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Call to Order
Roll Call
1. Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 (d)(1): conference with legal counsel re: existing litigation: County of Calaveras v. Pacific Gas & Electric Company, et al., San Francisco County Superior Court Case No. CGC-18-564465; Board action:
2. Conference with legal counsel; anticipated litigation – significant exposure to litigation, (two cases) pursuant to Government Code section 54956.9 (d)(2); Board action:
Pledge of Allegiance
This is a time for board members and County staff to provide updates of upcoming County events that may be of interest to the public.
3. Proclaim the week of October 14 through 20, 2018 as Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week in Calaveras County.
document Proclamation Printout
a. Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week Proclamation
b. Flyer
4. Authorize the Board Chair to sign an agreement between the County Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for Light Brown Apple Moth Detection for fiscal year 2018-19 in the total amount of $1,979.76 and find the project categorically exempt from CEQA.
document Action Item Printout
a. LBAM Agreement 18-19
b. NOE for LBAM
5. Adopt a Resolution authorizing the Assessor to sign the Application for Open Space Subvention/Open Space Subvention Act Survey from the State of California under the Open Space Subvention Act for 2018/19 and subsequent years.
document Resolution Printout
6. Approve Blanket Purchase Orders for Calaveras Auto Supply in an amount not to exceed $95,000; George Reed, Inc. in an amount not to exceed $565,000, HOLT of California in an amount not to exceed $95,000, Hunt and Sons in an amount not to exceed $155,000; and Valley Pacific Petroleum in an amount not to exceed $65,000 for the period of July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.
document Action Item Printout
7. Uphold the Administrative Citation issued to Cilenti Bee Et Al in case #1671 regarding 475 Gold Ct., San Andreas, authorizing County abatement and a lien for administrative and abatement costs.
document Action Item Printout
a. Exhibit A NOV
b. Exhibit B 2nd NOV
c. Exhibit C Citation
d. Exhibit D 06-13-2018 Photos
e. Exhibit E 07-27-2018 Photos
f. Exhibit F 09-04-2018 Photos
g. Exhibit G 09-21-2018 Photos
8. Adopt a Resolution authorizing the County Administrative Officer, Deputy County Administrative Officer and the Director of Emergency Services to apply for funding in the amount of $134,112 for the fiscal year 2018-19 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG), and authorize the submittal of any applications or amendments thereto with the State of California for the purposes of securing the grant opportunity.
document Resolution Printout
9. Adjust the FY 18-19 budget to cover refunds from the MCCR Designated Fund in the amount of $940,043. This budget adjustment requires a 4/5th vote of the Board.
document Action Item Printout
a. Budget Transfer
10. Adopt a Resolution establishing updated Facility Use Rates, Fees, & Charges for use of land and facilities at the Maury Rasmussen Field - Calaveras County Airport, effective October 1, 2018. This requires a 4/5th vote of the Board.
document Resolution Printout
a. Exhibit A Airport Lease Rate Schedule Effective October 1, 2018
11. Make required finding of public benefit and approve a lease between Calaveras County (lessor) and Calaveras County Arts Council (lessee) for office space located at 22 Main Street, San Andreas, CA, for a term of four (4) years commencing on June 1, 2018 through May 31, 2022 in the amount of $100 per month ($1,200/Annually).
document Action Item Printout
a. Arts Council Lease
b. Legal Notice
12. Authorize the Purchasing Agent to advertise for bids, or dispense with formal competitive bidding in accordance with Government Code Section §25502.7; and execute Purchase Orders or Contracts, in amounts up to $250,000, in accordance with FEMA, CalOES, and local procurement guidelines, or up to whatever amounts are budgeted within various disaster budgets for the acquisition of goods, supplies, equipment rentals, and services necessary for expedited completion of projects associated with Butte Fire and Winter Storm Emergency Disaster Events/Declarations.
document Action Item Printout
13. Adopt a Resolution continuing a Local State of Emergency on Tree Mortality.
document Resolution Printout
a. 10.30.15_Tree_Mortality_State_of_Emergency
14. Adopt a Resolution continuing a Local State of Emergency for the removal of hazardous trees caused by the Butte Fire with the imminent threat of severe winter weather.
document Resolution Printout
15. Adopt a Resolution continuing a Local State of Emergency for the winter storm damage from extreme weather events that began on January 7, 2017 through the month of February 2017.
document Resolution Printout
a. OES Director LSoE
16. Adopt a Resolution continuing the Local State of Emergency for the Butte Fire.
document Resolution Printout
a. Original Declaration
17. Authorize the Board Chair and Deputy Director of Public Works to execute a Cooperative Agreement with Caltrans to provide quality assurance and oversight services for the development of the Plans, Specifications, and Estimate (PS&E) for the State Route 4 Wagon Trail Realignment Project.
document Non Resolution Agreement Printout
a. Cooperative Agreement
18. Authorize the Board Chair to sign the First Amendment Agreement with Amador County for the confinement of inmates at the Calaveras County Jail for a period of one year at a daily rate of $85/day (Maximum Potential Revenue: $186,150/Annum).
document Action Item Printout
a. First Amendment Amador County Inmate Confinement Agreement
19. Approve the Calaveras County 457 Deferred Compensation Plan Statement of Investment Policies and Guidelines.
document Action Item Printout
a. Statement of Investment Policies and Guidelines - May 2018
20. Introduce and waive reading of an Ordinance reorganizing the Calaveras County Fish & Game Commission membership as recommended by the Clerk of the Board and the Fish & Game Commission; and receive the Commission's 2018 Annual Report.
document Action Item Printout
a. 2017 F&G Annual Report
b. 20131210o3025
c. Proposed Ordinance Revision
21. Appointment of applicants to serve on various Committees, Commissions, Advisory Boards and County Service Areas.
document Action Item Printout
a. 20171107 Annual Vacancy List
In compliance with AB1234, chaptered as Government Code Section 53232.3(d), Board members shall provide brief reports on meetings they attended at the expense of the local agency at the next regular meeting of the legislative body. This report is required to include meetings attended for which there has been expense reimbursement (mileage, meals, lodging, etc.), but may also, at the Board members discretion, include any other meeting attended by the Supervisor on behalf of the County.