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Posted by: thepinetree on 06/04/2008 09:38 AM Updated by: Kim_Hamilton on 06/08/2008 09:03 PM
Expires: 01/01/2013 12:00 AM

This Week on "Chef Chat", Executive Chef James Lehman Talks about The 2nd Annual BBQ Competition This Sunday at Ironstone Vineyards!

Murphys, CA....This week on "Chef Chat", Executive Chef James Lehman of Ironstone Vineyards talks about their 2nd Annual BBQ Competition coming up this Sunday, June 8th. The grills are on fire, the smoke is churning, and the meat is sizzling. The 2nd annual Ironstone Vineyards BBQ Competition is hosted and judged by Executive Chef James Lehman. Are you master of the grill? King of the weber? Earn the actual bragging rights by entering into this competition and taking away the prize......

Entry Fee: $25 for one category, $5 for each additional category.

Ironstone Vineyards Rules and regulations 2008:
• A team will consist of one captain and no more than four other team members.
• Check in time for the competition will be at 6 am the day of the event. Teams will be allowed to set up their areas the day prior to the competition. Set up times will be between 4 pm and 8 pm June 7th. Ironstone is not responsible for items left on the property during the night
• Each team will be assigned a 10 X 10 space where all cooking and food preparation must take place.
• All meat products must be brought to the site raw. No pre cooking or pre marinating will be allowed. Meat will be inspected upon check in and must be held at 40 degrees or on ice until cooking time.
• You may use sauces while cooking, but any extra sauce must be placed on the side in a small container at turn in time.
• Cooks are to prepare foods in the most sanitary way possible and are subject to inspection by environmental heath services. Unsafe cooking or food preparation practices will be grounds for disqualification.
• Contestants must provide all cooking material and food products.
• Fires must be made from wood or charcoal. Smokers are allowed. NO GAS GRILLS will be allowed. No holes or open pit cooking will be allowed.
• Teams are allowed to bring a small gas burner for heating sauces.
• “Blind” judges, of whom there will be 9, three for each category, will do judging. Ironstone Vineyards will provide the container to place each contestants finished product in at turn in time. Each team will be given a random number, which will then be placed on the container at turn in time. Judges will not know which teams are assigned to theses numbers.
• Each team must turn in a total of 10 portions of each meat type to the judge’s panel. A portion will consist of 1 rib, one bit sized slice of brisket and pork butt.
• All recipes used should be original and not come from any cookbook.
• All team members must act in a courteous and professional manner throughout the BBQ Competition. Any team that does not comply with this rule will be disqualified.
Competition categories
• Best of beef Brisket
• Best of Pork baby back Ribs
• Best of Pork butt
• Viewers choice, best of team display
Judging: the following criteria will be used to judge all meats
• Flavor
• Tenderness
• Appearance
• Aroma
• Doneness
Judging Criterion:
Judging will be based on a point scale of 1 to 5. The team with the most points at the end of judging will be deemed the winner of that category.
5 Excellent
4 Very Good
3 Good
2 Acceptable
1 Not acceptable
Judging Times:
Beef Brisket = 3:30pm
Pork Baby Back Ribs = 2:30 pm
Pork Butt = 3:00 pm
Equipment supplied by Ironstone Vineyards:
• Steel drums for ash disposal
• Garbage Cans, each team will receive one.
• Container for final cooked food at turn in time.
Entrants are responsible for:
• Tables
• Grills
• Smokers
• Decorations
• Fuel for BBQ
• All food stuffs
• Cleaning up area after contest
• First place in each meat cooking category: Gift certificate for one case Ironstone Vineyards core wine & $100
• First place – viewers choice, best team display: Gift certificate for 6 bottles of Ironstone Core wines.
• There will be breakfast pastry items and coffee for sale from 6am until 8 am on June 8th.
• Decorate your areas!! There is a viewer’s choice award for best-decorated area.
• Beer and wine will be for sale during the competition.
• You can let the public test your BBQ creations during the competition.
• There will be a raffle open to everyone for a new BBQ and other BBQ Items.

Chef James always welcomes your comments and questions, so feel free to as away in our Comments section!

If you are on a Mac, Slower Connection or a Windows Mobile Phone Click Here!

The comments are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for its content. We value free speech but remember this is a public forum and we hope that people would use common sense and decency. If you see an offensive comment please email us at

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