Ferguson Fire Swells to 17,319 Acres, 5% Contained, No Structures Lost

Ahwahnee, CA…The fire was fairly quiet overnight, with activity picking up in the area around Sweetwater Creek shortly before dawn. The fire is now established in the bottom of Sweetwater Creek. Crews worked overnight on securing line around Cedar Lodge and Indian Flat. The power line has been completed, and power has been restored to the area. Work also continued on containment lines protecting the communities of Jerseydale/ Mariposa Pines and Yosemite West.

Today, crews will continue to monitor and mop up in the areas around Cedar Lodge, Indian Flat, and Cold Canyon. They will begin contingency line construction up Pinoche Ridge from the Merced River, improve dozer and handlines around Yosemite West and Jerseydale, and take suppression action to keep the fire East of Snyder Ridge. They will also use aerial resources to try to keep the fire on top of Ferguson Ridge when conditions permit.

Weather today is predicted to be hot and dry, and the smoke inversion is again expected to stay over the area until mid- to late- afternoon. Monsoonal moisture is expected to start pushing in from the South, and some thunderstorm buildup can be expected over the Sierra Crest by late afternoon. Thunderstorms can produce gusty, erratic winds, causing hazards to firefighters

Full Details are on This Mornings Info Sheet Here