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Sunday, May 20
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All Day Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee Sunday May 20, 2018 Frog Jump Finals Day!
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Wednesday, May 23
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Thursday, May 24
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Friday, May 25
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05:30 PM Friday Night Music at Alchemy
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Saturday, May 26
All Day 5th Annual Chaw’se Day Presented by Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians
Until 04:00 PM 2nd Annual Peddlers' Faire
11:00 AM Guided Tours of Ironstone Vineyards
11:00 AM Town Tours of Columbia State Historic Park
Sunday, May 27
All Day 5th Annual Chaw’se Day Presented by Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians
11:00 AM Guided Tours of Ironstone Vineyards
Wednesday, May 30
11:00 AM Guided Tours of Ironstone Vineyards
01:00 PM Human Trafficking 101: Dispelling the Myths
Thursday, May 31
11:00 AM Guided Tours of Ironstone Vineyards
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11:00 AM Guided Tours of Ironstone Vineyards
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Saturday, Jun 2
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Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 07/16/2012 09:13 PM Updated by: Kim_Hamilton on 07/17/2012 08:05 AM
Expires: 01/01/2017 12:00 AM

Friends of the Fair Will Leap Back Into Action Wednesday Eve!~Agenda Enclosed

Angels Camp, CA...The Friends of the Fair will hold their next Board Meeting on Wednesday, July 18th at 6pm at CAMPS. Last Months Minutes and tomorrows Agenda are enclosed....

July 18, 2012
6:00 pm
1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call & Guests
3. Approval of Minutes – June
4. Treasurer’s Report
Account Balances
5. Correspondence
6. Committee Reports
a. Livestock – Ryan Sullivan
b. Alcohol – Firman Brown
c. Membership – Bill Wittmer
d. CEO – Laurie Giannini
7. Old Business
a. 2012 Projects
1. Ranch House
2. Brewery Building
3. Floriculture Building
b. Thank You Dinner
8. New Business
9. Adjourn Meeting
The next meeting is scheduled on August 15, 2012, at Camps, at 6:00 pm

June 20, 2012
1. Call to Order
The Friends of the Fair Board meeting was called to order by President Firman
Brown at 6:00 pm. The meeting was held at Camps, Greenhorn Creek.
2. Roll Call & Guests
Board Members
Firman Brown, President Toni Ann Fischer
Jeff Johnson, Vice President Rob Miller
Jerri Mills, Treasurer Anita Paque
Leslie Davis, Secretary Vonny Tiscornia
Cindy Brubaker Laurie Giannini
Dona Queirolo Russ Thomas
Ryan & Lee Ann Sullivan Patrick Works
Jacki & Bob Menary Jack & Ruth Johnson
Robert Moncada Jim Appleton
Donna Griffin Mike & Patti McCombs
Bob Trinchero
3. Approval of Minutes
Minutes of the April 18, 2012 and May 9, 2012 meetings were considered. Rob
noted that “Diestel” was misspelled.
MOTION: Approve the minutes of April 18, 2012 as corrected.
M/S/C/U: Anita/Rob
Rob asked that the May minutes be amended to show that Robert Moncada
had participated in the workday on May 4, not Rob Miller as the minutes
MOTION: Approve the minutes of May 9, 2012 as corrected.
M/S/C/U: Jeff/Anita
4. Treasurer’s Report
Account Balances
General Acct $ 66,019.87
Arena 521.43
Barn 790.00
Plaque 1,170.00
Stage 4,731.28
Jr. Livestock 16,596.35
Scholarship 3,000.00
Miss Calavaras Vol 605.00
General 38,605.81
Raffle Acct $ 45,881.66
Scholarship 958.67 ($134.62 LEAP)
Jerri reported that she had bills for the Public Address system and an extra
hand-held cordless microphone as well as expenses of $586 that she spent at
Lowe’s for roofing materials. She also reported a $200 deposit from Harmony
Horse Ranch group and $125 from Glory Hole for extra ice from the Fair.
5. Correspondence
There was no correspondence to report.
6. Committee Reports
a. Livestock – Ryan
Ryan reported that they have never had a sale this good and expressed his
appreciation for the volunteers and buyers. Among the many statistics that he
41 new buyers this year
More volunteers than tasks
Made enough to seed next year’s livestock show
Five donation animals
Year Kids Sales Top 3 buyers (% of Sales)
2010 305
2011 300 $ 313,430 25%
2012 252 $ 339,033 7.78%
Finally, Ryan reported that they plan to start their own non-profit organization
this year.
b. Raffle – Rob
Rob reported that there were no commissions to pay as not very many clubs
sold tickets. In fact, most tickets were sold by Jr. Livestock and Friends of the
Fair. Jerri reported that AMA refused their commission as did FFA and other
Rob reported that about $37,000 in tickets were sold. After adjusting for prizes
and expenses, the net was less than $23,500.
MOTION: Consider the trailer value equal to the $10,000 cash prize so that the
Friends of the Fair and Junior Livestock share the net profit equally, consistent
with our agreement.
M/S/C/U: Rob/Jeff
Discussion ensued about the importance of having a tangible prize like the
trailer that is visible to the community and fairgoers. It was generally agreed
that it resulted in more energy for the raffle and the fair. Also discussed how
cash prizes are handed over to the winners.
Rob thanked the many folks who worked in the kiosk.
c. Alcohol – Firman
1. Fair – Firman expressed his thanks to everyone who helped make the
FOF effort at the fair a huge success. He thanked the entire Board;
VFW; the Gem and Mineral Society; Bill Wittmer and Cindy Lavagetto,
Dan and Melanie Lewis, Bob Watson, and the money committee; Robert
and Olga Moncada who did a great job coordinating the staffing; Jeff
Johnson, Cindy Brubaker, Robert Moncada, Dan Lewis and John
Bernasconi for their hard distributing the product.
Firman felt that the wristbands worked well. He heard one complaint
that people were sent back to the kiosk for a wristband but he could not
confirm that. He also reported that our check to the DAA was higher
than last year’s Ovations check. Jerri reported that we paid the DAA a
little more than $15,000 and have netted $31,596.25 year to date.
2. Fisher House – FOF handled the bar for this event and donated its
proceeds. Mike McCombs thanked for its coverage and
FOF for handling the bar. He felt it was a great success. They had more
than 650 people who were fed in 23 minutes. Mike is really pleased
with the outcome. Anita thought the wine box worked very well and
made it easier to pour wine.
3. Reggae Festival – Firman felt that the Reggae Festival was a good event.
He thought the sound and stage were good quality and that the misting
stations worked well. Unfortunately, there weren’t many in attendance
and we only sold 6 kegs. Firman thanked the support team who worked
close to 86 hours on the event. Laurie felt the promoters put on a nice
event and felt it was a good start. They had 2,000 people including
volunteers and had a lot of top quality performers. The group felt the
crowd was friendly and the food vendors were great.
d. CEO – Laurie Giannini. Laurie thanked everyone on behalf of the Fair Board.
She felt that everyone contributed something incredible. The fair was a
financial success. Although they still need to be frugal, they are looking great
for next year.
The Friends of the Fair recognized the job that Laurie did with a round of
applause. Jack Johnson commented that he heard many positive comments
and people who said that they’d be back. Bob Trinchero reiterated what has
been said. He is proud that the 39th DAA hired Laurie and felt that 2012 was
the best fair in the 14 years that he’s been involved.
A question from Patti McCombs resulted in a description of the current status
of the 39th DAA and its coordination with Friends of the Fair. There were many
positive comments about this year’s Fair. Anita complimented Firman for
doing a great job. Bob Trinchero thanked Jacki Menary for her hard work on
the grounds.
There are two new members on the Fair Board. The Governor appointed Evan
Garamendi and Gloria Grimes. They lost Ron Aschwanden and Tim Folendorf.
The position vacated by Steve Kautz is still vacant.
7. Old Business
There was no old business
8. New Business
a. Blues and Bones on July 21st. VFW is on board to handle pouring. The
locations will be the lawn stage and the Brewery. The promoter plans to use
the upper half of the grounds.
b. The Brewery building needs some work soon. It is flooding and needs a gutter
MOTION: Install a gutter at a price not to exceed $3,000.
M/S/C/U: Anita/Vonny
The Brewery building also needs a ditch to be dug. Laurie will try to get it on
the list for the inmates. It may also need a retaining wall, new mudsills, and
french drain.
c. Floriculture Building – The roof still needs repair. The 39th DAA may enter into
a long-term rental agreement on the Butler Building so they may/will need to
us the Floriculture Building for storage as the lessee plans to use the Butler
Building full time, year round.
d. Ranch House – There was extensive discussion about improvements needed to
the Ranch House. It needs restrooms. Firman will get pricing for that. It also
needs a pedestrian door and a stove is on the wish list. An extensive
discussion about a commercial kitchen in the Ranch House ensued. Jerri
suggested pursuing oven installation. Russ said that his sister, Polly, was
removing an Ansul system at Red House Ranch and may be willing to donate it
for the Ranch House.
e. Thank You Dinner – Bob Trinchero would like to have a Thank You dinner on
August 9 to thank the volunteers. He wants the Fair Board and the Friends of
the Fair Board to host the dinner at the fairgrounds. Ryan said that he also
intended to have a dinner for the Livestock volunteers. It would be pot luck.
Ryan is willing to work with Bob and possibly coordinate a larger effort. After
much discussion, a committee comprised of Bob Trinchero, Ryan Sullivan,
Jerri Mills, Firman Brown, Toni Ann Fischer, Patrick Works and Jacki and Bob
Menary was formed to work out the details and report back to the Board.
9. Adjourn Meeting
The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm. The next meeting is scheduled at 6:00 pm
on July 18, 2012, at Camps.
Respectfully submitted,
Leslie K. Davis

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