The Latest on PSPS Outages from Calaveras OES, 13,072 PG&E Customers Included

San Andreas, CA…The latest from county OES….”We’ve received the latest potential outage area maps from PG&E, and have learned that the Communities of Murphys, Douglas Flat, Vallecito, and the area between Camp Connell to the County line are now INCLUDED in the 13,072 PG&E Customers that may be affected by the potential PSPS Event. The Event timing has also changed a bit; and is now forecasted to begin at midnight tonight to about 4:00a on Tuesday morning. For complete details, see the attached map. If you are in the yellow shaded area, PLEASE prepare to be without power for up to 24 hours. Gather needed water, medications, food and charge any critical battery operated devices. As this event draws closer and closer, we will partner with PG&E to deploy Community Resource Centers in strategic locations.”