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Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 06/12/2008 06:21 AM Updated by: Kim_Hamilton on 06/12/2008 09:34 PM
Expires: 01/01/2013 12:00 AM

Calaveras High Graduates It's Largest Class Ever....Pictures and Complete Video Enclosed.... (Now Updated With High Res, Great for Watching Full Screen Video)

San Andreas, CA....The Class of 2008 was 255 strong as they graduated last night. The stadium was filled to overflowing for all the festivities. In addition the the graduation last night Calaveras High School Principal Mike Merrill announced that he will be moving up to an administrative position in the district office and Ric Stitt the Current Vice Principal will be the new Calaveras High School principal next year. Calaveras Superintendent Jim Frost also mentioned during his comments that they are losing 32 staff members to retirement from the schools within the district. We would like to wish those staff members well as they move onto retirement. Many of the positions being filled are from past Calaveras High School Graduates. The Graduation is enclosed along with the list of Graduates.....


If you would like to launch in external player or a Windows Mobile Phone click here!

Kristopher Paul Abrahamson Diploma
Eva Mary Aguayo Diploma
Angelina Maria Alfinito Diploma
Jessica Lynn Allen COC
Nathadet Apirakkulwong COA
Arianna Diana Armenta Diploma
Jacqueline Arrizon Diploma
Courtney Elaine Atnip Diploma
Courtney Ryan Avallon Diploma
Katie Elizabeth Avis Diploma
Drake Paul Babineau Diploma
Kathrine Lee Baker Diploma
Lehua Louise Baptista Diploma
Ashley Nicole Barrett Diploma
Kendrick Alexander Bartlett Diploma
Bethany Perry Basques Diploma
Michael Anthony Bear Diploma
Henry Tyler Beard Diploma
Alexander F.Beck Diploma
Danielle L.Benedetti Diploma
Annen Yoana Benitez Diploma
Mayrena L.Bennett Diploma
Matthew Lewis Berg Diploma
Matthew Morgan Berlier Diploma
Rachael Victoria Bianchi Diploma
Bryan Gibbon Bickel Diploma
Charles R.Blizinski Diploma
Jeanine M. Blodgett Diploma
Kaelyn Lanai Bock Diploma
Melissa Dawn Boos Diploma
Ryan Matthew Bota Diploma
Chad R. Brackett Diploma
Alexandra Breckenridge Diploma
Triscia Deann Browning Diploma
Joseph Charles Burkhardt Diploma
Raffy C.Cano Diploma
Kevin S.Carley Diploma Gold State
Katelyn Laura Carlin Diploma
Derick James Carrasco Diploma
Quentin Tyler Carter Diploma
Jack Wayne Castillo Diploma
Jhay Joseph Castillo Diploma
Francesca Marie Catanzarite Diploma
Micah Edward Chabo Diploma
Gary Michael Chambers Jr. Diploma
Kanyapat Chanyeam COA
Joshua Marcus Church Diploma
Andrew Brien Clark Diploma
Travis Maxwell Coggin Diploma
Kyle Marie Colucci Diploma
Audrey Ann Comporato Diploma
Cameron Kendall Conner Diploma
Alesia A.Copeland Diploma Gold State
Christopher L.Cottle Diploma
Amanda R. Craig Diploma Gold State Valedict
Angelia Nicole Cuneo Diploma
Ryan Thomas Decoque Diploma
Jessica Marie Delappe Diploma
Kyle Charles Devusser Diploma
Teagan A.Dornbush Diploma
Duston Thomas Downum Diploma
Joseph Richard Durand Diploma
Roxylee Ann Eckardt Diploma
Bat Orgil Enkhee COA
Madelyn Raeann Erickson Diploma
Samuel J.Fairbanks Diploma
Andrew Jay Farmer Diploma
Aprile Maria Fermin Diploma
Anastasia Evelyn Fischer Diploma
Amber Kathleen Fisk Diploma
Casey Grant Fought Diploma
Alyssa Ann Fox Diploma
Samantha R.Franco Diploma Gold State
Steven M. Frater Diploma
Cierra D.Gagetta Diploma
Jamie Theresa Ganas Diploma
Perry Lynn Gann Diploma
Mark David Garcia Diploma
Madison Elizabeth Gassner Diploma
Joseph D.Gellerman Diploma
Alexandra Giusto Diploma Midterm
Katelyn Eileen Grannis Diploma
Andrew Clark Graves Diploma
Abigail R.Greenough Diploma
Tiffany Irene Gregorich Diploma
Nathan Christopher Griggs Diploma
Ashley Anne Guillemin Diploma
Brandon Crawford Gunn Diploma
Ty James Halsted Diploma
Angela Marie Hamilton Diploma
Rianne Haley Hammond Diploma
Jessica Lynn Harmon Diploma
Nathan Drew Harp Diploma
Carley Katherine Harper Diploma
Brittani Dawn Hawkins Diploma
Rickey Alan Hayes Diploma
Dena M. Herd Diploma
Luis Andres Hernandez Diploma
Dylan Marcus Hodgson Diploma
Forest Hunter Hoffman Diploma
Jillian Marie Hoskin Diploma
Zackary Taylor Hudson Diploma
Brooks Alexander Hulett Diploma
Jacob Anthony Humphrey Diploma
Jason Allen Hurst Diploma
Christine Ocampo Inocencio Diploma
Gavin Cecil Norman Isble Diploma
Travis Allen Jeitz Diploma
Stephanie Lee Johansen Diploma
Darren P.Johnson Diploma
Sarah Johnson Diploma
Justin B.Johnston Diploma
Katherine Danielle Jones Diploma
Natalie Anne Jones Diploma
Pierre Paz Joubert Diploma
Brittany R.Judd Diploma
Sierra Kathleen Keller Diploma
Timothy R.Kelly Diploma
Michael W. King Diploma
Christine Lee Kirkman Diploma
Cameron Steven Kokines Diploma
Arielle Madeline Kuntz Diploma
Danyelle Rose Kuntz Diploma
Matthew H. Kuntz Diploma
Niklas Laabs COA
Sam M. Lamerdin Diploma
Thomas Christopher Land Diploma
Shalane Rose Langstaff Diploma
Trevor A. Larson Diploma
Tucker Lee Larson Diploma
Anthony A. Leal Diploma
Michael Dale Limas Diploma
Pin Ju Lin COA
Jonathon J. Long Diploma
Kyle Leroy Long Diploma
Joseph Allen Lopez Diploma
Josiah Hugh Grahm Bell Lozano Diploma
Kaitlyn M. Lyman Diploma
Jacob Michael Mack Diploma
Robert David MacLauchlan Diploma
Matthew W.Maddox Diploma
Joshua L.Main COC
Cheyenne Rachelle Maldonado Diploma
Marian J.Malvini Diploma
Bailee C. Mann Diploma
Brianna Rae Marlow Diploma
Angelle Rose Martin Diploma
Joshua Roy Martin Diploma
Taylor Nicole Martin Diploma Gold State Valedict
Jezyka Elyzabeth McCabe Diploma
Matthew L.McKelroy Diploma
Joseph P.McMillan Diploma
Colton Lewis McTeer Diploma
Courtney Lynn McTeer Diploma
Megan C.Mellin Diploma
Mariah Jean Mendoza Diploma
Julia Nicole Menzies Diploma
Malissa Briana Menzies Diploma
Christopher J.Minhas Diploma
Olivia Nicole Misthes Diploma
Nicole Carla Mognaga Diploma
Cory S.Monteer Diploma
Brock Elam Montgomery Diploma ILC
Kenneth L. Moody Diploma
Jamie K. Mullin Diploma
Jessica L. Mullin Diploma Midterm
David S. Myers COC
Jesse Marie Myers Diploma
Brandon R.Norris Diploma
Trisha Jasmine Palacios Diploma
Bradley David Palmer Diploma Gold State
Kristenn Noell Panzarino Diploma
Montana Ashley Parafin Diploma
Samuel W. Parks V Diploma
Jenee A.Patterson COC
Clayton William Pebley Diploma
Tad Wesley Penrose Diploma
Matthew D.Pesce Diploma
Sarah M. Pesout Diploma Valedict
Joy C.Petersen Diploma Midterm
Carissa Cheyenne Nicole Pettinichio Diploma
Angelo Ryan Phillips Diploma
Kayla Joann Porath Diploma
Anthony L.Potter Diploma
Daniel J.Powers Diploma
Tatiana DeFatima Priestley Diploma
Alexis Nicole Pruden Diploma
Cole Robert Przybyla Williams Diploma
Ashley Nicole Rawls Diploma
Kayla LeeAnn Reeder Diploma Valedict
Alec Bracton Reynolds Diploma
Matthew Robert Rife Anderson Diploma
Tessa Louisa Riggio Diploma Valedict
Devin C.Roberts Diploma
Margaret E. Rodriguez Diploma
Matthew Robert Roggow Diploma
Brian Thomas Rutledge Diploma
Lauren San Juan Diploma
David Kristopher Schafer COC
Ashley Nickole Schatzle COC
David R. Schuller Diploma
Ryan Joseph Schwinghammer Diploma
Brittany Lee Scott Diploma
Thomas E. Sherman Diploma
Jeffrey Preston Shields Diploma
Ashley Morgan Skrbec Diploma Gold State Valedict
Daniel Justin Smith Diploma
Juliana Gail Smith Diploma Gold State
Nicole May Smith Diploma
Rachel Rayanne Sparks Diploma Gold State
Pandora Hope Staggs Diploma
Sarah Mae Staudy Diploma
Michael Shell Stephens Diploma
Heather Marie Stevens Diploma
Sara Marie Stevens Diploma
Jason Paul Stewart Diploma Gold State
Dakota A. Stockert Diploma
Dustin James Stout Diploma
David Andrew Stubblefield Diploma
Robert Anthony Sugars Diploma
Meagan K. Sullivan Diploma
Christopher Nathan Tanaka Diploma
Jennelle Anne Taylor Diploma Gold State Valedict
Brian William Terry Diploma
James Paul Thompson Diploma
Krystal Renee` Tonder Diploma
Dominick E. Trapani Diploma
Sara J. Trujillo COC
Benjamin Edward Truman Diploma
Brett D. Turner Diploma
Michael Alexander Urquhart Diploma
Kimberly Marie Valdez Diploma ILC
Daniel R F VanHeiningen Diploma
Camille Brittany VanLier Diploma
Hope Lynn Vargas Diploma
Giovanna Maria Vasile Diploma
Drake Vincent Walker Diploma Gold State
Jennifer Marie Walker Diploma
Shiree Lynn Walker Diploma
Amanda Irene Warden Diploma
Catherine Leanne Watkins Diploma
Dustin James Weatherby Diploma
Micala Mae Raelle Westfall Diploma
Ross P. Wiegel Diploma
Alexander M. Wietrick Diploma
Hannah Jo Wilensky Diploma
Colton Joseph Williams Diploma
Kristine N. Williams Diploma Valedict
Shawn C. Williams Diploma Gold State
Michael Ray Wilson Diploma
Zachary Wayne Winfield Diploma
Scott Jarod Woden Diploma
Brittany Danielle Young Diploma
Jacob Lawrence Young Diploma
Julio Eduardo Zavala Diploma

Congratulations from all of us here at!

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