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01:00 PM Guided Tours of the 'Medicine in the Gold Rush' Exhibit
All Day Overeaters Anonymous
All Day The Mousetrap
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10:00 AM Independence Hall Needs Your Stuff! Accepting Donations Every Saturday!!
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05:30 PM Friday Jazz At Alchemy
All Day Overeaters Anonymous
All Day The Mousetrap
07:30 PM "The Mouse Trap," An Agatha Christie Murder Mystery
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Posted by: thepinetree on 05/13/2015 10:49 AM Updated by: thepinetree on 05/14/2015 06:08 PM
Expires: 01/01/2020 12:00 AM

Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee Thursday May 14, 2015 Opening Day Schedule! Jumpin’ Frogs, Chubby Hogs and Corn Dogs (Saddle Queens Moved To 11am)

Frogtown, CA...The 2015 Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee Kicks Off May 14!! Below is a full Tentative Schedule for Opening Day. The Youth Parade is at 10am in Downtown Angels Camp at 10am. At 2pm the Saddle Queen Competition—Arena and at 8pm Miss Calaveras Scholarship Pageant.

Thursday May 14, 2015
Jumpin’ Frogs, Chubby Hogs and Corn Dogs
Kids 12 and under are free!

Tentative Schedule
8:00 a.m. Grounds/Gates Open
Swine Show—Swine Show Ring
Sheep Show, Followed by Goat Show—Tower Pavilion

9:00 a.m. Poultry Show
Becky Thatcher Hall – Receiving Daily Baked Goods

10:00a.m….... Youth Parade—Downtown Angels Camp
Buildings & Booths Open
Barrel of Monkeez Open
Pony Rides and Petting Zoo Opens
Daily Baked Goods Judging—Home Arts Building
San Andreas Community Covenant Knitting Group Demo—Home Arts (Ends at 2p.m.)

11:00a.m….... Sadie’s Balloon Mania —Lawn Stage
Frog Jump Entry Booth Opens

12:00p.m…… California Carnival Opens
Fables of the West– Lawn Stage
Gypsy Time Travelers Show – Timber Town
Mark Twain – Luly Stage
Free Frog Jumping for Kids 12 and under—Rosie the Ribbiter’s Stage

12:30p.m…… Frog Spa open for tours—underneath the Main Stage

1:00p.m…..... Cavy Show, followed by Mini Member Rabbit Show-Barns
Sadie’s Balloon Mania —Lawn Stage
Oakhorse Youth Horse Demonstration

2:00p.m…...... Saddle Queen Competition—Arena – Sponsored by Solar Universe
Winemaker of the Day—Wine & Floral Pavilion
Fables of the West—Lawn Stage
Competitive Frog Jumping Team Challenge (until 4pm) - Main Stage
Gypsy Time Travelers – Timber Town
The Cabby Band – Ranch House Stage
Makers Fair– Aunt Polly’s Pavilion
Mark Twain – Luly Stage

3:00p.m…..... Jill Warren-Ranch House
Sadie’s Balloon Mania—Lawn Stage

3:30p.m…..... Frog Jump Entry Booth Closes

3:30p.m…… Hog Calling Contest

4:00p.m…..... Fables of the West–Lawn Stage

4:00p.m……. Meet the Champion – Frog Spa
Mark Twain – Luly Stage

5:00 p.m….... Gypsy Time Travelers Show – Timber Town 6:00p.m…....
Ken Teel—Lawn Stage

6:00 p.m….. Grover Anderson-Ranch House
Mark Twain – Luly Stage

7:00 p.m…… CStars- Main Stage

7:30p.m…… Fair Dedication — Main Stage
Followed by the National Anthem-Rachel Wilson

8:00p.m…… Friends of the Fair $1000 Drawing—Main Stage
Miss Calaveras Scholarship Pageant—Main Stage-Sponsored Angels Murphys
Maria Behm -Lawn Stage

11:00p.m….. Grounds Close
Manzanita Writers
Mi-wuk Village
Native American
Old Engine Show
Antique Tractor Show
Something Ridiculous

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Frog Jump weather
Posted on: 2015-05-13 12:29:37   By: Anonymous
Crazy! My first frog jump was 105 F, tomorrows opening day 62 F and rain. Thank goodness frogs are amphibious!

[Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2015-05-13 15:55:33   By: Anonymous
Bring rain gear.

[Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2015-05-13 20:25:09   By: Anonymous
Who is the lady in the picture?

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2015-05-13 22:05:18   By: Anonymous
    Miss Calaveras 2009. We're a little behind the times around here...

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2015-05-14 04:42:32   By: Anonymous
      Oh Boy... Here we go again. Must be getting close to election time. Everyone in Calaveras that isn't Liberal is a racist. Soon, we will trade racism for sexism. Get a clue you idiot, if you live here and post here, you are a Hillbilly. If not, please post in the Stockton Record forum and leave all us poor hill folk alone. I mean, why bother ? We are all so stupid, right ? LOL, have u been to Modesto lately ? Those folks seem smart to you ? Living like a RAT seem like a good idea ? Never hear you snobs espouse your Lib ideas publicly in this neck of the woods, COWARDS.... Hide in the Pine Tree forums and mouth off, lo life COWARDS.....

      [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2015-05-14 07:45:43   By: Anonymous
        You must be real proud of your "essay" there. I'm just impressed you know how to copy & paste.

        [Reply ]

          Posted on: 2015-05-14 07:48:51   By: Anonymous
          Hahaaha , I know right. Give the poor guy a break, he's trying to sound like a big boy.!

          [Reply ]

            Posted on: 2015-05-14 08:20:08   By: Anonymous
            that photo was back in 2009 more like 1949!

            [Reply ]

              Posted on: 2015-05-14 08:41:18   By: Anonymous
              (2) Lib Cowards, bet your friends think you're real upstanding Conservatives. What a joke, tax dodging liberal lo life scum. Give to charity lately ? Yeah, right.... Everyone but you is uneducated ? Bet you don't preach that crap out loud, COWARDS.

              [Reply ]

                Posted on: 2015-05-14 09:06:07   By: Anonymous
                Dude go take your Meds!

                [Reply ]

                  Posted on: 2015-05-14 20:50:43   By: Anonymous
                  Ole boy for sure needs more Clonipin. Just saying. Like 1mg x 3 a day.

                  [Reply ]

                    Posted on: 2015-05-15 19:00:09   By: Anonymous
                    How would you know what clonipin? is? What a...well you know what you are and so does everyone else. Want a bit of advice to say you know about drugs.

                    [Reply ]

                Posted on: 2015-05-14 10:47:51   By: Anonymous
                I'm still not so sure how you ended up taking a simple joke that had nothing to do with politics and turning it into some liberal hate based rant. Your rant ended up being the very same thing you were ranting about. You sir, are just good ol' fashioned plain crazy.

                [Reply ]

                  Posted on: 2015-05-14 10:48:16   By: Anonymous

                  [Reply ]

                    Posted on: 2015-05-14 11:41:08   By: Anonymous
                    call the trolls a**holes,not is a derogatory slur about mentally ill persons,i am sure i will get ripped apart,but i am a mentally ill person and don't like being compared to hate/filth mongers...

                    [Reply ]

                      Posted on: 2015-05-14 12:34:38   By: Anonymous
                      Go pop a pill.

                      [Reply ]

                      Posted on: 2015-05-14 19:45:14   By: Anonymous
                      Carol Gordon?

                      [Reply ]

                        Posted on: 2015-05-15 19:07:20   By: Anonymous
                        low blow...hope she reads this or someone tells her. A nice lawsuit attempt,no matter what the outcome will be,will reveal the coward you are.Maybe you`ll be the next name on the PineTree.

                        [Reply ]

                      Posted on: 2015-05-15 05:29:10   By: Anonymous
                      I have to take my "crazy "pills everyday now, and I think people should be very very happy that I do.

                      [Reply ]

                        Posted on: 2015-05-15 18:56:30   By: Anonymous
                        No we are not happy that you take them.....we are without a doubt funding your health`s obvious you can`t hold a job and blame others for your problems...keep posting so we can figure out what else is wrong with you!

                        [Reply ]

                Re: Shut up Reasonable
                Posted on: 2015-05-14 20:47:11   By: Anonymous
                Shut up Reasonable

                [Reply ]

            Posted on: 2015-05-15 18:52:00   By: Anonymous
            Don`t know who has the bigger ego here you or him. You both sound like you came from the shallow end of the gene pool.....

            [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2015-05-15 05:31:53   By: Anonymous
    I dunno, but I bet she was a kick in those shorts when she was hopping around in her hay days.

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2015-05-16 10:01:24   By: Anonymous
      You mean romping in the hay days ??

      [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2015-05-14 11:33:01   By: Anonymous
The frog jumps just bring more scum bags to the county,the sorry thing is that some stay!!!!Like most of you reading this.

[Reply ]

    Re: scum
    Posted on: 2015-05-14 13:43:27   By: Anonymous
    I notice YOU haven't left yet.....still blogging out stupidity as usual.
    Thank god for the internet or you'd never be heard from underneath that rock.

    [Reply ]

No Subject
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