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Sunday, Jan 20
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Monday, Jan 21
All Day Huge Moving Sale Going On Now at Independent Mercantile!
Tuesday, Jan 22
05:00 PM Chili Tuesdat Fundraiser for Mountain Melody
05:00 PM The January 22, 2019 CUSD Board Meeting Agenda
06:45 PM Valley Springs' Rachelle Snitchler to Speak at Toastmaster's Open House, January 22nd
Wednesday, Jan 23
05:00 PM MTUSD Board Holding Study Session on January 23rd
Friday, Jan 25
05:30 PM Friday Night Music at Alchemy
Saturday, Jan 26
11:00 AM Town Tours of Columbia State Historic Park Every Weekend!
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Sunday, Jan 27
11:00 AM Town Tours of Columbia State Historic Park Every Weekend!
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All Day Agritourism Intensive class
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05:30 PM Friday Night Music at Alchemy
Saturday, Feb 2
08:00 AM Firefighters Pancake Breakfast
All Day Agritourism Intensive class
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Posted by: thepinetree on 12/10/2018 11:44 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 12/10/2018 11:45 PM
Expires: 12/10/2028 12:00 AM

Demo on Creating Living Art in Bonsai

San Andreas, CA...Vince Owyoung has been growing, designing and styling bonsai trees for more than 50 years. Over that time, he has developed his own creative skills and talents in transforming simple plants into works of living art. In addition to leading workshops at various area clubs and at California Shohin Society seminars, he is also a member of four Northern California bonsai clubs.

Mother Lode Bonsai Club’s free public presentation will be conducted by Owyoung on Saturday, January 5 at the San Andreas Central Library, 1299 Gold Hunter Road (off Mountain Ranch Road) in San Andreas. His demonstration that immediately follows the 9:00 a.m. monthly meeting will be on a Juniper prostrata, which will be raffled afterwards.

In addition, club mentors will hold a hands-on workshop. There is no charge but participants must provide their own soil, pots, tools and a table covering. It is an opportunity for assistance with repotting and developing bonsai trees.

Regardless of levels of experience, all are invited to learn more about this popular hobby. Mother Lode Bonsai Club members come from Amador, Calaveras and Tuolumne counties, as well as the central valley. For more information, contact Richard McKinstry at  (209) 288-2330 or go online to

Event occurs on 01/05/2019 from 09:00 AM to .

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Posted on: 2018-12-11 06:40:08   By: Anonymous

MAGA2020 #RemoveAllDemocrats2020 #NeverVoteDemocrat #RemoveEveryRino2020 #RemoveAllSocialists2020

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2018-12-11 16:16:05   By: Anonymous


    [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2018-12-12 05:54:02   By: Anonymous

    Obama Was Never ‘Squeaky Clean:’ Fined $375,000 for Campaign Finance Violations, One of Largest in History

    One of the favorite talking points of the acolytes of the Church of St. Barack is that the holy one never got himself involved in a scandal during his eight years in the White House. In fact, the holy one is often fond of repeating it himself.
    “We didn’t have a scandal that embarrassed us,” he said during an appearance at MIT earlier this year. There were certainly blunders, he conceded, “but there wasn’t anything venal in eight years.”
    You didn’t come for a book-length rant on just how wrong that statement is, although I could certainly write one. Perhaps there was a Freudian slip at play there; there were certainly scandals — Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Obamacare website, Lois Lerner, Solyndra, the VA — but he didn’t let himself be embarrassed by them and refused to let the disciples in his inner circle feel a twinge of mortification. Being the holy one means never having to say you’re sorry.
    While all of these scandals still deserves examination even though Obama is no longer in office, I’d like to look at one in particular: One of the largest fines in campaign finance violation history.
    In 2013, Obama’s 2008 campaign was hit with a $375,000 fine for campaign reporting violations, according to Politico.


    [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2018-12-11 08:04:37   By: Anonymous
That's a weed where's the roundup.

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2018-12-11 08:17:38   By: Anonymous

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2018-12-11 08:18:29   By: Anonymous

      Democrats and flatlanders ruin everything! Including this once great country!

      [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2018-12-12 21:02:37   By: Anonymous
        Let's see. Flatlanders (mostly Democrats) control 90% of the nation's wealth and account for 99% of the GDP growth in this country. Trailer trash in Calaveras account for -12% of the nation's GDP.

        Go figure

        [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2018-12-11 08:58:15   By: Anonymous
      "Hillary keeps lying...."

      Take off your blinders. Trump lies an average of 8 times a day by recent count. The Washington Post fact checkers had to create a new category of lies for Trump (bottomless lies = same lies told more than 20 times).

      And now Trump is essentially named (as Individual 1) as a (so far) unindicted co-conspirator in a campaign finance felony. Actually it looks like Mueller and the NY feds will take down the whole criminal Trump family.

      And, of course, come January the House will be in Democratic hands and the Trump family will get the whole full press investigation. Just like the GOP treated Hillary with e-mails and Benghazi investigations. The GOP found nothing they could pin on Hillary but I'm betting the Trump family will go down on tax fraud and money laundering in addition to whatever Mueller and the NY feds pin on them.

      Why you continue to try to defend Trump when he isn't even a good Republican I will never understand. Since when to Republicans champion tariffs and increasing deficits?

      [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2018-12-11 09:12:26   By: Anonymous
        Anyone who follows/believes/votes for Trump is a brain dead heaver. You won't admit it, but that is what you are, a brain dead heaver. Wear it.

        [Reply ]

        Re: "Hillary keeps lying...."
        Posted on: 2018-12-11 11:13:02   By: Anonymous

        [Reply ]

          Posted on: 2018-12-11 11:13:36   By: Anonymous
          Re: "Hillary keeps lying...."

          [Reply ]

          Re: "Hillary keeps lying...."
          Posted on: 2018-12-11 11:30:04   By: Anonymous

          Just like any other Democrap avoiding answering the question with redirects and lies!

          Way to go Democraps keep spreading the lies and hate!


          TRUMP 2020!

          [Reply ]

            Re: "Hillary keeps lying...."
            Posted on: 2018-12-11 11:53:19   By: Anonymous

            [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2018-12-11 11:21:32   By: Anonymous
Does he have a miniature Stihl saw & a mini-splitter?

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2018-12-11 12:55:33   By: Anonymous
    Nah, just little hands. Remember when he said he didn't have Cohen pay Stormy. Yup me too, but yesterdays tweet says that all payments were done legally and you people still believe in him. Want to buy a used car?

    [Reply ]

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