Letter to the Editor on CCWD Proposed Rate Increases ~ By Bob Vera

San Andreas, CA…CCWD talks about their shortfall of $ 700,000.00 in revenue a year because we have conserved due to the drought. I say they are crazy and ignoring the truth, many of us use paper plates to cut back on water use and many of us now only take a couple showers each week because the costs of water and sewer are way too high and out of control.

The Calaveras Enterprise had a story about the CCWD rate increase printed April 4th where General Manager David Eggerton states that this rate increase will only fund operations. Now take a minute to look up the wages and salaries at the Calaveras County Water District listed for year 2016, latest year available on the CA.Gov State Controller’s Office website. Look for special districts and type in Calaveras County Water District in the search box. You will see that out of 73 employees, 10 make over $ 100,000.00 a year and another 15 make over $ 90,000.00 each year and that’s before you add in the Retirement and Healthcare. The average wage is $ 74,960.00 and the average paid Retirement and Healthcare is $ 29,014.00 a year. The total CCWD pays into Retirement and Healthcare is $ 2,117,992.00 million each year. I say the whole compensation package is out of control and they can start saving money by making more cuts in staffing, pay and benefits before they ask us to pay more for water and sewer.

Please sign the 218 Protest Vote.

Thank You,

Bob Vera