Thousands of Plants and Hundreds of Pounds of Marijuana Eradicated

Valley Springs, CA…On September 12, 2018 the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Enforcement Team served a search warrant onto an undeveloped piece of private property located off of South Gulch Road near Milton Road in Valley Springs. Upon arrival, Deputies encountered three males who were tending to approximately 40 marijuana plants. No permanent residence was present on the land, however, a travel trailer was on site.

While investigating, it was discovered that a chemical (in powder form) had been applied to the marijuana plants and had spilled onto the ground. Extensive watering onto the freshly graded area had resulted in the erosion of dirt and flow of water into the nearby drainage; the ground showed white staining consistent with the spillage of the white chemical. The white runoff can be seen in the attached photos.

The three males were cited for illegal cultivation of Marijuana. Each claimed an address out of Oakdale CA.
Although the initial charges are misdemeanor, the investigation is continuing.

On September 13, 2018, the Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team served a search warrant on an address located in the 5800 Block of Michel Road in Mountain Ranch. This warrant was unrelated to the enforcement action taken during the previous day.

The site contained 13 “hoop houses” as well as two travel trailers, numerous water tanks, generators, bags of trash, and general debris.

7,921 marijuana plants in various stages of maturity were removed and destroyed from the site. Additionally, 342 pounds of processed marijuana and 1.3 ounces of concentrated cannabis were also seized.
No person were present at the site during the execution of the warrant.

It should be noted that the Marijuana Enforcement Team serves numerous search warrants weekly and monthly. During these search warrants, evidence is collected which is used to further the case and overall investigation. The mere fact that no persons were contacted or arrested at a scene does not imply that the case is complete. For weeks and/or months following a warrant, the investigation into each site continues. In some cases, charges are referred to the District Attorney at a later date pending the results of evidence testing, interviews, or follow up investigations.

The Sheriff’s Office at times works with other local, state, and federal agencies. Those cases are combined and the Sheriff’s Office may choose to seek arrest warrants at a later date and or will seek an indictment through a Grand Jury in state or federal court.

*Note that the blurred portions of the photographs are concealing Sheriff’s Office Personnel and vehicles.