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Posted by: thepinetree on 04/26/2016 08:59 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 04/26/2016 09:20 PM
Expires: 01/01/2021 12:00 AM

Glory Hole Fishing Report, Guide Report & Federation Tournament Results

Angels Camp, CA...We would like to thank everyone who came out on Saturday, April 23rd 2016 for our Grand Re-Opening Event. It turned out to be a good day, nice weather and a store full of great people. We gave out well over a 1000-dollars in raffle prizes and everyone left with a smile. Special thanks to all our guest speakers and guides who helped donate prizes and offered priceless fishing knowledge. We look forward to making this an annual event.

ghsban12_6_6_7 5381fffe-d366-47e8-95a0-a22e9f7c39f8
Glory Hole Sports Big Fish of the Week goes to Earl and Tyler Natirass.  They caught a limit of trout and koknaee and their largest trout weighed 1-pound, 4-ounces.  They used hoochies and slindblades near the dam to find their luck. 

Fishing Report

Water Conditions: New Melones Lake is currently holding 637,441 acre-feet of water. The lake level dropped one foot this past week. It is currently at 885 ft. above sea level and 200 ft. from full. The water clarity is clear in most of the lake. There is some debris floating on the surface. The water temperature is gradually rising, with the average being 62-70 degrees. The dam area is still buoyed off. Glory Hole Point boat launch is a two lane concrete ramp with a courtesy dock in place.

Trout: Good. The trout bite has really picked up in the last couple of months. There are plenty of nice rainbows in the main lake over deep water. The lake level came up almost 100' since December and the fresh water has made trout more comfortable and willing to bite. Boating anglers have been trolling the main lake with downriggers and leadcore line to find success. The trout will be near the surface in the mornings and evenings and drop down to deeper water when the sun is out. Try fishing a top-line first thing, then drop down 15-30' to target them late morning and afternoon. Needlefish, Excels and Speedy Shiners have been working well. A string of flashers trailed by a crawler has also been a good choice. Bank anglers have been having little luck fishing for trout from the shore. Try using a mallow/crawler combo or a live minnow fished under a slip-float.

We do encourage catch and release for the brown trout as The Department of Fish and Game will no longer be planting them. Carefully measure, weigh and photograph trophy fish and send us pictures and information.

Guide Gary Burns caught a limit very healthy kokanee (full report below).

Kokanee: Good. The kokanee bite is on! Most anglers that are fishing for kokanee are catching some chunky 14-15" kokanee and some nice rainbows. The kokanee are not very deep and can be caught in 20-35' of water. One trick to catching the kokanee is to troll at slower speeds. The fish are holding in the main lake near the deepest water. The spillway and the dam have been the most productive areas. Rocky Mountain Slingblades and Glitterbug's teardrop dodgers have been working well. Watermelon, pink, gold and silver are all good choices for blade colors. Behind the blade run a micro hoochie, Uncle Larry's Spinner or Father Murphy's Bug. Pink has been a good color choice and multi-colored baits will appeal to fish in various light conditions. Be sure to add scent to your bait and dyed and scented corn to each hook.

Bass: Good. This is the perfect time of the year to target bass. The weather is nice and the bass will bite all day. The fish are in three different modes, pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn. This means that fish can be caught near the bank and in deep water in many areas of the lake. The bass will stage near main lake coves and creek channels and then move shallow to spawn. Soft plastic baits with a little red flake work well during the spring months. Red seems to agitated the bass when they are near the spawn. Many baits and rigging methods will work, but it is hard to beat a Texas rigged worm when fishing near brush and wood. Try using baby brush hogs, beavers and Senkos. There is a topwater bite in the early morning. Small poppers and walk-the-dog style baits will coax bass to the surface. Reaction type baits will work once the sun comes up. Try fishing soft plastic reaction baits like Zoom Flukes and small swimbaits. PLEASE PRACTICE CATCH AND RELEASE. The spawn is here and many fish are holding eggs. Take photos and carefully release the fish back into to the lake to maintain a healthy fish population for generations to come.

Catfish: Good. The water has warmed to a very optimal temperature for the catfish to become active. Many catfish are moving into shallow water and feeding often throughout the day. Catfish are commonly mistaken as bottom feeders, but they will actually hunt and feed on other fish and creatures much like a bass would. Try using shad or nightcrawlers to offer a presentation they would naturally feed on. Catfish have very poor eyesight and feed by scent as well. Add scent to help the fish locate your bait.

Gary McCoy of Manteca brought in a giant crappie that weighed close to 2-pounds. He caught it on a mini jig out of 15' of water.

Crappie: Great. It has been a great spring and anglers are catching a ton of crappie. To locate the crappie, try fishing in main lake coves near timber. It is best to use a small reaction bait to find where the fish are hanging and then switch to a live minnow to load the boat. Beetle Spins, small square bills and small Rapalas are all good search baits. Use a slip-float to adjust the depth of your presentation. The crappie population is on the rebound so it is best to only keep what you can eat and catch and release the rest for fun.

Guide Report from Take it to the Limit Guide Service

Limits of kokanee are starting to show up on New Melones Lake and they are the biggest I've seen in years for the beginning of the season. Most of the kokanee are between 13" to 141/4" and we have put a few 141/2" in the boat.

We have found the kokanee in the main lake at the dam and we just started hooking them in the spillway. The best depth 27' down to 30' using Uncle Larry's Spinners in pink and blue or orange and copper, Glitterbug's just came out with a new chrome tear drop blade, put one of his tub pink hoochies and that worked great for us this week then top it off with garlic corn. Using the same gear we are also landing some nice trout.

John Redpath and Bob Scruggs and myself put 8 kokanee and 7 bows in the boat on Tuesday, first limit of kokanee this year.

On Thursday Bob Fisher took it to the limit with 4 kokanee and 1 bow he also released 3 bows 2 crappie and 3 bass.

I also went out and put a limit of kokanee in the boat on Sunday up to 141/4"

See ya on the water!

Take it to the Limit Guide Service
Gary Burns (209)559-3349

Tournament Results

The Bass Federation had a tournament on New Melones this last Saturday, April 24th 2016. The anglers reported catching a bunch quick and having to work a bit hard to catch tournament quality fish to upgrade their limit. Many anglers started the day throwing topwater baits and then switched to Senkos and flipping 5" and 6" Senkos and soft plastics throughout the day.

1st Place went to Tim Wells who had a 19.83-pound limit with an 8.66-pound kicker fish. He started the day fishing with topwater and then used Brush Hogs to catch fish once the topwater bite died slowed down.

2nd Place was Archie Steele. He brought 15.96-pounds to the scale with a 7.72-pound kicker fish. He used walk-the-dog baits in the morning and then switched to fishing Senkos near mudlines.

3rd Place went to Ed Pence who had 13.17-pounds. He fished plastic worms shallow to catch his limit of fish.

4th Place went to local angler Bryan Kane. He brought 12.19-pounds to the scale and caught his biggest fish on a wacky rigged Senko.

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No Subject
Posted on: 2016-04-26 21:26:54   By: Anonymous
As a local fisherman, I can only say thank you for all this store has done for our lifestyle and sport over the years!

[Reply ]

I'll never understand it.
Posted on: 2016-04-26 22:57:31   By: Anonymous
Been fishing all my life, streams, lakes, open salt water, but I'd never in a million years ever imagine that a simple wooden board with 5 ceiling hooks would make such a terrific lure!

[Reply ]

    Re: I'll never understand it.
    Posted on: 2016-04-27 05:04:13   By: Anonymous
    The secret is in the special scent Gary rubs on that board...and of course trolling speed and depth.

    [Reply ]

      Re: I'll never understand it.
      Posted on: 2016-04-27 09:40:43   By: Anonymous

      Now do the fish line-up to all be gaffed in the same side up, or what's the deal with that?

      [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2016-04-27 09:55:27   By: Anonymous
The secret to a good glory hole is the type of wood. Also, it ain't about luck but more how you wiggle the worm.

[Reply ]

    Re: Wiggling the worm
    Posted on: 2016-04-27 11:54:41   By: Anonymous
    Now that's funny - that right there

    [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2016-04-28 19:00:08   By: Anonymous
    Oh My

    [Reply ]

Posted on: 2016-10-08 10:40:17   By: Anonymous

[Reply ]

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