Make Your Home Ember Resistant & Get Your Wildfire Protection Tools At Bathroom Machineries In Murphys

Murphys, CA…DEA Bathroom Machineries in addition to all the classic & historic plumbing supplies they also have perfect, common sense, easy to deploy Wildfire protection tools. Tom Scheller showed us several options including the W.A.S.P. Fire protection system. The W.A.S.P. Wildfire Protection Kit installs either on your ridge ends or clips directly onto your gutter. It will fit on either OG or Facia gutter styles. The kit comes with 2-25 foot industrial quality hoses, two sprinkler heads, two gutter mounts, and two ridge end clips. Basically, you can quickly clip these onto your ridge or gutter using a piece of 3/4″ PVC (not supplied), turn them on, and have your roof soaked to help prevent ignition during fires. Depending on water pressure, these can have up to a 34′ radius.

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In our historic 1901 building, formerly an Oddfellows Club meeting hall. We are located at 495 Main Street in the historic Gold Rush town of Murphys California. Our showrooms are open from 8am to 4:30pm weekdays, 10am to 3:30pm Saturdays and 11 to 4 Sundays. We hope you can make a day of your visit and will take the time to visit the many fine shops and restaurants of Murphys as well as tour the innumerable wineries and limestone caverns in the area.

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