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Posted by: Kim_Hamilton on 11/30/2010 07:08 AM Updated by: Kim_Hamilton on 12/09/2010 08:53 PM
Expires: 01/01/2015 12:00 AM

Remarks by the President on the Federal Employee Pay Freeze

Washington, DC...THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Good morning, everybody. Let me begin by pointing out that although Washington is supposed to be a town of sharp elbows, it’s getting a little carried away. For those of you who are worried about my lip, I should be okay. The doctor has given me a clean bill of health, and I will continue to be playing basketball whenever I get a chance. In fact, I played yesterday with Sasha and Malia and they took it easy on me because they were feeling pity...

White House Photo By Chuck Kennedy

rkers. This would save $2 billion over the rest of this fiscal year and $28 billion in cumulative savings over the next five years. And I want to be clear: This freeze does not apply to the men and women of our Armed Forces, who along with their families continue to bear enormous burdens with our nation at war.

I did not reach this decision easily. This is not just a line item on a federal ledger. These are people’s lives. They’re doctors and nurses who care for our veterans; scientists who search for better treatments and cures; men and women who care for our national parks and secure our borders and our skies; Americans who see that the Social Security checks get out on time, who make sure that scholarships comes through, who devote themselves to our safety. They’re patriots who love their country and often make many sacrifices to serve their country.

In these challenging times, we want the best and brightest to join and make a difference. But these are also times where all of us are called on to make some sacrifices. And I’m asking civil servants to do what they’ve always done -- play their part.

Going forward, we’re going to have to make some additional very tough decisions that this town has put off for a very long time. And that’s what this upcoming week is really about. My hope is that, starting today, we can begin a bipartisan conversation about our future, because we face challenges that will require the cooperation of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Everybody is going to have to cooperate. We can’t afford to fall back onto the same old ideologies or the same stale sound bites. We’re going to have to budge on some deeply held positions and compromise for the good of the country. We’re going to have to set aside the politics of the moment to make progress for the long term. And as I’ve often said, we’re going to have to think not just about the next election, but about the next generation, because if there’s anything the American people said this month, it’s that they want their leaders to have one single focus: making sure their work is rewarded so that the American Dream remains within their reach. It would be unwise to assume they prefer one way of thinking over another. That wasn’t the lesson that I took when I entered into office, and it’s not the lesson today.

So while our ideas may be different, our goals must be the same -- growing this economy, putting people back to work, and securing the dream for all who work for it; to summon what’s best for each of us to make lives better for all of us. And that’s why we are here and that’s why we serve. That’s how we’ve moved this country forward in the past -- and I’m absolutely confident that that is how we are going to move this country forward once again.

Thank you very much, everybody.

The comments are owned by the poster. We are not responsible for its content. We value free speech but remember this is a public forum and we hope that people would use common sense and decency. If you see an offensive comment please email us at
Where are the CUTS???
Posted on: 2010-11-30 08:30:52   By: Anonymous
A freeze is close to doing nothing. What this country needs is CUTS in spending and big government!!!

    Re: Where are the CUTS???
    Posted on: 2010-11-30 10:37:37   By: Anonymous
    Just keep the Obamas from going on anymore vacations or dates over New York and we will save millions. Let's have a show of hands . . . how many of us went on vacation eight times this year and stayed in $2500.00 rooms. Oh sure she paid for her room . . . what about the secret service personnel and Airforce one to transport her gaggle of followers? These cuts need to start at the top not the bottom.

      Re: Where are the CUTS???
      Posted on: 2011-07-11 23:55:43   By: karinshengsheng
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    Re: Where are the CUTS???
    Posted on: 2010-11-30 11:30:58   By: Anonymous
    which cuts? Republicans are so fond of saying this, but just today they recommended an amendment to the food bill that would ADD to the deficit.


      Re: Where are the CUTS???
      Posted on: 2010-11-30 11:48:27   By: Anonymous
      The Democrats just voted down a bill that the Republicans submitted which would have eliminated ALL earmarks and pork project spending.

      Spend spend spend like there ain't no end!!!

        Re: Where are the CUTS???
        Posted on: 2010-11-30 13:10:07   By: Anonymous

        Our President supports ending earmarks, and will work for this because all though earmarks represents a tiny, tiny portion of the budget, it is symbolically important.

      Re: Where are the CUTS???
      Posted on: 2010-11-30 12:47:11   By: Anonymous
      Freezing salaries is a start but only a start. Now the idiot in chief should layoff those that are non-producers. Oh wait, that would eliminate 90% of government employees. Well at least it would be a big improvement.

        Re: Where are the CUTS???
        Posted on: 2010-11-30 14:27:24   By: Anonymous
        just like all conservatives, you can't name what should be eliminated, which yes, will reduce the number of federal employees.

          Re: Where are the CUTS???
          Posted on: 2010-12-01 09:21:27   By: Anonymous
          Lets start with the department of education, put that back with the states. Repeal the EPA, and remove most of the endangered species act. Then opt for the flat or fair tax and get rid of the IRS. Make all elected officials stay in the area they were elected in and cut the amount of time congress and the senate or in session's......... Cut the funding each representative has for employee to essential only. Make them travel public airlines. Cut the department of Ag. to public service only.........that means if you are not serving the public then your job just may be cut.

          Bureaucracy is like an over fat calf. We wasted the money to get it too fat and we waste time and effort to make it palatable again.

          Re: Where are the CUTS???
          Posted on: 2010-12-01 09:42:38   By: Anonymous
          One more thing, the size of Government is not just the amount of people it employs. It is the number of programs it funds. So back when Clinton was cutting the military and federal employees that actually did public service, he was reallocating this virtual "savings" to big money gobbling programs that keep the down trodden, well down trodden. Don't eat the poopy about cutting federal jobs, lot of it is just smoke an mirrors. For every low level public service job the fed or state cuts they ad a bureaucratic position that is payed 3 times what the actual public worker made....and guess what they don't do public service......its virtual. So be careful what we ask for. Be very specific. And believe me no bureaucrat worth the ink pens and papers and computer on their desk is going to let you cut the their jobs.

          Lets look at the forest service. 30 years ago the recreation department was very large. Mostly lower end jobs, seasonal. When I was a kid the recreation employee came in on Sundays to help put campfires out and make sure all trash was packed out or removed. Now the forest has very few public service oriented recreation employees (funding) remember these are lower pay scale seasonal workers that do a job for the public. This includes ranger stations that provide info, campfire permits, wood cutting permits, map sales.......since the funding is down these stations are not open all weekend, um that's a public service. So since the funding is down for Field going recreation folks and the use is up guess what the fed closes areas that have been used by the public for decades..........just in our area, the interface....funding was a part of that decision, now look at Candy rock, the travel management plan of road closures......

          Ah yes, if you don't want to see my ugly mug in the woods every year it wont hurt my feeling if my job gets cut, as long as it saves the tax payer more then just virtual money.....

      Re: Where are the CUTS???
      Posted on: 2010-11-30 14:28:15   By: Anonymous
      so I ask again, which parts of federal government should be reduced or eliminated?

        Re: Where are the CUTS???
        Posted on: 2010-12-01 20:00:12   By: Anonymous
        here is one answer. how about going thru the budget line by line as promised in the campaign? there is always something that can be trimmed.

        here is another idea...repeal obama-care.

      Re: Where are the CUTS???farm bill
      Posted on: 2010-12-01 09:10:09   By: Anonymous
      Farm bill, its the farm bill, and right nasty crock of stinkin slime. This passage by congress should not go un noticed. We already know the Senate will pass it. Over reaching and down right unconstitutional, that is before the Homeland security bill........ugh.

      Everyone that likes to make their own choices whether it be what you eat, where you purchase it or how you prepare it need to make not of each congress person that voted for this bloated, power grab and tax siphon. Don't vote them back in the next time they come up for office....

    Re: Where are the CUTS???
    Posted on: 2010-11-30 17:07:23   By: Anonymous
    One bite at a time...

No Subject
Posted on: 2010-11-30 11:13:07   By: Anonymous
Great, freezing the pay of the hundreds of thousands of unproductive, lazy, worthless, overpaid government employees while the private sector goes under. Way to go Obama. Get a clue dude.

Fed Employees Pay Frozen As the FED Passes Billions
Posted on: 2010-11-30 21:07:20   By: blueoak
to the banks ,who will buy more futures,that will drive the prices up for all of us;gas,food,other necessities.Forget about supply and demand, we have derivatives!Hand them more of our $ so they can make more $Billions.No jobs created,just inflation in our necessities.

The Senate didn't pass the earmarks ,most Republicans didn't vote Yay.Get a clue Republicans, you voted down the end of earmarks.

Also do name what needs cut.How about more cuts to regulations especially banking,wall st,so we can have another recession real soon.Or,the USDA food inspection so we can kill more people from tainted food,or foreign food,which makes up more and more of our grocery basket.

Get Govm'nt off our backs!

America is only for the rich!

Feds pay freeze
Posted on: 2010-12-01 05:15:22   By: Anonymous
Isn't it note worthy that "he" wants to freeze civilans fed workers, but Congress is exempt ? Who deserve more than Congress for a pay freeze ?

Allem Trietsch

    Re: Feds pay freeze
    Posted on: 2010-12-01 09:23:56   By: Anonymous
    OHHH yeeah see the post about how to start cutting and cutting and cutting.......
    good one!

No Subject
Posted on: 2010-12-08 07:55:33   By: aizyou
  Edited By: aizyou
On: 2010-12-08 07:57:46

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