Justin Fasano Jockeying “Kermit” Is The 2017 Frog Jump Champion & Full Finals Video & Over 200 Photos

Angels Camp, CA…(Frogtown, USA)…Justin Fasano Jockeying “Kermit” Is The 2017 Frog Jump Champion. Kermit jumped 18 Feet, 4 Inches for the win. Lisa Fasano Jockeying “”Spare the Air Frogger” leaped to 18 feet, 1 inch, to take the top two spots for the Gustine Frog Team who has been competing in the Frog Jump for over 60 years. They have been champions multiple times but 2017 was their first win since 2004. We have now sorted through our photos and rendered full finals video…

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We look forward to the International Frog Jump Finals every year. It is old west, gold rush, Mark Twain Americana in real life. Ever since Mark Twain published The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras county in 1865 the legend of the frogs seems to have grown.

For many families the Frog Jump has become part of their family lore and history as well. Generation after generation tries to ad to their family history as a frog jump champion. Some have been competing for over 60 years. Each generation passes down the secrets of frog jumping glory. Their closely guarded secrets for leaping success.

In addition to newcomers every year and some one jump wonders you always have great jumps from the great frog jumping families. Names like Fasano, Borrelli, Nash, Kitchell, Ziehlke, Guzules and Matasci. Names that can coax over 16 feet out of almost any frog.

In the pictures one thing in the top jockeys you see year after year is commitment. The Frog Jump Finals are a combination of skill and luck. All the top jockeys from the top families know how to keep the pressure on their little green steeds through all three hops. The random part comes in on whether the green athletes decide to make a left or right turn or do a short hop.

The third weekend in May is special every year in Calaveas County as it is time when a core group of friends, families & living history aficionados set aside their real lives and become part of the legend and lore of the Celebrated Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County.

For the participants and their families, all the photos in this year’s photo album are at larger format. Photos of the winning jump have been uploaded at our highest resolution for you to save if you would like to do so.