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01:30 PM Mountain Melody Presents: "Winter Magic"
All Day Looking Over the President's Shoulder
07:00 PM Looking Over the President’s Shoulder at MCT December 1-17th
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All Day Holiday Festival of Wines and Murphys Open House
All Day Yoga - Gentle Flow
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Posted by: thepinetree on 11/10/2017 08:06 AM Updated by: thepinetree on 11/10/2017 08:06 AM
Expires: 01/01/2022 12:00 AM

Traffic Hazard....Metal in the Roadway Near High Road and Twain Harte Drive

Twain Harte, CA...Traffic Hazard....Metal in the Roadway Near High Road and Twain Harte Drive. Please use caution in the area...

Incident: 00055 Type: Traffic Hazard Location: High Rd / Twain Harte Dr Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 38.022587 -120.245411 Close
Detail Information
7:45 AM 2 [3] 1039 CO ROADS
Unit Information
7:46 AM 2 Unit Assigned
7:46 AM 1 Unit Enroute

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Carl Stoughton's post is gone?
Posted on: 2017-11-10 08:16:43   By: Anonymous
What happened to Carl's post? Sounded like he was on a real bender? Here, I saved it.

"The Board is Too Dumb and Too Scared to Solve the Cannabis Issue: Put the Ban and ALL the Supervisors on the June Ballot. By Carl Stoughton

West Point, CA...Mr. Tofanelli scrawled a line in the sand saying that he “favored a ban” and would not vote for anything that did not contain the list of regulatory obligations that he wanted to foist upon County departments and burdens he wanted to impose on business owners in the industry. Some folks have heralded this as a sign of the “compromise” to come - I don't know what they're smoking . . . . By way of biblical analogy, this "compromise" cut the baby in half, lit it on fire, and through it out the window with the bath water!

Throughout the course of this “article” I’ll be using the word “ban” to refer to both an outright ban and Tofanelli’s proposals, because it is actually also just a ban (it’s actually much worse than a ban because it’s not as clean - it will cause a confused lumbering calamity that defunds the sheriff and all other County instrumentalities of enforcement and perpetuates the job killing economic instability that has existed in the County since the new Board took their thrones).

Oliviera said at the last meeting that he hadn't made up his mind about what to do with the pot issue even as they were minutes away from a vote on the ban. (How is that possible?) However, earlier in the summer, he said that he wanted the voters to decide. THAT IS THE BEST IDEA ANYONE HAS HAD!

The Board is not competent to make grown up decisions. PUT THE BAN ON THE BALLOT and let the pot farmers put up a competing measure if they want to! Asking this board of supervisors to come up with "reasonable" regulation is like asking a rabid possum to do long division! This Board of supervisors is the worst we’ve had in living memory, possibly the worst in the history of the County. Their dithering ineptitude is truly stupefying! It would be funny if it were not so tragic. Small business owners, contractors, restaurant owners, as well as County employees will all lose their jobs if the Tofanelli, Mills, and Clapp have their way. Why am I lumping Tofanelli with wing-nuts Mills and Clapp? Because he’s just as reckless, incompetent, and oblivious to the consequences of his decisions.

In proposing this "compromise" Supervisor Tofaneli has made it clear that he is unconcerned about harming working people in every sector of the Calaveras County; a ban is certainly not pro-business. These three stooges do not want a ban because they are fiscal conservatives, or defecit hawks, or because they're pro-business, they're just scared stupid and think that the zealous idiots in the peanut gallery at board meetings are representative of the County at large - they're not.

They aren’t proposing a ban because they want enforcement or because they’re concerned about public safety or the watershed. According to testimony by the sheriff and the building director they spent close to $1 million each eradicating about 200 black market grows (only 1,000 more to go - keep up the good work!). That’s an unsustainable level of expenditure unless the $$$$ (Greenbacks!) can come from somewhere. What's the plan?! There is no plan.

We know that Clyde Clapp is an imbecilic kook who couldn't comprehend the sporting news or a weather report, let alone understand a budget. That putz shouldn't be allowed to drive a short-bus let alone run a county (what were the voters thinking?!?! How did this catastrophe happen?!)

Mills is a fraud who has misrepresented his resume to the public - corporate executive?! my foot! he installed appliances for Sears and worked at Denny's before deciding he needed to bring his expertise to County Government. TOTAL FRAUD! His delusions about his budgetary acumen should be terrifying to anyone who cares about public safety, health services, libraries, meals on wheels, transportation and infrastructure, or anything else for that matter. His delusional incompetence is a clear and present danger to the functioning of County Government. On top of being a demented egomaniac, he's mean, he's vindictive, he only wants power just to have power. I'm no head shrinker, but here's my best guess about how he thinks of himself: He's been bossing bus boys and fry cooks and fixing toasters for years - all the while, suffering with the knowledge that no one knew of his hidden genius and secret talents. Well now that he's let his little light shine the truth is out! He's a complete jackass!

Listen up Mills: You weren't a secret genius after all kid, you're a buffoon who doesn't know what he doesn't know. You're an IGNORAMIAC! That's an ignoramus who thinks he knows everything and has a burning desire to strut his mastery of all subjects! . . . .

The problem is that people have been polite to him for too long. He talks and talks and people nod and smile and only express their dismay at his idiocy behind his back (like polite people do) so the poor man doesn’t know that he’s a damned idiot.

Now radical right winger Mills expects us to believe ENVIRONMENTALIST NOW! Wow! What a farce! What a jackass! What a clown! Time to pull the plug fruit-cake! Go home! I am worried, concerned, even perturbed that I have not yet heard about a recall campaign to get this petulant nincompoop away from levers of power.

So here’s our line-up: Clapp the befuddled lunatic. We’ve got Mills the mean-spirited ignoramiac fraud. We’ve got Oliviera who is so politically courageous and decisive that he hasn’t made up his mind even as the Board was about to vote on a ban. We’ve got Garamendi who inspires so much confidence his people are recalling him, and that brings us to Tofanelli.

Tofaneli is supposed to be a "common sense" and "pro business" guy (his campaign promises involved economic growth), now he's all about big government interference with businesses. His “regulations” make Jerry Brown look like a libertarian AND they don't accomplish anything except pile more senseless work on underpaid and overstretched county staff who will have to carry out this absurd and unmanageable/doomed to fail “regulatory” ban. Soil samples?! County approved laboratories? While you're at it, check and double check that farmers’ socks match. Mostly what he wants the County to do is stuff that the other agencies are already doing! More layers of government bureaucracy! Great idea. By the way, growing plants out of the ground does not pose life-safety issues like building steel buildings does. The industries are not comparable.

It's clear that Tofaneli is not really a pro-business conservative, it also seems clear that he doesn't have any real principles at all. I can only guess that he ran for office just to feel important, because it's obviously not because he wants to accomplish anything in particular. Good job Gary, you're the big man on campus now – now that you’re captain of the football team, perhaps you can date a cheerleader!

Because Tofaneli has no principles or political courage, because Oliviera can’t make his mind up, because Clapp is a mindless vandal, Mills is a blind, hypocritical, fraudulent zealot and because Garamendi has been sent to sit in the corner by his constituents, the only way out of this is to PUT THE BAN ON THE BALLOT! While we’re at it, LET’S PUT THE BOARD ON THE BALLOT! RECALL THEM ALL!

There is a zero percent chance that Tofanelli's "compromise" will result in reasonable regulation. This half -baked BS pandering to a small minority of fanatical numb-skulls hurts everyone and destroys jobs and blows up the budget. If the economic impact study from UOP was HALF RIGHT then our dumb-ass Board just cost the economy $175 million dollars. If it's all right, he'll cost the county economy $350 million dollars. That's a lot of jobs, that money out of the pockets of our working families in every sector of the economy.

REMEMBER JACKASS: the Nancy Reagan type retirees who have no stake in the outcome of this controversy are the only ones you’re pleasing – they don’t have jobs! They don’t need jobs!

People talk about children’s access to marijuana and the “message” we’re sending our kids. Look, kids can currently get all the drugs they want right here in Calaveras County, WHAT THEY CAN’T GET ARE JOBS WHEN THEY GRADUATE FROM HIGHSCHOOL. Also, we have an amazing number of kids that are on the free lunch program, more that should be, and many that are just plain mal-nourished. This is a poor County. When you kill jobs you take away money from people that they would use to buy food and clothes for their children. Tofanelli, Mills, and Clapp don’t care about children.

The Board is loaded down with job killers. They’ve made it quite clear they don't care if people can feed their families or not so long as there's an unenforceable ordinance against growing dope. Maybe if I huff some more glue this will make sense to me.

Tofanelli’s "compromise" will result in a wagon load full of lawsuits from all the growers that are put out of business. They're only going to be mad because you made it impossible to make money for their families and wiped out their investments. Other than that, they shouldn't have any problem with what is going on. They want revenge and why wouldn’t they? They’ve dealt with a bunch of capricious, vindictive, imbeciles for the last year.

If you're going to ban it at least admit that you want to ban it! Put it on the damn ballot so voters are to blame rather than the County! All your tinkering with a jack-ass fake "regulatory" rules will come to nothing. It will never become the law! It'll get tangled up in the Courts and choke to death.

THE BOARD IS TOO DUMB AND TOO COWARDLY TO DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE. If they try it'll be settled in Court anyway after a long period of total pandemonium (and lawyers getting rich). PUT YOUR BAN ON THE BALLOT and get back to fixing our damn roads and taking care of ordinary county business. Fix the roads, provide for public safety and the general welfare"

[Reply ]

    Re: Carl Stoughton's post is gone?
    Posted on: 2017-11-11 20:44:00   By: Anonymous
    Me thin you are confused amigo. Are you stoned?

    [Reply ]

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