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Posted by: thepinetree on 01/18/2014 06:11 PM Updated by: thepinetree on 01/18/2014 07:10 PM
Expires: 01/01/2019 12:00 AM

Calaveras Ecnomic Development Company Aims to Increase Area Broadband

San Andreas, CA...The Calaveras County Economic Development Company (CCEDC) announces a new objective for the New Year: working to increase Broadband availability throughout Calaveras County. “The road to prosperity is at least partially available through the Internet,” stated the CCEDC. Citing the lack of high speed Internet in many parts of the county, the CCEDC is working with Central Sierra Connect (CSC) to identify areas lacking broadband availability. CSC representative Darrell Slocum provided an overview of the county’s current broadband infrastructure, projects under construction and need for expanded availability at a recent EDC meeting....

The EDC welcomes any questions, in addition to any information that local residents may have about areas of the county that may lack competitive Broadband Internet. Residents interested in helping bring Calaveras County Broadband service up to competitive levels are encouraged to contact the EDC at the address listed below.

About the CCEDC: The Calaveras County Economic Development Company is a volunteer organization dedicated to increasing economic prosperity for everyone in Calaveras County.

About CSC: Central Sierra Connect is a grant funded organization tasked with bridging the digital divide by bringing broadband to the people (Infrastructure) and the people to broadband (Adoption).

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Access At What Cost?
Posted on: 2014-01-18 20:59:32   By: Anonymous
Dial-up is $10.Mo.
Satellite is $60.Mo
WiFi is $65/Mo

What will this broadband cost?
Who will be able to access it?
My guess the cost will be the same as what is available now.
4G speed for $ with limited use is a bad deal.
10G speed is available from Hughes Gen4 for $60/mo now,I have it.
Being the Government paid 10's of $Millions to put the fiber optic cables (2) in to Angels Camp, an odd choice, why do both cables go to Angles Camp,many questions remain; the cost for surplus broadband access to the customers, being the main question.If the focus was to bring the county up to high speed internet access for many, cost must be a consideration, after all we paid for it.

[Reply ]

Where else is it going?
Posted on: 2014-01-19 06:24:59   By: Anonymous
So I know they brought it over Parrot's Ferry Road and then down to Angels Camp. Will they also bring it east from Parrots Ferry, up Hiway 4 to Murphys and Arnold?

[Reply ]

    Re: Where else is it going?
    Posted on: 2014-01-19 08:01:42   By: Anonymous
    That's 3 trunks now.
    #1 comes from San Andreas,
    #2 comes up Ca4
    #3 comes from Parrots Ferry Rd.

    Why do 3 cables run to Angels Camp?

    Doesn't AT&T have fiber optic cables running to Arnold already?

    I know they do run to Mt Ranch, yet people aren't allowed to get DSL between San Andreas and Mt Ranch.

    [Reply ]

      Re: Where else is it going?
      Posted on: 2014-01-19 08:04:19   By: Anonymous
      There is no address, website to explain anything.

      Their last web site address was not in service.

      [Reply ]

      Re: Where else is it going?
      Posted on: 2014-01-19 14:24:07   By: Anonymous
      I have work history with DSL. You are incorrect about Mtn. Ranch. DSL requires a cable length of less than about 15000' in order to function. Cable length to Mtn. Ranch is 59000'.

      In order for telco to provide high speed, they will need to install incredibly expensive equipment, that they will never do for economic reasons. Meanwhile Ron Mobley serves the area with a reasonably priced wifi network. Not perfect, but far better than the alternatives. His number is 754-3514.

      Bill Schmiett

      [Reply ]

        Mobley WiFi
        Posted on: 2014-01-19 19:22:50   By: Anonymous
        I checked into his WiFi.$65/Mo with 5G maybe. I would have to erect my own tower and maintain it,a repeater.Why would I do that,when Hughes Gen4 is 10G and $61/Mo?

        [Reply ]

No Subject
Posted on: 2014-01-19 08:32:50   By: Anonymous
At&t Has fiberoptic cable linking their central offices up Hwy 4 to Bear Valley. It's getting the fiber from there to each node or "B-box" where it will still connect to copper cable from the premises back to the B-box. The distances are too long unless At&t spends money they'll feel they will never recoup on more equipment and fiber cable. They just don't care about this area and ones like it in the big At&t picture. Only the high population areas are aimed at. The rest are covered because they have to, to a certain minimum level.

[Reply ]

    Posted on: 2014-01-19 11:16:05   By: Anonymous
    True. That is why no one would consider locating any large business in this area.

    [Reply ]

    Posted on: 2014-01-19 14:27:13   By: Anonymous
    We can thank the big landslide that took out Hwy4 for that. Big chance for telco and PGE to underground the utilities and avoid outages due to weather.

    Bill Schmiett

    [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2014-01-20 02:08:30   By: Anonymous
      Did you get that thing I sent you?

      [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2014-01-20 06:48:48   By: Anonymous
      That slide only affected a small spot on 4, nothing near there. Can you explain or back up how that was a valid fact? I doubt it, it is a long way from there to BV.

      [Reply ]

      Posted on: 2014-01-20 21:22:00   By: Anonymous
      Not true. It's actually more expensive to put utilities underground, especially for that long of a distance. Otherwise you think you would see more of it in our area, plus it's way more difficult to access when your trying to troubleshoot it under 5-10 feet of snow( Burms and such) as is the case in parts of Big Trees Village.

      [Reply ]

        Posted on: 2014-01-21 04:01:35   By: Anonymous
        well, after all, the guy who made that totally incorrect statement is a real estate agent. We all know how they are.

        He has damn sure never worked a power outage in the mountains. Underground it???????????? If that was a good thing up here it would have been done years ago.

        [Reply ]

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