Special Enforcement Team Activity, Vehicle Pursuit in West Point

West Point, CA…On 10/22/20, at about 9:00 PM, The Calaveras County Special Enforcement Team was patrolling near the intersection of Hwy 26 and Snead Road, West Point. Deputies observed a motorcycle with no license plate or proper lighting equipment (dirt bike) driven on the roadway. They attempted to initiate a traffic stop; however, the driver of the motorcycle ignored the emergency lighting and siren and attempted to evade capture by accelerating to a high rate of speed. A pursuit ensued for approximately 2.7 miles. The driver stopped the motorcycle just north of the Amador/ Calaveras County line and attempted to flee on foot. Deputies ran after the suspect and apprehended him approximately 40 yards away.

The subject was identified as Matthew Keith Wade (31 years old out of Pioneer, CA). Matthew was booked into the Calaveras County Jail and charged with 2800.1 CVC evading peace officer (misdemeanor), 14601.2(b) CVC driving with a suspended license (misdemeanor), 148(a)(1) CVC resisting arrest (misdemeanor), 12500(b) CVC, 4000(a)(1) CVC, 21460 CVC, and 5200(a) CVC.

SET is a unit within the Sheriff’s Office formed to heighten police presence, conduct extra enforcement, and utilize problem-oriented/community-oriented policing strategies. General patrol deputies are sometimes unable to complete extra patrols or proactive enforcement due to consistent call volume during their shift. Having a team specifically able to follow up in high crime areas or in areas with trending crime patterns is very beneficial to the safety of Calaveras County. The Calaveras Sheriff’s Office works as a large team with members assigned to different functions. In cooperation with information, tips, comprehensive data collection, and general communication from the community, these teams lead to a safer Calaveras for all.

The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone with information regarding criminal activity to call the anonymous tip line at 209-754-6030.

There is no further information at this time.