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Posted by: thepinetree on 04/09/2008 01:55 PM Updated by: Kim_Hamilton on 04/12/2008 11:09 AM
Expires: 01/01/2013 12:00 AM

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors Meeting Video and Summary for 4/8/08

San Andrea, CA...Yesterday's 3 1/2 hour Board of Supervisors meeting is ready for you viewing pleasure now. This video includes the morning session with the Parents of the Year Awards and also the afternoon study sessions on Ag Land. Video and Summary are enclosed. Enjoy...


PRESENT: Steve Wilensky, Chair; Russell Thomas, Vice-Chair; Bill Claudino, Thomas Tryon & Merita Callaway, Supervisors; David Sirias, Assistant
County Counsel; Shirley Ryan, Administration; and Carol Gates, Supervising Board Clerk

ABSENT: James Jones, County Counsel; Robert Lawton, County Administrative Officer


MINUTES of a regular Board of Supervisors meeting held on March 25, 2008 - Board action: approved 5-0
CORRESPONDENCE: March 21-27, 2008 - Board action: approved, as processed, 5-0
RESOLUTION honoring Matthew William Maddox upon earning the rank of Eagle Scout: Supervisor Claudino - Board action: approved 5-0
RESOLUTION honoring Anthony L. Potter upon earning the rank of eagle Scout; Supervisor Claudino - Board action: approved 5-0
MINUTE ORDER authorizing the Health Services Agency Director to sign the Medi-Cal Provider Application and Medi-Cal Provider Agreement to enroll the Public Health Department in the Medi-Cal Program; Public Health - Board action: approved 5-0
RESOLUTION approving application, and acceptance of funds, in the amount of $174,926.00, for the California Department of Boating and Waterways to fund the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department Marine Safety Unit for FY 08/09; Sheriff - Board action: approved 5-0
RESOLUTION authorizing the disability retirement of Keith Anenson; Human Resources - Board action: approved 5-0
RESOLUTION authorizing the Lynn Park Acres Community Services District to change their annual audit to a quinquennial audit; Auditor-Controller - Board action: approved 5-0
MINUTE ORDER authorizing Board Chair to sign Standard Agreement 07-0821 with CDFA on behalf of Calaveras County - Light Brown Apple Moth; Department of Agriculture - Board action: approved 5-0
RESOLUTION waiving certain fees of the Environmental Management Agency for Habitat for Humanity; Environmental Management Agency - Board action: approved 5-0
MINUTE ORDER authorizing a BUDGET ADJUSTMENT transferring funds in the amount of $49,135 from Designated Fund 54790000 to the Airport Budget to fund repairs to be a section of the Airport Access Road, Carol Kennedy Drive; Administration (requires 4/5 vote) - Board action: approved 5-0
MINUTE ORDER authorizing the distribution of $16,500 District 4 Supervisor discretionary funds to Murphys Community Club, Feeney Park Foundation, Douglas Flat Post Office, Murphys Branch Library and the Angels Camp Branch Library; Supervisor Tryon/Administration - Board action: approved 5-0

04/08/2008 SUMMARY

13. PUBLIC COMMENTS: Kelly Wright, Murphys, CA, member of the Murphys Cemetery District Board, suggested a once a year joint get-together with all cemetery districts, and the County Supervisors, to discuss problems, solutions and various matters of interest. Mr. Wright further announced a candidates night this evening, 7:00 p.m., in Murphys at the Native Sons Hall, sponsored by the Mountain Chronicle.
Lynette Norfolk, Treasurer-Tax Collector, as a courtesy announcement, informed that Thursday, April 10, 2008 is the due date for the 2nd installment of property taxes.
Marti Crane, Valley Springs, CA announced that Thursday, April 10th is the day that Superman came to earth.
Michael A. Bottoni, San Andreas, CA, read into the record a letter addressed to Sheriff Dennis Downum, dated April 7, 2008 regarding the revocation of a Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit.
Joe Kelly, San Andreas, CA spoke regarding the ramifications of Measure J and AB900 funding. He questioned who is responsible for the formulating of jail construction costs.
Sheriff Dennis Downum, invited Joe Kelly to stop by the Sheriff’s Office, and he will be glad to share with him all AB900 and Measure J information. Sheriff Downum stated Mr. Kelly is more than welcome to review all documents regarding the entire process.
Larry Cornish, Mark Twain St.Joseph’s Hospital, gave a monthly update of hospital happenings including: the Public Health Career Day; Doctor’s week; Public Health Week; hospital recruitments; the April 19, 2008 Festival of Wines; May 2, 2008 the Take to Heart luncheon at Ironstone; the May 14th opening of the County Fair and Cowboy Kid’s Day; announced that Carmen’s, the Hospital’s cafeteria, now has a hot-line (209-754-2468).
14. PRESENTATION of awards to parents nominated for their leadership skills and outstanding work with children in our County's Prevent Child Abuse - Calaveras County; Prevent Child Abuse/Calaveras Council – awards were presented by the Supervisors to Brandon Stonecypher, Joe and Anna Gates, Sisene Strehl, Ann Wathen, Denise Mote, Dave and Jean Hector, Hal and Janice Dillashaw, Mary Leers, LaDonna Kuderer, Elizabeth Byrns, Samantha Hamilton Esperanza “ESPI” Jiminez, Carmen Olavarrieta and Michael and Joanne Schwinghammer. Chair Wilensky recognized Arlene Garland and Tammy Beilstein, for their dedication and outstanding service to the community.
15. Discussion and possible action re: RESOLUTION declaring April 7-11, 2008 as Public Health Week in Calaveras County – Board action: approved 5-0. Jeanne Boyce, Public Health Director, recognized her staff, referred to a student poster contest; and announced a community health walk this Friday. Dr. Dean Kelata, County Health Officer, informed that the theme for this year’s Public

04/08/2008 SUMMARY

Health Week, is “Healthy Persons and Healthy Communities”, and is a part of the national healthy persons 2010 project. Dr. Kelata stated the theme for the public health walk, scheduled for this week, Friday the 11th, is “Move Your Feet, After You Eat”. Certificates were presented to winners of the poster contest as follows: Dylan Byrd from Mokelumne Hill (the overall winner), Jessica Gregg/Copperopolis; Makayla Diana Rose Hoyopatubbi/Jenny Lind, Grace Norwood/Mokelumne Hill, Twyla Smith/Railroad Flat, Katie Castillo/San Andreas, and Elizabeth Brant/West Point.
16. Review of correspondence, reports and various matters of concern. a) Supervisor Tryon announced that he will be attending a meeting with the City of Angels this afternoon for a discussion on large volume retail.
b) Supervisor Thomas will attend the City of Angels meeting this afternoon; tomorrow morning, a CCWD meeting to request assistance on various irrigation projects in Copperopolis followed by a Jail Committee meeting; Thursday, a meeting in Angels Camp regarding a branding program; Friday, a Mountain Counties Water Resources meeting in Sonora.
c) Supervisor Callaway will attend the Jail Committee meeting tomorrow; a Debt Advisory Committee meeting; will participate in the health walk on Friday; will be a judge at a 4H event on Saturday followed by the Calaveras Follies that evening.
d) Supervisor Claudino will attend a Mountain Valley Emergency Medical Services meeting in Amador County on Wednesday; and a Court of Honor on Saturday at the Valley Springs Veterans Hall.
e) Chair Wilensky will be in attendance at a Glencoe Community Plan meeting this evening; Wednesday, a meeting regarding a West Point community fire district situation; Thursday, a Mountain Ranch Community Plan meeting; Friday, will participate in the health walk; spoke of going to Washington DC last week, along with Undersheriff Walker, to meet with various legislative representatives – will report to the Board at next week’s Board meeting regarding said meetings.
f) Shirley Ryan, Administration, referred to this week’s Debt Advisory meeting; informed that the 3rd quarter financial report will be agendized for April 22, 2008.
17. CLOSED SESSION: CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS: pursuant to Government Code section 54956.8; Property APN 44-011-039; Agency negotiator; Brent Harrington or alternate to be determined; Negotiating party: Ken and Helene Winebrenner, Trustees et al.; Under negotiation: instruction to negotiator regarding potential purchase, price, financing options; County Counsel/Administration - Board action: cancelled
18. A study session was held re: Common Grounds/Area 12 Meals Program. Elizabeth Thompson, Executive Director of Common Ground Senior Services, and Linda Zach, Executive Director of Area 12 Agency on Aging, presented information

04/08/2008 SUMMARY

on programs administered by their agencies on behalf of Calaveras County, i.e. Home Delivered Meals. Ms. Thompson stated that Common Grounds had implemented the changes to the Home Delivered Meals program and that she should be able to maintain the current level of service for the remainder of FY 2007/08 with no additional funding from the County. She requested that the Board, maintain a line item in the County budget of $15,000 for the Home Delivered Meals Program. The Board directed the Administrative Office to include this for consideration at proposed budget and invited Ms. Thompson and Ms. Zach to return at proposed budget with updated information and their respective requests. The Board also directed the Administrative Office to look at other sources of funding, such as CDBG monies to fund the $15,000. The Board also asked Ms. Thompson to look into coordinating services with other entities such as CalWORKs and IHSS Public Authority.
19. A study session was held requesting Board direction for possible amendments to Title 14 Section 14.02.010 and 14.02.100 of the Calaveras County Code, Ag Lands and Operations, and Dispute Resolution.

_____/s/ Karen Varni____________
County Clerk and Ex-Officio Clerk
to the Board of Supervisors of the
County of Calaveras, State of Calif.

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