting transferred to the Patrol Division where she worked as a Deputy Sheriff. She later became a Field Training Officer training new Deputy Sheriffs. Ms. Whiting later became a Detective working inside of the Investigations Division until she promoted to Sergeant. As a Sergeant she supervised both Patrol Shifts, Dispatch, OES and later the Detective Division.

Lieutenant Whiting has been a long time member of the Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT). During her tenure as a Hostage Negotiator Ms. Whiting has successfully resolved several very dangerous life threatening situations. Ms. Whiting’s actions and her efforts in this area have been nothing short of heroic. Lt. Whiting established the Sheriff’s Office Peer Support Program within the Sheriff’s Office which provides support to employees. She became a CVSA examiner in 2005. Lt. Whiting has received several awards and commendations from the Sheriff’s Office including the Deputy Sheriff of the Year in 2003 and Unit Citation Awards. Lt. Whiting was most recently assigned as the Recruiting/FTO Sergeant and she worked as the Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer (PIO). Lieutenant Whiting will be assigned to the Jail as a Division Commander in the Custody Bureau.

Sergeant Ken Grognet
Sergeant Ken Grognet has been with the Sheriff’s Office for 15 years. Mr. Grognet is a graduate of Summerville High School and holds a degree in General Education Studies. Sergeant Grognet has been assigned Patrol Division as a Deputy Sheriff. Mr. Grognet was a Field Training Officer where he trained new Deputy Sheriffs. Mr. Grognet became a CVSA examiner in 2007. Mr. Grognet has worked on the Off Highway Vehicle Program as well as Search and Rescue. Mr. Grognet later transferred to the Investigations Division where he has been working as a Detective. Sergeant Grognet is also a Search and Rescue Coordinator. Mr. Grognet has received a Search and Rescue Award. Sergeant Grognet will remain in the Investigations Division as the Detective Sergeant Supervising the Detectives.

Corporal Brian Cockey
Corporal Brian Cockey has been with the Sheriff’s Office for just under 3 years. Prior to this Mr. Cockey worked in Animal Services for Modesto PD. Mr. Cockey has worked in both the Patrol Division and as a Deputy Sheriff Assigned to a Probation Team for monitoring criminal offenders released from prison/jail. Mr. Cockey is a certified Taser Instructor and is also a member of the Dive Team and Hostage Negotiations Team (HNT). Corporal Cockey will be assigned to the Patrol Division to train new Deputy Sheriffs.

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  1. Steven R. Smith   March 8, 2019 4:47 pm - at 4:47 pm

    Congratulations to all and Kudos to the whole department. Thank you for keeping us safe!