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Cooling Centers to Open in Calaveras County Due to Excessive Heat Warning
San Andreas, CA...The U.S. National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning that includes Motherlode Counties from 11AM Saturday, July 15 to 11PM Sunday, July 16. Dangerously hot conditions with temperatures expected to reach 100 to 112 degrees is expected. Extreme heat significantly increases the potential for heat-related illnesses, particularly for those working our participating in outdoor activities. Older adults, children, and sick individuals are also at greater risk for extreme heat.

In response to the excessive heat warning, Calaveras County Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA), in coordination with other community partners, announces the opening of cooling centers. These cooling centers will provide a safe haven for residents seeking relief from extreme heat. The specific locations and operating hours of cooling centers are as follows:

San Andreas
San Andreas Library
1299 Gold Hunter Road,
San Andreas, CA 95249
10AM-8PM, Saturday and Sunday

Mokelumne Hill Mokelumne Hill Library 8328 Main Street, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 10AM-8PM, Saturday and Sunday

Copperopolis Library: Lake Tulloch Plaza
3505 Spangler Lane, Suite 106
Copperopolis, CA 95228
10AM-8PM, Saturday and Sunday

Murphys Murphys Fire District Training Center 58 Jones Street Murphys, CA 95247 10AM-8PM, Friday through Monday

Individuals in need of transportation to and from the designated cooling centers should call Calaveras Connect Dial-A-Ride at (209) 754-4450 to schedule a ride.

In addition to the opening of cooling centers, we would like to remind the community to visit public spaces that can also provide relief during this heat advisory. Local coffee shops, grocery stores, and other public establishments can offer a cool environment for individuals seeking relief from the high temperatures.

Animals are also at particular risk for heat-related illness. Learn more about how to keep your pet safe during extreme heat. Calaveras County Animal Services is extending support to pet owners during this heat advisory. Animal Services have made available a limited number of spaces to accommodate a maximum of five dogs for temporary care of their beloved pets. Pet owners facing difficulties are encouraged to reach out to Animal Services at (209) 754-6866. Animal Services is located 901 Jeff Tuttle Drive, San Andreas, CA.

Heat related illnesses, like heat stroke or heat exhaustion, happen when the body is not able to cool itself properly. When a person’s body temperature rises faster than it can cool itself by sweating, this can cause damage to the brain and other vital organs. It is important to recognize signs and symptoms in order to help those experiencing a heat related illness.

Signs of heat exhaustion include:
• Headache
• Nausea
• Dizziness
• Weakness
• Irritability
• Thirst
• Heavy Sweating
• Elevated body temperature
• Decreased urine output

Signs of heat stroke include:
• Very high body temperature
• Loss of consciousness (coma)
• Hot, dry skin or profuse sweating
• Seizures
• Confusion, altered mental status, slurred speech
• Fatal if treatment delayed

Calaveras County Public Health reminds everyone to:
• Drink plenty of water.
• Stay cool, stay indoors.
• Wear light clothing and sunscreen when outdoors.
• Plan outdoor activities for the cooler parts of the day.
• Pace yourself.
• Stay in touch with your family, friends, and neighbor’s, especially those with health conditions and the elderly.
• Don’t leave children or pets unattended in vehicles at any time.
• Heat stroke is an emergency! Call 9-1-1.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the Murphys Fire Protection District, Calaveras County Library, The Red Cross, Calaveras County Office of Emergency Services, Calaveras Emergency Response Team (CERT), HHSA staff, Calaveras County Animal Services, and other invaluable partners who are working collaboratively to open and operate these cooling centers.

For more information about cooling centers visit Calaveras County website. For details about prevention and signs of heat-related illness, visit or

07/15/2023 to 07/16/2023
All Day Event

 Health & Fitness

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