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Posted by: thepinetree on 03/21/2016 09:00 AM Updated by: thepinetree on 03/21/2016 09:00 AM
Expires: 01/01/2021 12:00 AM

Commissioner Wooster Misquoted ~ Letter To The Editor By Vicky Reinke

Angels Camp, CA...Commissioner Wooster’s comment is being taken out of context and misrepresented to the public. Mr. Wooster did not say “the term invasive species should include people from Mexico”. It is shameful that the media and the opposition are twisting his words to reflect a different meaning.

I was at the March 3, Planning Commission meeting, and heard the comment that Commissioner Wooster made. It was made in response to a discussion during the review of GP element Conservation and Open Space. This was not the first time that this portion of the general plan was discussed. The section was “Support efforts to eradicate invasive plant species and encourage practices that reduce their spread”. The suggestion was made to remove the term “plant” so the sentence would read “eradicate invasive species” which can include any living thing, including people. That is when Commissioner Wooster made the remark, “including people from Mexico?”, to point out how changing the language could also mean people.

I did not take the comment as being racist at all, only that Commissioner Wooster was concerned about the interpretation of the new wording. Commissioner Wooster explained his remark was due to illegal marijuana growing on private and public lands in Calaveras County by illegal Mexican immigrants employed by Mexican Drug Cartels.

Commissioner Wooster made a very sincere apology to anyone who was offended by his comment. The Board of Supervisors has addressed this incident and it is now time to drop the discussion and let the Planning Commission get back to business for the people of Calaveras County.

Vicky Reinke
Angels Camp

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No Subject
Posted on: 2016-03-21 09:31:32   By: Anonymous
And that's that!! Wooster's comments are a dead issue. Time to put the incident behind us and get on down the road!!

[Reply ]

    Re: "dead issue"
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 13:09:55   By: Anonymous
    Sorry- not a dead issue until Wooster sincerely and truthfully apologizes and takes his medicine. It's obvious from the video that he felt really comfortable making such a nasty comment- he really thought people would agree with him wholeheartedly. THAT'S THE DAMN PROBLEM!
    Here's a radical thought: what if Wooster admits that he really felt that his comment was appropriate, that he's since learned that it was not, that he's an older guy on a learning curve, and that he will give up his salary for a 2 week period and put his money where his mouth is?!

    [Reply ]

      Re: "dead issue"
      Posted on: 2016-03-21 17:58:09   By: Anonymous
      Yeah! He gets paid $125.00
      Give it Commissioner Wooster!

      [Reply ]

      Re: "dead issue"
      Posted on: 2016-03-30 17:23:00   By: Anonymous
      If only everyone would get this fired up about Calaveras County marijuana ordinances, or lack thereof. Pot growers of all colors are making sure their voices are heard so the ordinances that are currently being drafted will favor them. People like you and I are losing our rights and having cannabis cultivation forced upon us and our kids!

      [Reply ]

    Re: insincere apology!
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 13:32:00   By: Anonymous
    "I'm sorry if you were offended" is the classic example of a bad apology. It can be used to sound as if you care, while avoiding any responsibility for the hurt that you caused.

    Wikipedia's entry on "Non-apology apology" says:

    "A non-apology apology is a statement in the form of an apology that is nothing of the sort, a common gambit in politics and public relations. It most commonly entails the speaker saying that he or she is sorry not for a behavior, statement or misdeed, but rather is sorry only because a person who has been aggrieved is requesting the apology, expressing a grievance, or is threatening some form of retribution or retaliation.
    An example of a non-apology apology would be to say "I'm sorry if you were offended by my remarks" to someone who has been offended by a statement. This apology does not admit that there was anything wrong with the remarks made, and, additionally, it subtly insinuates that the person taking offense was excessively thin-skinned or irrational in taking offense at the remarks in the first place."

    [Reply ]

      Re: insincere apology!
      Posted on: 2016-03-22 16:57:08   By: Anonymous
      The Mexican that murdered my Brother never apologized?

      [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2016-03-21 13:40:42   By: Anonymous
    whatever- i am a nurse & in a union & my supervisor made a totally *bleep*ty racist remark last year at a morning meeting- just right out there in front of all of us! probs 1/3 are latinos! she was reprimanded & put on unpaid leave- & then came back to work & we all forgave her & felt her punishment was right. we were nor all pissed off forever cuz she took her lumps gracefully & learned her lesson. she got punished so her apology was sincere!! nobody learns there lesson if nothing happens to them when they do something stupid or mean. from valley springs nurse- irish too!

    [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2016-03-22 16:39:41   By: Anonymous
    They who are with out Sin cast the first Stone. Ya all you Sunday Christians commenting practice what you do on Sundays then afterward go right back into your self centered lives.

    [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2016-03-21 10:18:15   By: Anonymous
Look, everyone understands that Wooster was trying to make a joke, not advance the discussion. It was an offensive joke, and if his apology had simply said that and that he was sorry, I'd have a lot more respect for him.

Mexicans, whether legal or illegal, are not an "invasive species." They are the same species as the rest of us and to state otherwise is both bigoted and stupid. I'm sure most of us have stretched for humor at one time or another and said something we wished we had not said. Mr. Wooster should own up to his actual error and apologize for it. His convoluted "explanation" of trying to achieve clarity in the text reeks of Bill Clinton's "it depends on what the meaning of is is." Come on, Mr. Wooster, is that the company you want to keep?

That the BOS inserted their ham-handed presence into this is just one more expected but disappointing action by that Board of Scoundrels. I expected better from Wooster but the BOS has met my (very low) expectations perfectly. It could only have been better if they had taken a moment to pray for Wooster and all the offended Mexicans (legal only, of course.)

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2016-03-23 18:11:17   By: Anonymous
    Hmmm. My impression was that Wooster asked the question to ridicule bad immigration policies. Make a verbal error at a public event and you are eligible for persecution. Whatever happened to free speech and common decency? Poor Wooster. Since he is not a slick speaker, he will never make it as a politician or con man. He has my sympathy and respect, but his critics have added him to their hate program. The big problem is that to blame is politics. And, to apologize, tolerate or forgive is out of date since bloggers do not have to identify themselves.

    [Reply ]

      Re: "bad immigration policies"
      Posted on: 2016-03-24 11:13:49   By: Anonymous
      A nasty, off-the-cuff snipe at a public Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meeting is not an appropriate place to express ones' fearful views of U.S immigration policy. Mr. Wooster's comment in a public forum were divisive and bigoted. If Mr. Wooster felt an overwhelming need to express his views to the general public, he has had many outlets available: newspaper editorials, letters to the editor, etc. His petty ill-conceived blanket statement about "Mexicans" was foolish and hateful, and the tacit agreement of the BOS even more so....Mr. Wooster and the BOS must represent the entire population of Calaveras county, not just the groups of whom they approve.

      [Reply ]

        Re: "bad immigration policies"
        Posted on: 2016-04-25 20:27:51   By: Anonymous
        Judge not that ye be not judged. Your comment reflects all the faults for which you blame Wooster. He erred but you blamed. Would you sign your name to your comment?

        [Reply ]

Very interesting article from the Union Democrat, 2006:
Posted on: 2016-03-21 12:27:33   By: Anonymous
This is a fascinating article from 2006. Ten long years ago....George Bush was president and we STILL could not have a reasonable discussion in the United States about immigration and undocumented immigrant workers. Mr. Wooster defined the ignorance and willful misunderstanding of people, in Calaveras county and all over the nation, hit hard by the Great Recession.

Issue over immigrant workers hits Lode
archive_import /

Published Apr 7, 2006 at 12:00AM / Updated Aug 23, 2015 at 08:33PM

The immigration debate under way in Washington is hitting home with select Calaveras and Tuolumne county employers.
The immigrant workforce, while not highly visible in the Mother Lode, plays an integral role in industries ranging from agriculture and timber harvesting, to landscaping, construction and tourist trades, say farm, winery and business owners.
A number of immigration reform bills have been floated in Congress in recent weeks, prompting the current debate.
Senate Republicans and Democrats today continued to wrangle over legislation that would open the way to legal status and eventual citizenship for many of the 11 million immigrants now living in the United States illegally.
One bill, which appeared to be sidetracked this morning, would have improved border security, regulated the future flow of immigrants into the country and offered legal status to the millions of men, women and children now in the country unlawfully.
President Bush this morning urged lawmakers to continue working toward a compromise.
"Anyone who wants to work can work, but these people are the ones applying for the jobs I have and they are the ones willing to do the work," said Ronald Amerine, who raises turkeys that he sells to the Sonora-based Diestel Turkey Ranch.
Amerine has four immigrant employees who work and live at his western Tuolumne County ranch. Amerine said that his employees have paperwork showing they are in the country legally, and that he pays payroll taxes on every one of them.
Amerine supports a program that would allow illegal immigrants already holding jobs to stay in the U.S.
"I lean toward them (immigrant workers) because they are drug and alcohol free, they are a better pool of workers and they work hard and work long," said Mary Wilson, who owns a construction company in Jamestown.
Wilson hires framing and concrete subcontractors who employ immigrant laborers.
"They are taking over the industry," Wilson said of the workers.
An attorney and a developer, Patrick Greenwell said most of the the roofing, framing and landscaping workers he hires are immigrants.
"Other men would show up for a couple of hours or a couple of days," Greenwell said. "Some would come high, mostly on speed or pot. But the immigrant laborers come on time and work hard."
Greenwell supports a guest worker program, but also wants tighter controls at the border.
"If it were up to me, I'd build a wall," Greenwell said.
Stan Kellogg, a vice-president of the Tuolumne County Farm Bureau, said immigrant labor is no longer considered only as a cheap source of agricultural work.
"We are in competition with the hotel and resort trade, construction and landscaping. And lots of immigrants work in the winery industry," Kellogg said.
There are an estimated 60-80 immigrant laborers in Calaveras County working in the wine grape industry, according to Mark Skenfield a vineyard manager for Twisted Oak Winery in Vallecito.
"I don't have exact numbers, but I think that a large percentage of what's grown and produced in our country is made possible by these workers," Skenfield said. "What are we going to do if we send them all home?"
Calaveras Farm Bureau President Steve Kafka said there is a difficult balance between making the country's borders secure and getting food on the tables for all citizens.
"Immigrant laborers have put a priority on getting the work done when it needs to be done," Kafka said.
Thousands of citizens and immigrant laborers have staged demonstrations in Los Angeles and other large cities.
An Associated Press poll last week found Americans are divided on whether immigrants are good or bad for the society. Fifty-one percent said illegal immigrants mostly make a contribution to society and 42 percent said they were mostly a drain.
Greenwell said he pays more than $200,000 a year for workers' compensation insurance to cover the men working on his houses.
One of his employees fell from a roof last year and had to be airlifted to Modesto, Greenwell said.
"He was back at work the next day, worried that he would not have a job if he didn't show up," Greenwell said. "A non-immigrant worker would have been off work for a year and tried to sue me."
Contact Amy Lindblom at or 588-4527.

[Reply ]

Apology for offense.
Posted on: 2016-03-21 13:03:12   By: Anonymous
It appears that Ms. Reinke is satisfied with Mr. Wooster's apology. I am not. That is the crux of this issue. Several times, I have watched the entire video of the BOS meeting in which Mr. Wooster made his unfortunate comment, apropos of nothing. He just spit it out. He meant it. It was carefully considered, and not a mere "slip of the tongue". You could almost see that Mr. Wooster had the comment mentally "loaded up" and was waiting for a good time to fire off his mouth. It was snippy, unfunny, racist, and clearly made those in the room uncomfortable. And for good reason- the comment was totally inappropriate.

Within reason, Mr. Wooster needs to be PUBLICLY reprimanded, punished and held responsible by our ELECTED Board of Supervisors for his comment and conduct. It is imperative that they vehemently disassociate themselves from this type of casual racism.

It's like the old story of the thief who got caught stealing: he's not sorry for what he stole, only that he got caught. Mr. Wooster appears not at all sorry for his racist comment. He seems only sorry that he's been asked to explain himself, stop covering his butt, man-up and take the consequences.

[Reply ]

    Re: Apology for offense.
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 13:52:10   By: Anonymous
    Well put. This is the issue. Wooster has not yet really apologized and the BOS has no business giving him a pass.

    [Reply ]

    Re: Apology for offense.
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 14:04:59   By: Anonymous
    Yep! You just need someone to hate and blame. Wooster meant no insult but you do, only worse. Wooster may have erred, but you have blamed. Now that is politics at its worst.

    [Reply ]

      Re: Apology for offense, "hate and blame"-
      Posted on: 2016-03-23 08:49:56   By: Anonymous
      It appears the Mr. Wooster needs someone or some group to "hate and blame" for his fear. Mr. Wooster is afraid, with apparent good reason, and so he strongly believes that someone needs to be held accountable for HIS fears. As is true for all of us, Mr. Wooster's' fears are his own, to be dealt with in a manner that he sees fit. Everybody deals with fear and trauma in their own way and time. Mr. Wooster chose to publicly belittle an entire country and and entire people that he fears. Out a BOS meeting....that was being video taped.

      Does Mr. Wooster feel this way about meth labs? How about sexual predators? Perhaps drunk drivers? How about the price gougers "invading" Mt. Ranch after the Butter Fire? Shoplifters? Online credit card scammers? As reasonable citizens can see, these felons fall into all ethnic backgrounds and countries of origin. Go fight those folks, Mr. Wooster.

      What I find distasteful and ugly is the manner in which Mr. Wooster publicly and casually expressed those fears. He intended for others on the BOS to be "in" on his tasteless and bigoted joke- and, as is clear from the video, some on the board expressed their agreement through muffled laughter.

      This issue is not "dead". It is not my belief that Mr. Wooster should be fired. I believe he should be punished in an appropriate manner. The BOS proclamation is not, by any means, a punishment. No one ever learns anything when they get away with everything.

      I am ethnically Scandanavian. I support Mr. Magana, as well as the Latino population of California and America. I will be peacefully protesting at the BOS meeting on March 29th. See you there....

      [Reply ]

    Re: Apology for offense.
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 14:41:47   By: Anonymous
    Pretty obvious Wooster is only part of the problem. The board that refuses to hold him accountable is very worrisome.

    [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2016-03-21 14:39:35   By: Anonymous
I am dismayed by the “Invasion of Calaveras” movement by the Latino Legislative Caucus. I have had many Latino friends over the years including classmates, workmates and neighbors. None were ever hostile or hateful like this organization. In fact, they were very good trusted friends. But, of course none of them were politicians.

Planner Wooster was misquoted to make him an object of their hate. Wooster may have erred, but that is human. The Latino politicos blamed him even though he apologized and to blame is politics.

So, let’s all put down our brickbats and shake hands. We really do not have an issue worth fighting over but we do have much to share including respect for one another.

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2016-03-21 14:43:23   By: Anonymous
    Your remarks sound like an apology for Wooster by attacking a Latino group you obviously hate. Seems to be a pattern here.

    [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2016-03-21 14:44:15   By: Anonymous
    He was not misquoted at all. The argument is about context and intent.

    [Reply ]

    Re: Union Democrat, 3/17/16, on so-called "Invasion of Calaveras";
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 17:32:55   By: Anonymous
    Michael Magana, of San Andreas, said in an email sent to The Union Democrat Tuesday evening that an “invasion” of the March 29 Calaveras Board of Supervisors meeting, scheduled to begin at 5:30 p.m., will take place if supervisors have not taken action by then.

    Magana said members of the community are being asked to attend the supervisors meeting on March 22 to provide public comment to remove Wooster from the planning commission.

    On March 8, Magana created an online petition gathering signatures to remove Wooster from his seat on the planning commission. It had gathered 836 supporters as of Wednesday afternoon.

    [Reply ]

      Michael Magana, of San Andreas, CA: Organizer of "Invasion of Calaveras":
      Posted on: 2016-03-21 18:00:41   By: Anonymous
      Michael Magana is a Health Education Specialist who apparently works in San Andreas, CA....which is in Calaveras County. He appears to be presently employed in some capacity by our county. It appears that he is an English speaking citizen of the United States.

      Mr. Magana is not threatening the upstanding white people of Calaveras county with "filthy Mexican hordes" that some are theorizing will be bused in from out-of-county by the Big, Bad Latino Legislative Caucus. The Calaveras Invasion is being spearheaded by a resident of our county who is Latino and was evidently very offended by Mr. Wooster's stupid and bigoted remarks.

      The widely circulated idea that this so-called "invasion" is going to be composed of out-of-county "rabble rousers", bent on destroying the peace and security of county residents, and telling "us" how to run our county, is something cooked up and disseminated by fearful, angry bigots.

      The Latino Legislative Caucus is comprised of twenty-one members: five Senators and sixteen Assembly Members. It is one of the most influential organizations within the State Legislature. Its members hold strategic leadership positions and focus primarily on improving the quality of life for working families in California. Currently, due to the changing demographics of California, it is apparent that the issues affecting Latinos in California are issues that affect all Californians.

      I'll be interested to see who shows up to "block" the rightful protests of American citizens at a public political function.

      [Reply ]

        Latino Legislative Caucus
        Posted on: 2016-03-22 17:00:55   By: Anonymous
        If there was a Caucasian Legislation Caucus, it would be deemed "racist".

        [Reply ]

        Re: Michael Magana, of San Andreas, CA: Organizer of "Invasion of Calaveras":
        Posted on: 2016-03-23 21:00:00   By: Anonymous
        Nice latinos have their own legislative caucus, can someone say "clan"?

        [Reply ]

          That's "klan", Mr. Wooster, not "clan"....
          Posted on: 2016-03-23 22:00:26   By: Anonymous
          ....and, no, even though you wish it were true, the Latino Legislative Caucus doesn't burn, hang, rape or disenfranchise (look it up....) the people with whom they disagree. Your comparison was disgusting.

          I suppose you also disapprove of unions, Catholic schools, the National Organization of Women, the NRA, etc. These are groups that have formed to advance their own particular agenda or beliefs. We do this in America.

          [Reply ]

            Re: That's "klan", Mr. Wooster, not "clan"....
            Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:08:48   By: Anonymous
            Looks like a duck, walks like a duck...........I'd say it's a clan. CalMex Clan? Scary group!

            [Reply ]

              ducks, what?! your losing it to racist rage!
              Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:24:57   By: Anonymous
              Seriously, man-grow up. You lose. There's no latino clan like the kkk, dickhead? Your just pissed cuz your were totally friggin wrong about the latino caucus & the invasion protest planned for the bos meeting on the 29th. That made you look stupid as hell!!! I don't care about illegals growing pot on yours or Wooster's property- thats for the sheriffs dept. to deal with. We pay our taxes- let law enforcement clean up that sh*t. The Wooster boys have lots of property to take care of- they chose that ranch lifestyle & the responsibilities from all that land. We used to party on his prop. when I was a kid! Bet they get a hell of a tax write off every year. Lots of ag. money from the Feds too. All that said, Wooster just doesn't get to take his personal baggage into a bos meeting. Whats so hard about understanding that?!

              [Reply ]

                Re: ducks, what?! your losing it to racist rage!
                Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:10:05   By: Anonymous
                Lol....CalMex is it really that hard to accept the fact that people other than white people are racist? Time for you to grow up, everyone is little bit racist at the very least.

                [Reply ]

    There is no invasion of Calavers movement by the Latino Caucus, dummy!
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 21:30:50   By: Anonymous
    OMG- don't you read the news? Michael Magana asked the Hispanic community members of CALAVERAS COUNTY to come to the meeting on the 29th! Peaceful protest, dummy. He used the term "INVASION" to make a direct connection to Wooster's comments about INVASIVE SPECIES- play on words, get it? Some people will believe anything they hear if it scares them enough. Especially if it lines up with their hate and paranoia. You say you have Latino friends, coworkers, etc. I'll bet you know absolutely nothing about their lives, their family history, their values- you just think you do. Well, you don't. You can't, until you've had some of their same experiences yourself. Wooster should make some sort of apology directly to the Hispanic community of Calaveras county- 100% likely they'll kindly accept a sincere apology.

    [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2016-03-29 15:54:29   By: Anonymous
    People are making a huge deal over nothing. Many of my closest friends are Hispanic and I joke around with them all the time saying things that would be portrayed by outsiders as flat out racist and my jokes are much worse than what Was said. Did he make a mistake? Yes. Was his joke geared toward hatred? No. The man was just trying to be funny even though it was definitely not the right setting.

    If the Hispanic community wants to be accepted they need to pull their heads out of their asses first. Stop getting butt hurt over nothing. If you can't handle a joke you will never be respected.

    This calaveras county invasion protest just pisses people off. The people that participate in this are just ruining it for the Hispanics, who are in touch with reality. I consider any race to be equall as long as they assimilate to local values and contribute to society. And by assimilate, I don't mean you can't be proud of your heritage or where you are from. Do not bring the ignorant ways of a large city here. We believe anyone can be racist regardless of race or skin color, which is fact. Remember this isn't San Francisco or Europe we do not believe in government slavery aka.. Socialism. We respect hard working contributing members of society.

    [Reply ]

Posted on: 2016-03-21 15:36:51   By: Anonymous
The comment was racist...

no matter what anyone says...

and he should be fired...

he can be as racist as he wants when he's not at work but he does not have freedom of speech when he's being paid by tax payer money...and we have many tax paying Mexican people in this county.

Regardless, I don't care who he's talking humans we are equal and a govt employee cannot discriminate

[Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2016-03-21 16:14:21   By: Anonymous
Look, it's on video, watch it and decide then how Wooster's comments should be interpreted. I know this is a "good ol' boy" county, but people need to stop coming to this guy's defense. If he was truely sorry or felt his comments were taken out of place, he would say so.

[Reply ]

Yeah...hell of an apology, Wooster...
Posted on: 2016-03-21 18:21:22   By: Anonymous
"That apparently being viewed as offensive and hurtful. That was not my intent,” Wooster said during Thursday’s planning commission meeting.

"Apparently being viewed"? "That was not my intent"? What the hell was your intent, Mr. Wooster, in light heartedly referring to eradicating star thistle and "Mexicans" as invasive species? Mr. Wooster did not qualify his remarks in any way, until some of us in Calaveras county started yelling at him for being racist. I am genuinely appalled at Wooster's ass-covering, gutless scramble to look good at all costs. What kind of grown man cannot sincerely admit when he's wrong, apologise, make restitution, and get back to business?

Why is the Board of Supervisors aiding and abetting this crap? Who owes who on this Board? So help me, if we find out that somebody on that Board is intentionally giving Wooster a pass for his abhorrent behavior, there'll be hell to pay....

[Reply ]

    Re: Yeah...hell of an apology, Wooster...
    Posted on: 2016-03-22 08:00:11   By: Anonymous
    "they'll be hell to pay"??? sounds like a threat to me. What, a bomb, assault with your assault rifle in the chambers? At least have the bells to identify yourself if you are gonna' do something.......

    [Reply ]

      Only in Calaveras County re: " hell to pay"
      Posted on: 2016-03-22 09:33:49   By: Anonymous
      The meaning of the phrase "hell to pay" is that Mr. Wooster and the members of the BOS will "pay" in hell as he and they are judged for their actions after after they pass away, hopefully peacefully in their own homes at 98 years old. God will judge their actions. Of course, screaming buttholes will cry " threat" and "terrorism" about anyone not of their own ethnic background. That's what we've come to in a nation poisoned by the NRA....guns, guns, guns, and not a drop of compassion anywhere.

      I would also assume that Mr. Wooster and the BOS are in fact paying like hell right now for their stupidity, covert racism, insincerity and inaction. I suppose you could ask them what it's been like these past few weeks, as they are frantically trying to cover their asses. "Hell to pay" means that it's possible to earn very bit of ones' own misery.,

      [Reply ]

Posted on: 2016-03-21 18:36:41   By: Anonymous
I don't think Kelly Wooster should be fired but he should definitely be punished for being stupid & saying such a crappy lowdown thing at a Supes meeting. He can think whatever he wants-it's a free country. I just watched the Fox News link- what a sh*t show. Thanks, whoever posted that link, or I'd have defended Wooster, too. I'd sure like to figure out who the other giggling dummies were at that meeting. Why didn't Cliff Edson stop the meeting, say something right then? They all knew they were being recorded. There are hundreds of legal immigrant & legal migrant workers in our county, working in ag, construction,,etc. Hundreds more going to college, raising kids, making a living, paying taxes. Do the Supes think they are not people? Do any of the Supes go to church? Clueless Wooster said "mexicans" clear as a bell-dumbass.

[Reply ]

    Re: Wooster
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 19:01:15   By: Anonymous
    This is exactly why Calaveras can not attract business to locate here. They go to other Counties that are more stable.

    [Reply ]

    Re: Wooster
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 19:33:26   By: Anonymous
    Wooster pissing and moaning about cartels on his ranch..... come on get real.....calaveras county growers-grapes & pot- pay those people year after year to come here cuz they will never ever find clean & sober white men to do that godawful job....theres your commerce in our county.....i live in mt. ranch and I see more tangle hair dirty hippies then mexican american folks! for gods sake wooster just get real & the board too....we can't have stuff like this happening here any more....we depend on guest workers & immigrants in our county and all over America too ....just get over calm and decent then get on with it. MKB

    [Reply ]

      Re: Wooster
      Posted on: 2016-03-22 11:07:19   By: Anonymous
      Ah yes, MKB. DOWN WITH PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS!!!! I can hear you screaming it now. I'm going to come run a business(an illegal one to boot) out of your house and when you starting having an issue with it I am going to tell you ".just get over calm and decent then get on with it." I hope you have enough intelligence to at least realize how down right stupid you sound. Mr. Wooster has every right to be very pissed off about Illegal Immigrants from Mexico growing an illegal substance on his private property. What is your address? I am going to start running a whore house out of your residence and see how long it takes until you start " pissing and moaning".

      I don't know if I have ever read a more asinine post on this website until reading yours. Please, just keep living in the brush and feel free to exclude yourself from any and all comment sessions where common sense is needed. Thanks

      [Reply ]

        Re: Wooster: illegal pot grow on his property
        Posted on: 2016-03-23 17:15:50   By: Anonymous
        Okay, let's play: EXACTLY what were the EXACT circumstances of the alleged illegal pot grow on Mr. Wooster's property? What were the general dates? Where was it on his property? Who were the EXACT parties involved? What was the EXACT outcome? What EXACTLY did Mr. Wooster do, and when and where and how did Calaveras Law Enforcement get involved? Were there weapons involved? Was Mr.Woosters property damaged and/or degraded? Were Mr. Wooster, his friends, and/or his relatives threatened or injured? How EXACTLY is Mr. Wooster absolutely sure that these trespassers were illegal Mexicans?

        Remember, EXACT & VERIFIABLE FACTS ONLY, please. No BS rumors....

        I truly believe Mr. Wooster is afraid deeply of Mexicans. He may have good reason. If Mr. Wooster is going to blame his publicly expressed racist swipe at Mexico and Mexican people on what he claims are well-founded fears, than the public has a right to know EXACTLY what happened to Mr. Wooster.

        OK, your turn. Put up or shut up.

        (Hmmmm....just a thought....what if there are no verifiable facts to answer the afore mentioned question? What if Mr. Wooster & Co. only theorize that there were illegal Mexican people growing pot on his property? You know, I'd actually like to be proven wrong....with actual, verified FACTS.)

        [Reply ]

Magana Latino invasion crapola
Posted on: 2016-03-21 19:13:33   By: Anonymous
Had my neighbor telling me that the invasion was out of town illegals disrupting the board meeting- it doesn't look like that at all. Looks like Magana is a po'd legal Mexican guy from San Andreas raising hell- I say good for him. Wooster needs to put up and then shut up- he's no man at all if he can't take the heat for shooting his mouth off like that in public. I got buddys who are forever crying about obama this and the illegals that- like its there fault they can't get ahead or they lost out on something. The mexicans that I know are really doing jobs that no body else wants, for not much too boot. Then they send there kids to college. Then they get our jobs- cuz they freaking worked for them! Don't think Wooster would pick grapes, trim pine trees or clean- but those folks bust there ass doing it and I admire them legal or not. I've done a few illegal things in my time. How does a dui stack up against illegal immigration. How about tax fraud. Grow up whiners.

[Reply ]

    Page From Trump
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 19:52:32   By: Anonymous
    Taking a page from Trump eh?
    say something outrageous to rational people, then say no, you heard wrong.
    Meanwhile, it's out there.
    Fox, Limbaugh does it daily.
    Let it sit for a day, or two, then say...No, you got it wrong.
    Meanwhile it's in the lil noggins, and they go home with it.

    There was no mistake what the intent of the language was.

    He should apologize, but he won't buoyed by the racists in Calabama.

    Just a good ole boy tell'n it as it is

    Trump does the same

    [Reply ]

Excerpt from Vicky's letter to the editor-
Posted on: 2016-03-21 20:13:16   By: Anonymous
"I did not take the comment as being racist at all, only that Commissioner Wooster was concerned about the interpretation of the new wording. Commissioner Wooster explained his remark was due to illegal marijuana growing on private and public lands in Calaveras County by illegal Mexican immigrants employed by Mexican Drug Cartels."

So which is Mr. Wooster's legitimate defense, Vicky?

a) Mr. Wooster was concerned about semantics, specifically whether or not the word "species" could potentially be misunderstood at some future point in time to indicate human beings (ludicrous).

b) Mr. Wooster said what he did due to his fear of only "Mexican" drug cartels on or around his personal property and in our county (racist).

Choice "a" means Mr. Wooster is capable of being a nit-picking idiot, perhaps just saying things out loud to be funny or provocative. He clearly expected everyone to laugh appreciatively at his ill-humored snipe.

Choice "b" means that Mr. Wooster has a right to privately express his fear of the ongoing devastation caused by illegal marijuana grows, methamphetamine labs, pill mills, heroin users and dealers, etc. However, he's not clear at all that the majority of people in our county are white. Therefore, the majority of users and dealers are probably white, also. Mr. Wooster cannot accept that, and so he scapegoated an entire country of origin for a large percentage of our population -"Mexicans".

Mr. Wooster doesn't have a leg to stand on. He made an uncalled for, bigoted remark, apropos of absolutely nothing. The Board was not discussing the scourge of illegal and legal drug abuse that is killing Amercians by the millions.

Mr. Wooster, with few short words, simply stated his opinion of Mexican people, in no uncertain terms. The Board of Supervisors is backing up his publicly stated opinion. They should be ashamed.

[Reply ]

    Re: Excerpt from Vicky's letter to the editor-
    Posted on: 2016-03-22 07:18:34   By: Anonymous
    stupid white girl! we mexicans are gonna take over bit$$!

    [Reply ]

No se trata de eso.....
Posted on: 2016-03-21 21:15:47   By: Anonymous
"That's not the issue", por el amor de Dios. We're just sick of working non stop, doing real good, and having white people give us constant *bleep* 24x7- never ends. If we want too much money, white people are afraid we'll take their good jobs. If we ask for or accept less money, white people say we're undermining their wages. If we buy a house, people hate our parties and our friends, no matter if we invite them or not. My sister and her kids come here and she goes patiently thru the immigration process- she's still an "illegal" to every white person she talks to- they are so rude to her face, you just wouldn't believe it. We don't go shopping in the county anymore- we spend our money at walmart, where they treat us like regular people. Don't even ask what happens if we're legal and want a medical marijuana card- we're druggies in a cartel then. Wooster just said out loud what he was thinking- just like the idiotas who follow Trump around. It's not that Wooster hurt me- I'm used to it. But he's going to go after my kids or friends someday with his stupid mouth- he will wish he didn't. He won't learn he's wrong because he won't get punished- so he'll just keep talking *bleep*. I know people like him, and I have no respect for them. They are not men. They are like angry animals. We pray for them, but see little change.

[Reply ]

    Re: No se trata de eso.....
    Posted on: 2016-03-22 15:25:32   By: Anonymous
    Well then, if you are a decent hard working law abiding Mexican-American and you know of ANYBODY that grows marijuana illegally on somebody elses private property I would hope you would turn them in. Right? No matter the race, or relation to them. That is where Mr. Woosters sentiment stems from, illegal immigrants from the country of Mexico growing illegal Marijuana on his private property. So if you know about it, and you do nothing but turn a blind eye you are just as much as part of the building racism by letting them stain your good name and nationality. Right?

    [Reply ]

    Re: No se trata de eso.....
    Posted on: 2016-03-29 15:13:11   By: Anonymous
    Maybe it's because your on welfare.

    [Reply ]

Wooster's Exact Friggin' Words
Posted on: 2016-03-21 21:44:19   By: Anonymous
".... including the people from Mexico?" Yeah, sure, that's not offensive to anybody, Wooster. Or should I say "Wusster".... No offense, man- just a little joke at the expense of your good name. How's it feel?

[Reply ]

Wooster DID NOT make a sincere apology-
Posted on: 2016-03-21 22:18:13   By: Anonymous
From The Stockton Record:
A Calaveras County planning commissioner has apologized for suggesting that “people from Mexico” qualify as an invasive species, saying that his intent was merely to question a vague county policy.
Kelly Wooster made the controversial comments about invasive species at a March 3 commission meeting. After citizens started a petition calling for his removal from office, and after several media reports, he addressed the issue at the start of a commission meeting Thursday.
Wooster acknowledged that his earlier words were “apparently being viewed as offensive and hurtful.”
Commissioners at the first meeting had been discussing the county’s draft general plan and how to word a section dealing with the eradication of plants and animals that do not belong in the county.
The planning director suggested referring to them simply as “invasive species” because that would cover everything.
“Including people from Mexico,” Wooster said at the time.
He said Thursday that his comment was really a question.
“Read literally, that (invasive species) could include everything from bugs to plants and human species,” Wooster said. “The question I raised … was directed to the vague nature of this draft revision. It could literally be read to refer to people when it should not be.”
He also said he has had “negative experiences” with marijuana growers. “And we were talking about invasive species that are here illegally,” he said.
“That being said,” Wooster added, “my remark was a very unfortunate choice of words. It never should have happened, so to those that I have offended and hurt, I do apologize.”
He said the Mexican people he knows are “decent, hard-working and talented people.”
Wooster’s apology was followed by expressions of both criticism and support by citizens in attendance.
Bonnie Newman of Valley Springs said that in general, across the country, there is “a lot of bigotry” being expressed publicly because of the upcoming elections. She said that’s why so many people take offense even to inadvertent statements.

[Reply ]

    Re: Wooster DID NOT make a sincere apology-
    Posted on: 2016-03-21 22:36:07   By: Anonymous
    Is there a link to the above mentioned sincere apology? The apology that I saw on Fox40 was a joke.

    [Reply ]

      Re: Wooster DID NOT make a sincere apology-
      Posted on: 2016-03-22 02:47:49   By: Anonymous
      viva mexico

      [Reply ]

    Re: Wooster DID NOT make a sincere apology-
    Posted on: 2016-03-22 05:41:32   By: Anonymous
    you white people are horrible. you should go back to europe.

    [Reply ]

      Re: Wooster DID NOT make a sincere apology-
      Posted on: 2016-03-22 08:03:43   By: Anonymous

      [Reply ]

        Re: Wooster DID NOT make a sincere apology-
        Posted on: 2016-03-22 08:29:47   By: Anonymous
        us mexicans will destroy you stupid whitey! viva calaveras county invasion!

        [Reply ]

There is no "Calaveras Invasion" coordinated by the Latino Legislative Caucus:
Posted on: 2016-03-22 09:49:16   By: Anonymous
Nothing like being wrong about the invading Mexican hordes....

The Invasion of Calaveras has been planned as a peaceful protest, the purpose of which is to make sure that Wooster and the BOS are very clear about the fact that they are in the wrong on this issue.

So, Mr. Hamilton of, what'd ya think of the "Mano a Mano" post? That actually DOES sound like a threat.

Also, you have a racist troll out there somewhere. He or she is deliberately posting fabricated, absurd, inflammatory posts to be interpreted as threatening to racists. These posts are clearly NOT from anyone in the Latino community. The fake posts are an attempt to incite racists to violent action at a Board of Supervisors meeting. They are a transparent attempt to shut the meeting down.

Racists hate to be proven wrong-it's infuriating to them. They should be ASHAMED for trolling and attempting to incite violence. Disgusting.

[Reply ]

    Re: There is no "Calaveras Invasion" coordinated by the Latino Legislative Caucus:
    Posted on: 2016-03-23 21:04:25   By: Anonymous
    Scary though that Michael Magana is promoting death and destruction through a "Calaveras County Invasion" Facebook page?

    [Reply ]

      Re: There is no "Calaveras Invasion" coordinated by the Latino Legislative Caucus:
      Posted on: 2016-03-23 22:13:31   By: Anonymous
      If you can read into that from the Facebook page, you have special skills, or there is a hidden meaning that is beyond my level of comprehension.

      [Reply ]

        Re: There is no "Calaveras Invasion" coordinated by the Latino Legislative Caucus:
        Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:29:53   By: Anonymous
        OMG, dickhead. There is no death & destruction in that Facebook page- now your just makin sh*t up to get your nazi buddys all whipped up & you know it. Your mom needs to wash your mouth out with soap.

        [Reply ]

          Re: There is no "Calaveras Invasion" coordinated by the Latino Legislative Caucus:
          Posted on: 2016-03-24 21:09:06   By: Anonymous
          +1. I wish Pine Tree had a " like" button!

          [Reply ]

            Re: There is no "Calaveras Invasion" coordinated by the Latino Legislative Caucus:
            Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:15:11   By: Anonymous
            The nazi comment is always the way to go when you are losing the argument. Bravo

            [Reply ]

To the gabacho troll: we don't call anybody whitey!
Posted on: 2016-03-22 10:17:40   By: Anonymous
(You have to stop calling gabachos gabachos, my man. That's our word for when we're talking about the whites when one's within earshot. White people are far more familiar with us calling them gringos. If they become too familiar with gabacho, we'll have to move to the standby, güero, ¿qué no?)

While I like your thinking, I must respectfully disagree-what's more important for gabachos to know than if we're saying bad things about them in Spanish? Don't believe the hype, gabachos: We don't care caca about y'all, and the proof is in our respective slurs for each other. We call you gringo (white foreigner), gabacho (French idiot), güero (light-skinned), bolillo (French roll we love) and yanqui (imperialist), and my friend Cheeser from El Modena came up with anglosangrones (Anglo *bleep*s); ustedes deride us as beaners, greasers, pepper bellies (insults toward our diet), wetbacks (a ridicule of the arduous journey many of us took to invade this country), aliens, wife beaters and so many more. We can't hold a vela to your linguistic disgust and invective obsession with us! If you're gonna' troll a website, do your homework: Mexican slang is all over the Internet. Or maybe ask an actual Mexican- we're generally nothing but helpful....

[Reply ]

    Re: To the gabacho troll: we don't call anybody whitey!
    Posted on: 2016-03-22 13:51:56   By: Anonymous
    Hey folks, can't we all just get along?

    [Reply ]

      Re: To the gabacho troll: we don't call anybody whitey!
      Posted on: 2016-03-23 19:50:40   By: Anonymous
      Why is there so many skulls on the calaveras invasion effort web site?

      Dose Mr. Magana want people to die?

      [Reply ]

        Re: To the gabacho troll: we don't call anybody whitey!
        Posted on: 2016-03-23 21:54:24   By: Anonymous
        ? Are you being serious right now?

        What does the word Calaveras mean in Spanish?
        A calavera is a representation of a human skull, usually used in celebrations such as Day of the Dead.
        Calaveras is the plural, hence the reason for multiple skulls on the website picture.

        Or because they are coming to KILL everyone.

        Just like Fox News, "We report, you decide."

        [Reply ]

          Re: To the gabacho troll: we don't call anybody whitey!
          Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:01:52   By: Anonymous
          But it looks like the people are running in fear. Just seems to be a bit to provocative for a so called peaceful rally. Not sure why it has gone that far?

          [Reply ]

            Re: nobody's running in fear a-hole.
            Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:42:16   By: Anonymous
            A-hole- nobody's running in fear & you know it. It's a Dia de los Muertos thing....& you know that too. You ancient racist old bastards just can't admit being wrong. I'll bet money one of YOU will start some uncalled for sh*t at the bos mtg. on the 29th- not any latinos that's for damn sure. Wooster just can't bring his personal crap to board meetings- he did it anyway like a cranky child. I don't trust that he can make ANY decisions w/o being racist- he couldnt even hold back one little snotty comment. Whoever appointed him is responsible for this mess- even if they couldn't know he would say such a dumbass thing out loud. Ponte- take responsibility.

            [Reply ]

Bullies squeal the loudest when they get caught
Posted on: 2016-03-22 10:52:20   By: Anonymous

[Reply ]

    Re: Bullies squeal the loudest when they get caught
    Posted on: 2016-03-22 17:11:08   By: Anonymous
    All "mexicans" should, and hopefully WILL get deported.

    [Reply ]

      Re: Bullies squeal the loudest when they get caught
      Posted on: 2016-03-22 18:12:37   By: Anonymous
      That statement is almost as bad as Mr. Woosters original remark. Maybe you should issue a non apology like Mr. Wooster did while the board of supervisors looks on and says nothing.

      [Reply ]

Wooster was not misquoted
Posted on: 2016-03-22 19:17:56   By: Anonymous
I have been wrestling with this, wondering if Mr. Wooster was indeed misquoted. It seems to me though, he just had something crappy to say, and since there were no really negative repercussions from the board, he made a half assed token apology and hopes to move on.
The more I think about it, the worse I feel, as a member of the community Mr. Wooster and the board of supervisors represent. If he was implying, as the above letter states, that "invasive species" could include people- the fact that he was singling out " people from Mexico" makes it worse, in my opinion. Remembering my high school biology class, "Kings Play Chess On Fat Grey Stumps", the order is "Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species." So an " invasive species" would be H. sapiens moving and populating an area where they were not located before.
That is not the case here. The fact is, people already live here, so no amount of Mexicans or any other race of people arriving would qualify as an " invasive species". The fact that he singled out " people from Mexico" is highly offensive. His apology attempt, "I'm sorry if I may have offended anyone" is pathetic. In addition, I'm saddened that the board of supervisors condones his statements.

[Reply ]

    Re: Wooster was not misquoted
    Posted on: 2016-03-23 09:35:36   By: Anonymous
    Perfect! Thank you for that! Wusster was not misquoted - he was just caught on camera being racist & mean. & the Board, and esp. Edson, just can't admit they're wrong. Ego ego ego. Fear fear fear.

    "Mexican American" is not a "species". Wussters "apology" is anything but! I will be there at the board meeting on Mar. 29th. I won't be confined to a protest area, either. I will sit quietly & peacefully represent the majority of the people in this county & America who won't put up with this racist crap anymore.

    Furthermore Latinos in all branches of the service covered our ass in Iraq & Afghanistan- they DIED over there for the principles of the country they & their families nearly died to get to! According to the DOD, among elite groups like the Marines, the percentage of Hispanics fighting over there was pretty high: 15 percent at the beginning of the war & 18 percent when the Iraq war was "ended".

    I'm not EVER going to let this kind of racist sh*t pass.

    [Reply ]

Hey, John Hamilton...
Posted on: 2016-03-23 22:12:05   By: Anonymous
....were you able to deport the baseball players? :)

[Reply ]

Re: Wooster: illegal pot grow on his property
Posted on: 2016-03-23 22:17:49   By: Anonymous
Ok- You're on the right track. Provide proof, please. Photos? Reports from law enforcement? News articles? Arrest records? If you want us to believe Mr. Wooster, than provide proof for his experiences. As a citizen of this county, and the one of the recipients of Mr. Wooster's apology, I need to know that his fear is backed up by actual negative experiences, not just blatant racism. It would then be a whole lot easier to accept his angry non- apology. You would go a long way in advancing your cause if you could provide proof of the destruction of Mr. Wooster's private property.

[Reply ]

    Re: Wooster: illegal pot grow on his property
    Posted on: 2016-03-24 16:20:55   By: Anonymous
    What does Fear have anything to do with issue. I don't like Hot days, but I don't fear them. I don't like stupid tourist in Murphys, they annoy me but I don't fear them. Quit over analyzing the situation. Mr. Wooster doesn't LIKE having his private property rights infringed with ILLEGAL MARIJUANA GROWS BEING DONE BY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FROM THE COUNTRY OF MEXICO. I laugh at the sentitment that he is a "scared old white guy" and that he might be losing a piece of society to those "dirty invasive species" with an origin of a different country. Please. He just doesn't like it, and basically named the nationality of the people doing the ILLEGAL THINGS on this PRIVATE PROPERTY. Clear and simple. Was it a good place and time to do it.....probably not. PERIOD. END OF STORY

    I just want all the local lynch mobs to be honest on what their true agenda is and what will be accomplished if Mr. Wooster is removed from the commission? I mean people act like he is the last racist in the county and removing him make this perfect utopia. Other want to link his decision on the asphalt plant operations and how he "FEARS" Mexicans and that one drives the other?

    So lets all be honest. Mr. Wooster has explained his side and what drove his comment. I just need all the Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd to speak up(shouldn't be a problem) and explain what their true agenda is and how removing Mr. Wooster will help accomplish it.

    [Reply ]

      "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
      Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:00:45   By: Anonymous
      I am not from Valley Springs.

      Human beings are physiologically incapable of being angry without being afraid-that is basic psychology. Fear drives anger in all mammals. It's just trickier understanding that concept in human beings, because we hate to admit when we are driven by fear and prejudice.

      Here is our Board of Supervisors Oath of Office:
      "I, ______________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I will take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter."

      Here is the entire text from the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a piece of California legislation enacted in 1959:
      "All persons within the jurisdiction of this state are free and equal, and no matter what their sex, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, or sexual orientation are entitled to the full and equal accommodations, advantages, facilities, privileges, or services in all business establishments of every kind whatsoever."

      The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors and their appointed planning commissioner have violated both the spirit of the Oath of Office, and the Unruh Civil Rights Act. Mr. Wooster does not have the right to carry his personal prejudices into the public domain, no matter his personal history. If Mr. Wooster carries his personal racism, no matter the cause, into his work as a planning commissioner, how can we be assured that he will not be discriminatory?

      [Reply ]

        Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
        Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:05:00   By: Anonymous
        That's right I forgot you're from San Francisco, my apologies.

        [Reply ]

          Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
          Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:47:10   By: Anonymous
          Nope. I was blessed to be born & raised in the good old Mother Lode of the great state of California. Where we get most of our money from tourism....not cattle ranching.

          [Reply ]

            Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
            Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:55:30   By: Anonymous
            Me, too- been here my whole life- went to Bret Harte before I joined the service and went to the gulf. That's where I learned about latinos. Worked there asses off. Bet your a retired old white guy from san jose- anyway it's totally jake with me that you've got your own opinions, but we have laws in CA that protect folks from your racism. Nobodys above the law, no matter what crappy stuff happens to them in there life. I get that Wooster is freaked by illegals and pot or whatever on his land- he still can't take that crap out & sling it around at a bos mtg. Nobody is gonna ever trust him again & with good reason.

            [Reply ]

            Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
            Posted on: 2016-03-24 21:43:37   By: Anonymous
            Last time I checked, the annual crop report states that $13,684,000 comes from cattle ranching. What is the number that tourism brings......and remember Bear Valley is an a different county. You may have been born here but you don't know jack *bleep* about what goes on in the county, and your last post proved that.

            Let me enlighten you a little...........EVERYTHING AND I MEAN EVERYTHING either comes from the land or the sea...think about you naive jackass. Tourism comes for what............Agriculture...........Cattle Ranching leads the pack...well ahead of Grapes. Sorry to burst your bubble, but when you are able to understand facts and common sense please post again.

            CALAVERAS COUNTY IS A TOTALLY AG BASED ECONOMY WITH CATTLE RANCHING LEADING THE BUNCH. Deal with it you race baiting waist of space. I'm done

            [Reply ]

        Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
        Posted on: 2016-03-24 21:54:18   By: Anonymous
        Your basic psychology is off. If I don't like a certain car.........I fear it.........If I don't like Brussel sprouts.......I fear them. I hope you can step back from your marijuana smoke and see how stupid that sounds. I agree, he didn't need to state the quote he made, but please lay out all these projects that will be subject to racial profiling. Did a bunch of ILLEGAL MEXICANS who are growing marijuana come before the planning commission and request a re-zoning for "ILLEGAL MARIJUANA GROWS BY ILLEGAL MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS." I don't think so. Quite making this bigger than it is. Pull up your big boy pants and quit being a pussy about every little thing. Go boycott Taco Bell. The have set back Mexicans farther than Mr. Wooster has but you aren't that smart to realize that.

        [Reply ]

          Wrong again, Rancher Man! Jeez- can you use Google?!
          Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:04:07   By: Anonymous
          Calaveras tourism trending up

          By Jason Cowan / The Union Democrat / @jcowan1031
          Published Nov 6, 2015 at 02:00AM

          Something surprising has happened with Calaveras County's No. 1 industry - tourism - since the Butte Fire swept through the heart of the county in September.

          The men and women who fought the fire are returning as tourists, said Lisa Boulton, executive director of the Calaveras Visitors Bureau.

          "Our tourism industry really stepped up to accommodate them, to welcome them, to express their gratitude," Boulton said. "They were so welcomed that we are literally now getting those emergency workers back as tourists with their families. I have heard this over and over again."

          Tourism brought in $150 million in revenue to the county in 2014. Most of it was generated along the Highway 4 corridor - Angels Camp, Murphys and Arnold - because of its beauty, historic and recreational activities.

          In addition, major events like Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee, concerts at Ironstone Vineyards and the West Point Lumberjack Day draw tourists from far outside the region. The fair is the biggest, attracting about 50,000 people.

          Boulton said there is no doubt business was lost due to the Butte Fire, which burned more than 70,000 acres in Calaveras and Amador counties and destroyed nearly 500 homes.

          "I don't think it will hurt in the long run, because I think people have very short memories for things like that. But at the time, it was a very big deal," Boulton said. "People couldn't come into the county and go eat at restaurants, and shop and recreate."

          The big push this winter is to implore those from inside and outside of the county to come to the county to shop and visit the recreational locations.

          "We're on an upward trend," Boulton said.

          Authenticity of the experience drives tourism into the county, she said. People come to the area to take part in rural California and other unique aspects of the state that may not be available in any other big market location.

          "People like to come back from a vacation and say, 'I've been to this place that I bet you've never been to,' " Boulton said. "Calaveras is one of those places. And that's becoming much more of a trend."

          And it's not just shopping.

          "We realize that some of the draw in this region or this county is the recreational opportunities. So we say, when you're tired of shopping in Arnold, go take a hike at Calaveras Big Trees State Park," she said.

          "It just takes you through some beautiful, beautiful areas," Boulton said. "Suppose you had those beautiful areas, but you didn't have any cool little towns in it. You probably wouldn't get nearly as many people."

          However, there are some locations within the county that struggle to attract visitors consistently, including West Point, Copperopolis and Valley Springs. Boulton said these locations either don't have consistent events to attract out-of-towners or the sufficient lodging to support an increase in visitors.

          However, a spike in tourism may not always be desireable to the residents in those areas.

          "The other question is, do the locals want tourism in those areas? This is a very rural county," Boulton said. "We haven't allowed big box into the county. We don't have any Wal-Mart's or Kmart's. We maintain our rural status. We barely have any traffic lights. So that's one of the charming things about Calaveras that people love."

          The busiest times are the summer and winter months, and of the visitors who come to the county do so from other areas within the state of California - the Central Valley, Bay Area and Los Angeles areas.

          "People who come from farther away will stay longer and spend more money," Boulton said. "This state is very populous. It has amazing geographical differences from one area to the next, so people that are from the desert area may like to come to the mountains, or from the coast may like to come to the foothills or the mountains."

          The county also sees an influx of international visitors, with the highest numbers from the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany.

          "We get a lot of business from international visitors coming to see Yosemite, and then they get to experience the giant sequoias at Calaveras Big Trees State Park," Boulton said.

          The Visitors Bureau sponsors an award dinner each year to recognize businesses for innovation in tourism. The 2015 event was held Wednesday night. Since 2012, when Boulton was named to lead the organization, the number honored has increased.

          Among those honored this week was Gold Country Roasters for the quality of its coffee and for introducing story slam events.

          "I felt like one award does not cover enough," Boulton said of the ceremony, which now recognizes 40 cumulative businesses nominated for awards in six categories. "There's so much innovation going on in the county."

          [Reply ]

            Re: Wrong again, Rancher Man! Jeez- can you use Google?!
            Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:08:53   By: Anonymous
            Dang, brother....that's right, Calaveras County-
            $150,000,000.00 IN TOURISM REVENUE FOR 2015!
            Cattle ranching, not so much....$13 mil & some change....whatever.

            Seriously, though- DO you know how to use Google? It would save you looking kinda dumb, here & there.

            [Reply ]

          Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
          Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:24:09   By: Anonymous
          So, wait....Wooster's "angry" at Brussels sprouts?! "Angry" at cars?! Nah, dude- Mr. Wooster was angry, not just expressing a preference for food or cars. He didn't say, like, "I prefer illegal Swedish female massage therapists to illegal Mexican pot growers". He said that "Mexicans" (meaning all Mexicans) are akin to an "invasive species", like kudzu or vinca or star thistle. Classic hate speech, slipping out like a snake in the grass- nobody saw it coming. It's on tape, man, for the love of God. And his chicken sh*t apology sucks. And cattle ranching doesn't make dick compared to tourism. And racists are a dying breed, thanks be to Jesus. I hope your pastor knows what your up to, fool.

          [Reply ]

            Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
            Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:43:47   By: Anonymous
            What do the tourist come to see in this county. It ain't big buildings and pavement. It is AG, it is open space, it is timbered forest. All AG based ideals. Just because Cattle all by its lonesome doesn't hold a candle to a random term of "tourism" it is all part of the machine that drives tourism. This county would have no tourism without a vibrant Ag based community.

            FYI- you will never be able to get rid of prejudice and racism. It transcends the times. Like it or not.

            [Reply ]

              FYI- you will never be able to get rid of prejudice and racism. It transcends the times. Like it or not.
              Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:52:57   By: Anonymous
              And THAT is exactly why Mr. Wooster needs to be removed from his job- because his followers/enablers continue to see their hate as normal, even mainstream. They feel justified in their racism and hatred. We have federal, state and local laws in the United States of America to protect our populace from people like you. Sad, isn't it, that America has to legislate against bigots, because their hate is so destructive and poisonous.

              [Reply ]

                Re: FYI- you will never be able to get rid of prejudice and racism. It transcends the times. Like it or not.
                Posted on: 2016-03-25 08:40:59   By: Anonymous
                You can't change human matter how much you "legislate" it. More rules actually make people obey less.

                You don't get out much do you.

                [Reply ]

              Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
              Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:57:56   By: Anonymous
              Timbered forest is an " AG based ideal?"
              You're really grasping now.

              [Reply ]

Jeez, I'll do your research FOR you....
Posted on: 2016-03-24 09:48:48   By: Anonymous
B.J. Hansen, MML News Director
Copperopolis, CA —

A Stockton man was arrested after nearly 3,700 marijuana plants were found growing in a field near Copperopolis.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified by a rancher that someone was illegally piping water from his property. The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office and CHP investigated the case, and found that an illegal marijuana garden was being grown nearby. When authorities arrived at the grow site, a Stockton man fled the area. He was later captured hiding in some nearby brush. The suspect is identified as Edgar Lopez, and he’s been booked into Calaveras County Jail on $20,000 bail.

The Sheriff’s Department reports that each marijuana plant had a street value of around $1,000.

Written by BJ Hansen.

[Reply ]

Yup, Mr. Wooster has a legit reason to be scared....
Posted on: 2016-03-24 10:24:12   By: Anonymous
Calaveras Enterprise, August 22, 2005;
More marijuana plants were seized than initially reported in separate raids near Glencoe and in Copperopolis last week, Calaveras County sheriff's deputies said Monday.

Sheriff's Lt. Jim Macedo said a total of 7,776 marijuana plants were seized in a raid by deputies and state authorities Thursday morning near Glencoe.

Later that day, Macedo said, 294 "high-quality" marijuana plants were discovered and a man arrested near Horseshoe Road in Copperopolis by deputies and agents from the state Department of Justice Campaign Against Marijuana Planting program.

"The CAMP agents said the plants were the largest they had seen this year," Macedo said.

Deputies arrested Rafael N. Zaragoza, 25, of Modesto, who was found hiding in the plants at a ranch, Macedo said. Zaragoza was booked into Calaveras County Jail with his bail set at $35,000. Deputies said Zaragoza, who does not speak English, was not cooperative. However, the ranch owners, who were not involved in growing the illegal plants, cooperated with authorities.

This is what I mean by PROOF. Do your homework. Get online and get FACTS. Mr. Wooster has a longstanding problem with illegal marijuana grows, on and around his property and town. These destructive and illegal grows were tended by Spanish speaking Latinos, of unknown immigration status. Folks in Copper and Mt. Ranch have been dealing with this dangerous and destructive issue for decades.

However....and this is the crux of the issue....MR. WOOSTER'S APOLOGY FOR HIS RACIST REMARK WAS SPECIOUS, AT BEST. He was clearly insincere, due to his rage and fear. Here is an example of that principle: It is senseless and ultimately destructive for a woman who has been attacked by a man to then hate, and foment hate, against all men in general. Her fear and rage are understandable, of course- but not to the millions of men who've never hurt a woman in their lives. In this country, our highest ideals require that we don't denigrate people for their sex, race, religion, politics, sexual orientation, disability, age, etc. We especially hold those in elected offices to a higher standard of conduct.

What should be apparent to Mr. Wooster, the BOS, or Mr. Wooster's uncritical supporters is this: MR. WOOSTER WAS APPOINTED TO HIS POSITION TO REPRESENT THE INTERESTS EVERY PERSON IN OUR COUNTY, NO MATTER THEIR ETHNICITY. Mr. Wooster's half-hearted apology should've reflected that fact. Elected, and by extension, appointed officials, have always been held, and will always be held, to a higher standard of behavior in the United States. This is not the Ukraine, or North Korea. We hold our ideals of democracy, governance by the people and for the people, as sacred. That's the American way.

[Reply ]

Mr. Wooster: Save our tax dollars & apologise SINCERELY!
Posted on: 2016-03-24 11:29:35   By: Anonymous
There's no reason to spend scarce tax dollars on sensitivity training. If Mr. Wooster would apologise using the following guidelines, perhaps we can avoid wasting tax dollars:

-Apologies that are accepted are most often sincere, and sincere apologies are more likely to be accepted.

-Most people seem to have a “sincerity detector,” so a fake or insincere apology won’t get very far. While some research has shown that a sincere apology has no more likelihood of being accepted than an insincere apology, apologies that are accepted are more likely to be sincere ones.

-How do you make a sincere apology?

1)Acknowledge what you did was wrong
2)Accept responsibility for your action
3)Make attempts to atone for the wrong you committed
4)Give assurances that the transgression will not happen again

Research suggests sincerity is indeed an important factor for forgiveness, so don’t think sincerity is optional. If you can’t give a sincere apology that you really believe you mean, you should probably hold off on apologizing until you can.

[Reply ]

Re: "Loud mouth Valley Springs crowd..."
Posted on: 2016-03-24 20:10:33   By: Anonymous
Waist of space?
I thought this was a BS claim, as I live up the hill and watch the cars roll in Friday night and roll out Sunday afternoon.
A quick search leads to which shows that in 2010 tourism $ was right around 10 times your cattle $ , bud.
Although I will give you the benefit of the doubt- you do say ," last time I checked" - maybe 50 years ago?

[Reply ]

    Re: Wooster: illegal pot grow on his property
    Posted on: 2016-03-24 22:25:08   By: Anonymous
    Have you been the in reminiscence of illegal grows.
    I'm not sure if that's even a question, or what it means, so I can't really answer that.

    [Reply ]

Latino racism in CA: Founded in the Mother Lode
Posted on: 2016-03-25 12:53:46   By: Anonymous
During the California Gold Rush, as many as 25,000 Mexicans arrived in California. Many of these Mexicans were experienced miners and had great success mining gold in California. Some Whites believed their success was a threat and began intimidating Mexican miners with violence. Between 1848 and 1860, at least 163 Mexicans were lynched in California alone.

An anti-Mexican law enacted in 1855 in California was thinly disguised as an anti-vagrancy statute but commonly known as The Greaser Act. The law defined a vagrant as "all persons who are commonly known as 'Greasers' or the issue of Spanish and Indian blood... and who go armed and are not peaceable and quiet persons." The law was eventually repealed.

[Reply ]

Posted on: 2016-03-25 12:57:01   By: Anonymous
Anti-Spanish sentiment or Hispanophobia (from Latin Hispanus, "Spaniard" and Greek φοβία (phobia), "fear") is a fear, distrust, aversion, hatred, or discrimination against Hispanic people, Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. Its opposite is Hispanophilia. As a historical phenomenon it is considered to have had three main stages, originating in 16th-century Europe, reawakening during 19th-century disputes over Spanish and Mexican territory such as the Spanish–American and Mexican–American Wars, and finally in tandem with politically charged controversies such as bilingual education and illegal immigration to the United States.

[Reply ]

    Re: Hispanophobia:
    Posted on: 2016-03-25 22:14:01   By: Anonymous

    [Reply ]

Wooster out!
Posted on: 2016-03-30 13:07:06   By: Anonymous
First of all Mexicans are not the only pot growers. In fact I dare say the majority of pot growers in Calaveras County are white. Second , he mentioned Mexicans are invasive species referring to the Mexican pot growers. Well we are not all Mexican pot growers and when you make s general statement like that it welcomes discrimination and hostility for all Mexicans. I know because I have experienced that since Woosters statement. Also , why not complain about all the white pot growers all around the county. Everybody is turning a blind eye to it. Guess what? Mexicans like me are not okay with any pot growers no matter what race they are. So don't categorize me with those. Wooster was irresponsible with his comment, we are not going to get over it because he was being malicious with his comment. Im not stupid , his comment was innapropriate and intentional! He is supposed to be a board supervisor held to high standards. Right now with a staged fake opology , the board is not indicative of that . They are corrupt!!

[Reply ]

    Re: Wooster out!
    Posted on: 2016-03-30 17:16:24   By: Anonymous
    If only everyone would get this fired up about Calaveras County marijuana ordinances, or lack thereof. Pot growers of all colors are making sure their voices are heard so the ordinances that are currently being drafted will favor them. People like you and I are losing our rights and having cannabis cultivation forced upon us and our kids!

    [Reply ]

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