Ben Rhodes, President Obama’s former Deputy National Security Adviser, Endorses Jessica Morse for California’s Fourth Congressional District

Roseville, CA…Today, Ben Rhodes, who served eight years dedicated to protecting America alongside President Obama while serving as his Deputy National Security Adviser, emphatically endorsed Jessica Morse today for Congress in California’s 4th Congressional District. “At this dangerous moment, Congress needs more leaders who are willing to defend American values, inspire others to get involved, and put our country’s long-term interests ahead of their personal ones,” Rhodes declared. “Jessica Morse is that kind of leader.”

Taking note of Morse’s accomplishments with the U.S. Agency for International Development in Iraq and at the Pentagon’s U.S. Pacific Command in drafting a strategy to advance the U.S.-India defense relationship, Rhodes continued:

“Jessica showed personal courage. As a young person, she went to an Iraq that was still rife with conflict. Jessica showed creativity. While at PACOM, she developed an innovative approach – using renewable energy – as a way to advance the U.S.-India defense relationship, which was a top national security priority for the Obama Administration. She drafted a strategy and built a coalition of people across the government to get that done, which is what we need more of from Congress today.”

Rhodes highlights Morse’s willingness to put her nation first, saying, “we are lucky, as a country, that there is a generation of Americans who signed up to serve in various capacities after 9/11. Jessica Morse did the type of jobs that don’t always get the spotlight, but they make the difference. She has a perspective that doesn’t just come from Washington, it comes from the field.”

Jessica Morse thanked Rhodes for his endorsement.

“I am deeply honored by Ben’s support for my candidacy. His role, starting at a young age, as one of the leading foreign policy minds of his generation and a guiding force for President Obama, is one of the things that inspired me to believe that I could be a difference maker in this time of vital importance,” Morse said.

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