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Catherine Lewallen

.Catherine's fight with cancer and the manner in which she has fought it publicly has been an inspiration to many. If you would like some context and a more personal look at her battle you can find it on the Caring Bridge Website Here! We would like to welcome Catherine as one of our contributors and we hope her story can help you along your journey in life.


Respirit – Week 5 “I Will Not Die From This Disease” By Catherine Lewallen

Posted by: John_Hamilton on 01/30/2012 06:39 AM
Murphys, CA...I think it is time I made a bold declaration. I have been allowing for a “loophole,” which is my death. I have been disguising it as an acceptance of God’s will, but perhaps it is proof of my own lack of knowledge and faith. God requires that we believe we will receive for what we pray (Mark 11:24). I have literally begged for my life. I have shamelessly pleaded that this cancer will not take me from my young son. So now I will start marching forward to meet the Lord and say, “I will not die from this disease.”...

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My Amazing Jewel ~By Catherine Lewallen

Posted by: John_Hamilton on 01/23/2012 08:07 AM
Murphys, CA...Today is one of two days each month when my 9-year-old son, Jonah, does not stay with me here at home. I usually spend a lot of time crying, mostly because it’s my only true opportunity to fall apart. Certainly it would be appropriate – even expected! – if I slightly looked forward to these nights. After all, I’m a single mother… I work… I have a health battle going on… It would not be surprising to need a night to myself. But I don’t. Not even a little. I think Jonah and I are figuring out that our relationship brings us great comfort, because no one can wholly relate to our life except for us...

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He does not comfort me to make me comfortable! By Catherine Lewallen

Posted by: John_Hamilton on 01/16/2012 12:42 AM
Murphys, CA...This year, I have been brought right to my breaking point. Over and over again, I have been afraid… or in pain… or sad… and I am compelled to say, “Lord, I am depending on you.” I know that my situation, especially my battle with cancer, is well beyond my personal and my human capabilities. I am whole-heartedly, without question, relying on how God continues to care for me. Over and over again, He has brought me complete comfort....

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Happy Anniversary… to my Stroke?! By Catherine Lewallen

Posted by: John_Hamilton on 01/09/2012 01:23 PM
Murphys, CA...I am writing this on January 8th, 2012, the one-year anniversary of my stroke. What a terrifying day that was! I was alone. I was at my business, though it wasn’t open, getting some work done. Going up a stepladder I got really light-headed, as if I stood up too fast. As I tried to get down the ladder, I realized I was not in control of my legs and was going to fall. I laid there on my side, struggling to get my phone out of my pocket, with the one arm that was working. It took several tries to successfully dial for help, only to be unintelligible in my pleas....

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Respirit: To inspire a courageous and purposeful spirit. ~ By Catherine Lewallen

Posted by: John_Hamilton on 01/03/2012 08:36 AM
Murphys, CA...This time of year, I’m getting a lot of wishes thrown in my direction for a “better 2012.” While obviously the sentiment is sweet, I can’t help but hear the implication that my 2011 was perhaps sub-par. I will admit that it was eventful. Okay, so I was 36 years old and had a stroke in my cerebellum this year. But it turned out to be a huge blessing: it led to my cancer diagnosis....

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