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Call to Order
Roll Call
Closed Session Agenda
1. Pursuant to Government Code § 54956.9(d)(2), conference with legal counsel: anticipated litigation –significant exposure to litigation (one case).
2. Pursuant to Govt. Code § 54957.6: conference with County-designated labor negotiator Judy Hawkins regarding the following employee organizations: Calaveras Management Union; Calaveras Supervisors Union.
Pledge of Allegiance
Staff Announcements
This is a time for County staff to provide updates of upcoming County events that may be of interest to the public.
Public Health Update
3. 1) Receive an update presentation from staff on COVID-19; 2) Provide direction to staff regarding the frequency of future COVID-19 updates to the Board; 3) Provide direction to staff regarding how to conduct future Board meetings in light of recent developments with COVID-19; and 4) Provide direction to staff regarding whether to hold the upcoming town halls regarding redistricting via Zoom.
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Recognition and Acknowledgements
4. Proclaim the Month of September 2021, as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in the County of Calaveras, recognizing the role of promoting awareness and resources around suicide prevention.
document Proclamation Printout
a. 2021 David Woods Bartley - Suicide Prevention Training Event 9.17.21
General Public Comment - 30 Minutes
Consent Agenda
5. Authorize the Board Chair to execute a five-year lease between Calaveras County and Craig Robinson DBA Custom Equipment Company, Inc. for Fixed Base Operations (FBO) at Calaveras County Airport, in an amount not to exceed $18,240.00, over the five-year term of the lease.
document Agreement Printout
a. 2021 Final Robinson FBO lease
b. 2018 lease rates appvd by board
c. Printout-3968-1009-M10485
6. Acting as Air Pollution Control District Board: (1) Accept CAPP Grant G20-CAPP-05, (2) Authorize Board Chair to sign the Community Air Protection Program Grant Agreement, and (3) Authorize the Air Pollution Control Officer to sign subsequent grant amendments and requests for payment.
document Agreement Printout
a. G20-CAPP District Grants Exhibit A
b. G20-CAPP District Grants Exhibit B
c. G20-CAPP-05 Coversheet Calaveras County APCD final Legal signature
7. Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement with Pan American Life Insurance Company for the provision of healthcare benefits for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Providers in the not to exceed amount of $230,000.00 for the period of September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2023.
document Agreement Printout
a. Pan America Policy Renewal and Administration Agreements Exp. 9.1.23
8. 1) Approve the attached quote from SirsiDynix Corporation, and 2) Authorize the County Librarian to sign the Master Agreement between Calaveras County Library and SirsiDynix Corporation for Integrated Library Services System for a term of five years and an aggregate amount of $119,670.68.
document Action Item Printout
a. SirsiDynix signed master
b. SirsiDynix signed quote
9. Adopt a Resolution approving the Sale of Tax-Defaulted Property Subject to the Power of Sale at Public Auction via internet (Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 3692.2 and 3694) and authorizing re-offer at the end of the Sale or within the 90 day period of any parcel which does not receive the minimum bid.
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Regular Agenda
10. Review and provide direction to staff on certain Elected Officials' Salaries.
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11. Adopt a Resolution Establishing Application Fees for Cannabis Testing & Distribution Permits.
document Resolution Printout
12. Introduce and Waive Full Reading of an Uncodified Ordinance Establishing a Cannabis Tax Appeal Fee; Authorize Summary Publication.
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Supervisor Announcements
In compliance with Govt. Code § 53232.3(d), Board members shall provide brief reports on any meetings attended at the expense of the local agency, and may make other announcements or report out.