31st Annual Cow Pie Social Drop

Murphys, CA…The Bret Harte FFA Chapter hosted the 31st annual Cow Pie Social at Ironstone Vineyards on Friday, October 30th beginning at 5:30 in the evening. Due to the COVID restrictions, the Bret Harte FFA chapter had to find a new way to continue a community tradition and our members sold tickets for a chance at three cash prizes and each buyer also received a Cow Pie T-Shirt. The Cow Pie drop was live streamed in facebook & instagram as well as filmed for the community to watch at their convenience.

The community watched as their screens displayed the drop, sitting in hope their name would be called as the recipient of the $200, $300 or $1,000 cash reward. The winners this year were $200-Dominic D’Ambrogia, $300-Janell Picard, and our Grand prize winner of $1,000-Shonna Lewis. This year we would like to give immense thanks to the community for supporting and believing in the Bret Harte FFA Chapter despite the change of events. Special thanks to Ironstone Vineyards and the Kautz family for allowing us to use their cattle and barn facilities and lastly to our FFA members who sold tickets.

Although the Cow Pie Social could not go on as previously scheduled, the event was a great success and allowed the Bret Harte FFA to reconnect with the community to “Be the Light” this October.